True Crime Novels


I love things that are real. And I like to get down to the truth of any matter. Most of my favorite television programs involve dramas that are based on fact, whether it is the actual dialogues and footage or the reenactments of the true events themselves.

We mostly all love “America’s Most Wanted”. I had watched that show since it first aired back when I was still a child.

I have enjoyed years as I devoted my spare time religiously watching True Crime series such as Forensic Files, The Investigators, Body Of Evidence, Snapped, Dominick Dunne’s Power Privilege And Justice, and certain other attention grasping programs that I cannot remember to name right at this moment.

However, there was a more recent True Crime series called “Final Witness” that had debuted and aired every Wednesday night around 10p.m. this past summer. I hope that ABC television station eventually renews the drama for future seasons to come.

One of my favorite hobbies is reading good books. My number one favorite type of books to read is, of course, True Crime novels. I am particularly fond of the “St Martin’s True Crime Library Series”.

Those books as I have once said before do literally keep one up all night long! I know this from experience. In my opinion, they are so darn good. The content inside of those fact based novels are so shocking, so interesting, so gruesome-and I just love them!

Not only are they entertaining but also informative, educational, and resourceful.

It is always intriguing to take a dive into the tragic and mysterious lives, minds, and experience-as well as the events-of others. Especially if what we are observing is relatable or foreign. It is often incredible and unbelievable the things that can and do go on around and within the world.

Things that we do or do not understand things that are insane. Things that we ourselves would not even imagine making transpire.

Some people are so crazy and bizarre that there is a certain humor to be found within them along with the pity or hatred that one may feel towards them and the acts that they carry out.

There are those who do not have the tolerance or desire to read the gory details that hold my attention in my hand picked favorite True Crime novels. The pages are nothing different from the dangers, violence, and negativity that are being written all among us every second, minute, hour, week, month or year during our critical times.

It is just actually what is and nothing to be oblivious of. In fact, many of us need to continue to stay up to date.

There is no doubt that we all cannot believe everything that we hear on the news and by word of mouth, that we see on the television broadcast, or what we read in some books. However, we can use our good judgment to discern, analyze, distinguish then further learn and investigate.


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