Misery Loves Company


I have always been a very strong minded and happy individual, very intelligent, determined, and positive. When I set my mind to something I usually succeed.

Writing is one of my strongest passions aside from my spirituality.

I was born with a caul. Which is also referred to as a “veil”, a thin membrane that sometimes envelopes the entire head of a newborn baby at birth.

The caul represents and is a sign of psychic or clairvoyant ability, special spiritual abilities such as Telepathy, Empathy, and so on.

As a person of many talents and gifts I see things, smell things, hear things, feel things, taste things, and know things.

I know pretty much of everything that goes on around me at all times.

And one thing that has been going on for quite some time within my life is the jealousy toward me from many other negative people. Those in particular who do not want to continue to see me get anywhere in life.

Those who would prefer to see me suffering, down on my luck, penniless, and out on the street with nowhere to live.

However, thanks to spirit-which is my “love and light” (my spiritual family/connection, orishas and ancestors, good luck, and alignment and balance with the universe), these unfortunate things will never happen or come into existence.

Those circumstances will never come to be for me. My energies are way too strong.

Positivity is always much stronger than any form of negativity when one is genuinely “in tune” and maintains a healthy and solid-mental and spiritual foundation.

I have never been the type of person to let anything or anyone intimidate or discourage me. I am a fighter, a survivor, a conqueror.

If an obstacle is set before me and obstinately adheres to stand in my way I knock it down with extreme perseverance.

There are a lot of people in the world who are unable to do that effectively. They give up too easily just at the slightest indication of a difficulty.

Negative energies and negative people love to feed off of the weaknesses and fears of unsteady people.

Likewise, Negativity continuously loves to aggravate, challenge, and battle the strengths of the resolute always endeavoring strategies in order to break them down.

The people who are steadfast in purpose stand up for what they believe in. They fight for what they want and will not back down at any cost, unless they decide to explore and venture out into other avenues and areas of interest.

Individuals grow and change just as the many things of the world often do.

The Irresolute, nevertheless, will give their bullies and abusers the permission to tamper with their lives by surrendering and submitting to coerce.

They allow themselves to be controlled due to blackmail, insecurity, and so on. The list can extend according to what motivates or is directed upon a person. Each individual is different. And each individual is apt to get involved in different situations. There is no set standard in becoming a flunky, a doormat, or a “maytag”.

Most negative people themselves deal with their own bouts of insecurity and inadequacy.

Dominating others who may be or appear weaker than they are gives them a sense of power and authority to compensate for the strength and respect that they actually do not have.

For the negative people to target the strong (the ones of true substance) lies a competition, a jealousy.

The insidious need arising from nothing more than an inferiority to prove who is really better or more capable over the other.

Some people are unable to accept their shortcomings. They cannot deal with being at a disadvantage when it comes or pertains to specific things.

By knocking someone else down who does have all of the luck and advantages to succeed in whatever the matter may be brings a sense of accomplishment.

A satisfying achievement of punishing another person for possessing the abilities or things that they wish they themselves had.

Misery does indeed love company. A lot of people like to see other people doing bad and in the same negative predicament that they are in. It just kills them to see people living within harmony, happy, and at peace.

I know. I’ve been through this. And I have constantly prevailed. I never let any negativity affect or influence my life. I am a bold and courageous person. I always was and I always will be.

The best way to handle these sick and negative people and the circumstances that involve or surround them is to just stay completely away from them all.

It may seem impossible because people in their category are inhabited all over the world and everywhere.

They’re our neighbors, co workers, classmates, and sometimes even our relatives. Yet they do not have to have a personal place in our lives.

Keep at a distance.

Negative people stay disappointed, frustrated and infuriated. And they get annoyed by us living out our normal, usual, healthy, entertaining, and successful day to day plans and routines.

What is normal, usual, healthy, entertaining and successful-whether it is planned for the future or just routine-means different things to different people. And whatever one considers or defines as their mode of pleasure and enjoyment should adhere to make it their own and not let anyone destroy or take that away.

No one has any type of genuine power or control over us unless we allow them to or give it to them.

People who continue to drown in their sorrows sulk in their anger and hatred-and who seek to cause turmoil to others, will slowly and surely continue to destroy their own selves. They won’t find the peace and contentment that would deliver them from their hurt or the knowledge and logic to discern what is grave. They will never know the true meaning of happiness as long as they try to tarnish what is fortunate and positive.



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