Bodacious Biohazard Booties


I watch the news and I listen to the radio just about every day. This past Wednesday night channel Fox 5 did a breaking “shame on you” report regarding illegal butt injections.

The story followed a particular female who was selling dangerous and deadly black market cosmetic enhancement procedures.

The news report also covered other women who had been responsible for engaging in the illegal activity of booty injections. Some who had even caused the deaths of their victims.

When I viewed the segment of the “Shame On You” news report I thought about how sad and ridiculous the entire subject was and the motivations that were behind them.

Some people are so displeased with their bodies that they are ready, willing, and able to modify and risk disfiguring and damaging themselves in the process.

It is bad enough that certain women pay and spend fortunes of dollars on visits to the doctor on account of reconstructive and enhancement purposes.

Surgeries and procedures that they do not really need but want due to bouts with low self esteem, insecurity, or peer pressure.

A lot of females prefer to have bigger or huge derrieres in order to satisfy their boyfriends and male counterparts. They’d rather sacrifice themselves just to please someone else or what is considered more appealing and acceptable to a percentage within society.

I may be in the minority when I say this, however, I am a female who is not particularly fond of the “bodacious booty” syndrome and I have never desired one.

During my teenage years I was very solidly built. I was thick and very well proportioned. I had nice shapely big legs and, a nice thick shapely designed behind-yet my lovely figure was nothing that I needed to flaunt around to anyone.

In fact, when I became a vegetarian I lost all of that weight. And I much better liked the way that I appeared compared to beforehand. I am sure that there were some who had known me back then at that time that may have preferred that particular look on me. Nevertheless, that all just reflects on preference.

What someone prefers or does not prefer on me has absolutely nothing to do with what I prefer on myself. Unfortunately everyone is not so self assured, self confident, and self secure as I am within myself.

I love being slim, thin, and trim. I have nothing at all against other voluptuous or heavy set individuals. I believe that beauty comes in all races, colors, shapes, and sizes. I just feel that the ultimate beauty comes natural and that what comes naturally should not be tampered with.

What possesses some women to become so desperate enough to seek out the aid of a black market procedure is beyond me.

Money that could have be spent on food, rent, and other things that are more constructive and valuable is taken and being used on frivolousness. Just as foolish and unreasonable as the “hair weave” phenomenon.

The only difference between the “fortune-spending” weave nonsense and the cosmetic enhancements is the dangers and damages that are caused by the indulgence.

At least with a hair weave what you see is what you get. However, with an injection of some sort one could be receiving anything.

And that is exactly the case when it came to what was being reported on the channel fox 5 news. Women were unwittingly having their butts shot up with hazardous substances and chemicals that are dangerous and life threatening.

They were told that their procedures would include medical grade hydrogel, which indeed was a lie. What they were actually getting and being inserted with was agents and matter such as “fix a flat” tire repair product, rubber cement, heavy mineral oil (intestinal lubricant), adhesive caulk, and liquid silicone that was traced back to the Dominican Republic.

How pathetic and sick can all of these people be?

Then after the black market illegal bum job butt injections “spring a leak”, the women are told to seal up their holes and leakages with Krazy Glue.

Photos of particular women who had been physically disfigured and damaged due to scars and amputations that resulted from these types of butt injections were alarming and disgusting.

The female that was featured and responsible for her involvement in the black market procedures was set up and caught on tape yet blatantly denied any connection to such incidents. She had even herself admitted to using butt enhancing injections.

And in my opinion, from what I saw, her behind was nothing attractive to look at.

The prices that some people pay in an attempt to appear better-in reality-only make themselves come out to appear worse. Things that are fake and unnatural never last or turn out completely right.



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