Measured Success/The Many Definitions Of Success

Measured Success/The Many Definitions Of Success

file0001680678086Success is many things to different people. To some, success may be fame. To others, success may be fortune.

To me, success is truly accomplishing the many things in life that serves to our purpose and that brings to us fulfillment.

If no one knew about any of our talents and gifts-the abilities that we have, the things that we are capable of doing, the things that we can achieve-would that make us any less able? Absolutely not!

People tend to underestimate the qualities and sufficiency of those that have yet not been discovered.

There are many everyday people within the world who are just as much knowledgeable, equip, and naturally endowed as any judge, lawyer, doctor, scientist, teacher, journalist, actress, singer, dancer, and so on-if not more so.

Often times it is just a chosen number of few close by relatives, friends, or mentors that are aware of a particular individual’s potential.

One does not have to be famous and rich to validate their importance, value, or worth.

There are plenty of rich and famous people in the world that are not really so talented and who do not really have anything vital or beneficial to offer to society, or even to themselves.

There is nothing wrong with gaining encouragement and inspiration from other people. However, what happens when or if there is discouragement from the negative people?

I know that I do not need the approval and acceptance of certain others to define what I recognize within myself.

Yes, sometimes there are those individuals who can see things in other people that they are unable to see within themselves. At the same time, no one knows us better than we do our own selves.

So just as long as we as people are satisfied with the outcome of efforts, the drive that creates determination, and the personal rewards of accomplishment-whatever it is that that may be-there is significant gained success.

True happiness comes from within.

Money, home, and occupation are indeed vital necessities that we all desire to maintain in life.

Nevertheless, in which way that we prefer to receive these establishments differs and varies depending on each individual person.

Knowledge is power.

It does not take a whole lot to make some people happy. An abundance of money is just an enhancement to those who are already content in their surroundings.

I personally am very successful. Gratified in my state of being. Just by doing and enjoying the things that I love, and having the access and platforms in which to do them. Any further advantages will all come in do time.

Before one can become a success throughout their venture they must have a secure structure and foundation within them self.

Only then will they definitely know how to measure the true depth of what their success actually means as opposed to what is ordinarily generalized.

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