Turn Me Inside Out


My healthy and vegetarian lifestyle:

I became a vegetarian at the age of fourteen. And back then when I started out I was a very strict one, only eating fruits, vegetables and grains and just drinking water.

At the age of nineteen I began to return back only to fish/shrimp, poultry and dairy products. I absolutely sustained from any type of red meat or pork.

I am thirty seven-years old now and am still happily carrying on with my extremely healthy lifestyle.

I don’t eat just anything. I refuse to put any sort of garbage inside of my body. In attaining certain foods I always examine the product and check out the ingredients. I’ll even do some research on the company in which particular items are processed from.

I am very careful about the cheeses that I eat as some are made with pig enzymes. The “boar’s head” brand cheeses are suitable for vegetarians and are high in quality. I love the American and Swiss flavors. I also love and eat their pepper turkey and roasted chicken.

“Perdue” is another quality source product. I like that the chicken is packed pretty clean as there is not much messy slime to rinse and wash off. And their chickens are fed vegetarian diets and proteins. So not only after cooking does Perdue make for a delicious meal but an honest one. You don’t have to worry about no animal by-products hormones or steroids.

When it comes to my ice cream “haagen dazs” definitely does it for me. Vanilla and butter pecan are my favorite flavors. Not only does the brand have such a delicious distinct taste compared to other ice creams out on the market but the ingredients are to die for-purely natural.

I love “near east” and “uncle ben’s” brand rices. They are both very vegetarian suitable, very high in quality and are also delicious in taste.

I do not eat any type of breads which contain mono diglycerides. My one and only favorite purely natural bread is made by “nature’s pride”, specifically the honey wheat and whole wheat flavors.

I could sit here all day acknowledging and explaining my favorite brands of foods and why I like them so much since I am so particular about a lot of things, however, I will move on now with all of the benefits that comes along from watching what we eat.

Lemonade is one of my favorite drinks and fresh pineapples are one of my favorite fruits. I only drink juices that are 100% natural and fruits that are fresh. And I love salads, and so on.

I also take the finest quality vitamins.

A lot does have to do with our genetic make up and metabolism but I am in the best of health and shape.

I am very youthful in appearance. I have the body of a young teenager, and I feel just great.

By eating right we constantly and continuously rejuvenate ourselves. Our cells function more properly, we heal better and faster, and we look better.

How we treat ourselves on the inside compliments us on the outside.

The vitamins and minerals that we consume actually can and do cure certain body ailments if we maintain excellent eating habits.

We are still able to enjoy and love our sweets. Just make sure that they are healthy wholesome and beneficial sweets. “nature’s valley” brand has great crunchy granola bars. I love the maple and peanut butter flavors. I eat oatmeal raisin cookies and yellow cakes and coffee cakes, I just make sure that the ingredients coincide with what I prefer to intake.

Chocolate and coca cola is something the doctor told me to stay away from as a very young child due to the fact that they gave me terrible unbearable stomach aches, so no chocolate cakes cookies or candy bars for me! And I haven’t drunk a soda in years; there is no real nutritional value in them any way.

So to wrap it up, living healthy attributes to being wealthy incredibly rich with the excellent rewards of a lifestyle that is dedicated to loving one self and treating oneself right with the ultimate respect.


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