Fruits Of Life


“Good eating” pertains to more than just a physical nourishment and source of energy that contributes to good health and longevity.

A healthy constitution involves and caters to the mind and spirit as well as the body when one is living a salutary lifestyle.

I have a natural course of drive and determination that has followed me all through out my life. And my innate hunger for liberty, selection, and flourishing-is non stop and inevitable.

I love to eat food. Not just any kind of food but good food. I was brought up on eating the best of things from a very young age.

I tend to eat things that are delicious yet at the same time very healthy. It is said that the things that taste the nastiest are the best things for us health wise, and that is very true. However, there are plenty of edibles that we can consume that attribute great taste along with essential benefits.

Let’s take fresh fruits for one. The “granny smith” green apples, watermelons (also honey dew and cantaloupe), pineapples, oranges, grapes, cherries, strawberries, plums, peaches, pears and bananas are great tasting and very nutritious.

Eating good also makes you feel and look good. I have tremendous energy, and my body glows with youth.

When one constantly intakes vital nutrients the body returns the favor by cleansing and detoxifying, resulting in regularity and better circulation and rejuvenation of cells.

Nothing is perfect, though; excellent lifestyle choices are the definite starts to building satisfying eating habits, and ones that will always bring back great rewards.

And all of those examples work out just the same when it comes to maintaining the proper functionality of one’s mind and spirit.

In my particular case, environment is vital. The “body” cover in which holds mind and spirit:

Having a clean and peaceful surrounding free from contamination (negativity, polluted people and etc.) and disturbance (energy disrupts, social commotions and etc.).

The internal “flesh” that engulf mind and spirit when it is and becomes nourished:

Having the things that I want and things that go my way for significant reasons one does not necessarily have to go through nasty and distasteful ordeals in order to gain strength or to further build character.

Sweet and delightful modes of pleasure can be just as effective an intense in means of fortifying resilience and structure of disposition.

In fact, happiness is the key and serves a far more greater purpose than what comes along to make us unhappy. I for a very long time have noticed that if there is something in life that I do not want or do not want to do, then it absolutely will not work out favorably.

There is nothing wrong with getting everything that one wants if it is in their best interest and they are able to get it. There is a big difference between being “properly spoiled” and having an arrogant sense of “entitlement”.

The love and spoiling in which I received contributed to my self confidence (self sufficiency, security within myself) and independence. I am very stubborn to do for myself and to work for what I want on my own rather than to get and take from others. However, I can accept a gift (token of appreciation or nice gesture) of kindness from someone yet it does not bring me a needed gratification.

When mind and spirit is attentively and thoroughly taken care of through the special quality natural nutrients (ingredients including earth, water, fire and air) that it deserves and needs they consistently revitalize and in return sustain us altogether within any and all ailments and affliction.

The ultimate rewards promote the enjoyment of salutary habits, again igniting the cycle of continuity and ultimately extinguishing the causes of impediments.


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