Relations Dilemma

12064704-lovers--interracial-sensual-couple-making-love-in-bed-mystery-love-woman-in-mask-holding-gunI do not understand certain females who when they end up pregnant they don’t know whether or not they should choose to keep their babies.

They did not have a problem on deciding whether or not to have the sexual intercourse that could inevitably result in their possible conceptions.

I remember a female associate of mine called me up one day telling me that I was right.

“Right about what?” I said.

“You told me that I was going to get pregnant and I did. But I don’t know if I want to keep it”, she said in return.

I told this associate of mine at the time that she should keep her baby because she was still young. And that because she may not have wanted to or been able to have had another child during a later time within her life due to the lifestyle that she lived.

I also gave her a bit more of my reasonable and beneficial advice, and she listened to me, then made the decision to give birth to her baby.

The female acknowledged to me though that she would lie to another guy that he was the father instead of revealing who the actual biological father really was-so that she could get money out of him. That is, however, an entirely different story altogether, and one that I could care less about.

To me, that was her baby and her prerogative. Anyway, nine months later along down the line she had pushed out a little baby girl.

Another female that I know of wanted to keep her child once she found out that she was pregnant. Yet the guy that she conceived the baby with wasn’t so enthusiastic about the situation. He had “forced” her to undergo an abortion.

And she definitely did get rid of the fetus on account of her sex partner’s demand.

This particular female that I speak of was indeed a young loose whore just as the other one was, nevertheless, neither of them appeared to know the difference between the whole within their vaginas from a whole within a wall-or what it was meant for and what could come out from it.

They were too busy spreading their legs. Frivolously worried about being desired and admired, pleasured by their temporary outbursts of lust then tortured by their long term trials of being skanked.

In my opinion within my own knowledge I always believed logically that a woman should not have sexual relations with anyone that she would not consider marrying or having a child by.

Any other motive for intercourse with someone is just pure disgusting. I personally think sexual intercourse within itself is just pure nasty anyhow-but that is just my perspective.

Now I am not at all saying that one has to or should get and be married in order to engage in sexual activity or to make a baby because I do not feel that way whatsoever.

I do not even believe in the marriage union for myself. The concept does not make any sense to me. I do not agree with that two joining together to become one flesh. As a woman and a female I am naturally whole and complete.

I just believe that a sensible person of character should be very particular about who they would allow within their personal vaginal territory.

Many women who sleep around whether it is with many, just a few, or just on occasion do not automatically lose their value.

Having sex does not make a female any less than what she is. Intercourse does not take anything away from a woman. Certain females just do not value themselves enough depending on their particular circumstances and situations.

One does not necessarily have to want and desire a man that they conceive a child by, however, their choice needs to serve a grave purpose or value. Done for a constructive, meaningful purpose.

Some years ago on a job where I use to work at an eight-teen year old girl had complained to her peers that she was pregnant.

The guy who’d she’d been involved with left her for another girl so she felt that without a man in her life she could not have the baby.

And it just so happened that this female was another loose one.

I heard this revelation through her own words, through her own mouth. “I was a wild child”, she uttered to her peers.

There was even another young female coworker there at the job who was further along pregnant than she was. This girl was obviously showing. Her belly had stuck out very firmly.

The next thing that I knew she had underwent an abortion.

I overheard her telling her other female associates that she had been embarrassed about her pregnancy and that she did not want to be seen in front of the guy who had gotten her pregnant.

As a female and woman myself these other females minds and way of thinking is totally foreign from mine as well as society’s view, outlook, and standpoint regarding this particular subject and more.

A very long time ago there use to be “shotgun weddings”. Females who were unwed and pregnant were considered a disgrace then had to quickly get married to not be frowned up upon by ignorant judgmental people.

Then there is the case where a woman-who supposedly has “too many children” by “too many different men”-is considered as an inappropriate candidate for the position of activist, advocate, politician and, of course, proper role model.

What about the woman without children who may have been with far more men than the woman who decided to keep her children? She just didn’t have any children to show for her indiscretions.

So which of the females are really the better of than the other?

Sometimes maybe it is neither any one of them. However, i’d count on the one with the children having the better character.

What does how many men and children that she may have had have to do with her knowledge, competence, or qualifications compared to someone who just appears to look the part, fit the part, and sound the part on the outside-yet not actually measuring up to anyone of those vital standards and capabilities?

This sick world and some of the people in it need a reality check.

Unwed pregnancy is not an embarrassment. To me, I would be proud and take pride in becoming and being a single mother if I had wanted to.

No one could ever make me get an abortion if I did not want to have one. That is just completely insane.

Why is it a disgrace to get pregnant but to not have sex?

No one really forced anyone to get married after losing their virginity but instead forced those in particular to get married after conceiving a child.

How did one happen to get pregnant in the first place? Through sex, of course!

A male neighbor of mine from my old neighborhood told my relative that if he’d known ahead of time about the pregnant condition of his eighteen year old daughter during her early stages, he would have quickly made her abort the baby.

This man’s reaction was out of his own shame, disappointment, and embarrassment. Not to mention his male bias ego crap that many men do possess. He also conveyed to us how his daughter had “sold her royal oats”. So her pregnancy may have added more fuel to the fire.

It all has to do with the mentality and the level that one is on.

He had the nerve to also tell my relative that he should have brought his daughter over to talk to me ahead of time, thinking that I could have possibly prevented the situation since I was someone closer to his daughter’s age that she respected and could relate to.

He knew at the time that I did not deal with men and that I was not sexually active. However, the thing that he did not know though was the reason why I did not deal with men.

Either way, I would not have been able to have made much of a difference. And I would not have been able to had helped his daughter because I am asexual.

There is absolutely no desire or attraction within me to any male. So it would not have been the same for me to give out any advice to her when I did not care and understand the amorous relations one way or another, and to begin with.

Although I do know many things about a lot of men. I know the games that they play. I know their ulterior motives. I know the ways in which they think, and so on.

A female does not actually have to get involved and be intimate with men to know how they are and to know how they operate. Especially if one has the gift of natural born “insight”.

I know plenty of females, even those who were up in age, who have dealt with men yet did not know their certain types, attitudes, ways of thought, patterns and schemes.

My old neighbor’s wife had kept their daughter’s pregnancy a secret until a more later, convenient time.

The girl had her baby which was a female child.

The boyfriend that the neighbor’s daughter had had at the time-which was also the father of the baby-claimed that he would marry her within a five year period. He never actually did marry the girl. Fives years came and went. And he went and eventually got another girlfriend.

This baby drama. Relationship drama. Stigma drama. Generalization drama. Statistical, social, and society drama is often so sickening and outrageous.

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