Quality And Substance

Quality And Substance


There are people who are nothing. They were not born to be anything. All that they do is take up space. There is a lot of garbage in the world.

These particular people that I speak of I have encountered all through out my life since childhood.

I grew up within a family of some of them, occupied a neighborhood where a lot of them resided, went to school with quite a few of them, and had to work around the majority of them.

Most of them are not on the level intellectually. They are ignorant, insecure, jealous, deceitful, miserable people with nothing going on for themselves but a bunch of negativity, negativity that they like to inflict upon other people who are of substance.

“Trash” is what these people are considered and called amongst those who do not fit into their category. Amongst people who are of a higher class and stature.

When I mention stature and class I am not referring to money or material possessions and social standings. I am speaking about character, the quality of a person, their mentality, and demeanor.

There are good and positive people who come up in the world and who want to contribute to society by living out their purposes in life whatever it is that that may be.

Some have skills, talents, trades, and they work hard to try to make a way for themselves to survive-at the same time looking to enjoy all of what their lives have to offer.

Life is already bad enough with all of the negative things that exist and transpire. Who needs or wants the interference of undesirables?


They initiate trouble. They cause confusion. They lie and cheat their ways through life. They take from others to bring themselves up. They kill for other peoples possessions.

They look for free rides in life due to the fact that they are not equip in many areas or fields. They do not measure up to certain standards and requirements that are needed to excel and advance.

When they see and recognize the sufficiency within other qualified people they attempt to emulate. However, imitation can and will never compensate for what is genuine, especially when it is exaggerated and merely done for show.

Copycats and things that are fake do not last.

Ostentation offers no real value. And the particular things of that nature are very revolting and transparent.

Undesirable people are mentally and emotionally disturbed, they are not hard to spot either, if one is familiar with anyone of their kinds, and knows exactly what to look out for within their appearance and/or behavior.

They indeed do have a specific look and mode of conduct. It is very obvious in their body language, mannerisms-and definitely in their conversations and how they go about expressing themselves.

A lot of them are very distorted and twisted very sick within the mind, especially if they have been on drugs and alcohol for long periods of time.

The undesirables will often manipulate circumstances and situations against people who are of a better quality than they are in order to undermine and discredit them.

They inadvertently and intentionally lie, slander, scheme, and play games out of contempt and maliciousness. Aside from their mental sickness many of them are full of jealousies and envies-which is also a form of sickness.

Their involuntary and deliberate gestures and actions are plagued by genetically inherited factors. They are just born and constructed that way, naturally dysfunctional.


Now do not get me wrong. One can be related to a degenerate and not be anything of or like them. Yet their traits do pass through lineage.

It all depends on how strong certain peoples genes are because sometimes bloodline will even skip a generation. Many of us are blessed to not have picked up any of their mental, physical, or emotional flaws. We were born of our own within our own rights.

I did not take after any of the garbage that was within my family unit. The ones that I resemble and relate to in character come from way back, some even before my time. And I am so very proud of them as I am of myself. They were all strong, smart, dignified, and of pure substance.

Undesirable people have sabotaged the lives of many good and upstanding individuals. They have gotten away with doing so much dirt for so many years to innocent people that they expect their shenanigans to continue on.

They get surprised and dismayed when someone comes along who they cannot treacherously get over on or destroy.

These particular people do not and never have been able to scare me as they like to arouse fear upon individuals. They try to intimidate due to the reason that there are so many of them that exist all throughout the world.

There are more of their types that are around than anything else.

Cheap things, low quality, and junk always tend to flow in excess, abundantly made because of the easy and bad/poor manufacturing. More than what is actually needed left over unappealing matter that nobody wants. And the same goes for particular people within life. That is just a fact and observation that I made a long time ago.

Things that are of a great value are durable and hard to come by. And they sell out rather quickly because everyone wants to get a hand in the good stuff.

Yes, the people who are of substance may be outnumbered. However, none of us are outdone. It is the quality and not quantity that prevails.



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