Immovable And Firmly Fixed Is Who I Am

SpaI definitely know who I am as a person. Indeed I’ve always have. I just continue to grow and enhance then learn even further things about and regarding myself.

I absolutely know who I was born to be, what I was born to do.

I do not know how to be anyone or anything other than who I am. I do not want to be anything other than my own true self, and I will not.

There are many sick, envious, jealous people around who endeavor to change my life destiny, my character, all of my positive and distinct circumstances.

They make numerous attempts to put negative, deceptive thoughts into my mind. Wanting me to believe that I am the complete opposite of who I really am by trying to persuade, manipulate, and discourage me through the use of evil black magic tactics.

The more that these people fail within their accomplishments the harder they try to maneuver and deceive me.

I do not even understand where those undesirable and inadequate people get the idea that it is even possible for them to coerce, intimidate, and stop me by the mechanisms of their witchcraft.

Obviously these idiots know that my mind cannot be swayed or easily influenced through anyone or anybody who I have come into contact with so for years they have resorted to the negative energies that are derived from ominous black magic.

I, a female individual, born with a caul and gifted with the many abilities of clairvoyance, am far more advanced and way ahead of all my jealous, envious enemies and attackers.

Even though I am able to naturally “feel, hear, see, and know” any of the negativity that may be around me-that negativity cannot and will not touch me. The evil energy is unable to affect or invade my life  because I and what spiritually surrounds me is much more stronger, powerful-and much more deeper.

I have a special purpose within myself to continue to fulfill-and absolutely nothing will ever get into the way of that beautiful design.

I am prompted everyday in my mission to prevail and succeed. I was not born or meant to be or become a failure. My ancestors and Orishas will not hear of it nor will they ever accept that falsity that is not created within my nature.

Anyone who tries or attempts to set out to cause my destruction and demise will inadvertently cause their own. I’ve already seen it happen on many occasions.

Logic cannot always be explained to sick or ignorant people who do not seek to better learn or understand but who prefer to remain hindered and stagnant within their incessant mode of living.


My enemies do not like the fact that I am strong willed, have a mind of my own, and that I cannot be controlled. They hate the fact that I am unique within my state of being, thinking patterns, spirituality, and mode of conduct.

I do things on my own terms. I refuse to follow what does not inspire or apply to me.

I do not live to or attempt to impress anyone.

Everything that I am motivated by comes from within through my strong energetic spirit, the universe.

I am “in tune” with nature, the spirit world, and everything that is associated with the supernatural and the occult-and I absolutely love all of my special spiritual connections.

That is where I have originated from and in which I will return once I am finished here with my session down upon earth.

I am firmly grounded. I am at peace.

My enemies have peeked into my pleasant present and prosperous future. And-under no circumstances-are they able to tolerate such fortunate positivity or productivity that they know they will never encompass and ever obtain.

I have no sympathy for any of my foes nor will I ever accept them or their kind. I hate and resent their existence. They’ve turned me off since the very first moment I ever came into contact with their types during childhood.

They have never had the power to hurt me in any way possible.

I am not of them, and thankfully, I never will be. No matter how hard that they unnaturally try to convert me or my life’s destiny.

They are nothing to me. They are just a bunch of “poop”.

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