What People Think/What People Say


There are some people who are in a constant worry about what someone else says or thinks about them.

Indeed everybody does talk. And unfortunately most of the time what most people converse about is other people.

Yet does it really matter?

What other people say and think about us has absolutely nothing to do with who or what we actually are as human beings.

Other people cannot estimate our true value and worth or anything else based solely on opinion. Fact is what counts and what is relevant.

Many of us are able to judge others by perception, observation, and experience. However, those are not always definite measures in which to draw accurate conclusions by.

People speculate and misinterpret things all of the time especially if they are not too familiar with someone or something.

Some also make too many generalizations in regards to other people.

There are certain individuals who are just mean-spirited and spiteful. Judging another by their appearance, their financial status, or what they may have heard someone mention about that person.

A lot of people talk about and downgrade people due to their own circumstances and feelings of inadequacy. They are doing badly in some way, form, or fashion and wish to see others experience the same if they have not already.

Some people believe that they are better than other people and automatically assume the worst in others who do not measure up to their particular standards.

So no one can win with everyone and nobody should try to.

Continuously worrying over what other people say and think is a pure waste of time and energy. In my opinion, it is ridiculous. I never cared what anyone thought about me. All that ever mattered to me was how I truly felt about myself.

I have experienced people who would do things at my expense while I was not even thinking about them or what they were doing. My life, mind, and interests were completely at a different and higher level, and zone for that matter.

1379885_white_flowerTo them, things were going on that actually weren’t because of where their heads were at and the way their minds were programmed.

How could I honestly give attention to what I was not a part of but that was actually going on inside of someone else’s head.

People sometimes put things and situations where they are not. They make more out of things and circumstances than what they really are. And imagine things and instances that are not happening or going on.

It is a lesson that some need to learn and grow from. Even though it may make them feel silly. To some it can bring relief. Knowing that things are not always as bad or complex in the way that they thought it was.

When situations and circumstances do take a turn for the worse there is still no reason and need to be concerned about how others will respond or view the ordeal.

People are going to talk about other people whether they do good or bad. And there is much truth to the old saying “I’ll worry about when people stop talking about me”.

When people do stop talking about certain other people it is because that person no longer serves them any importance or value. Even if one does not care in one way or another it is a reflection of the other person’s inferiority.





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