I Write What I Want To Write

872463-200I believe in the power of freedom. And I believe in the privilege of liberation. I also believe in the importance of self expression.

I am one who has never suffered from fear. The fear to be truly who I am.

Authenticity is a very powerful thing. Especially in a world that is dominated by conventionality.

I take advantage of my originality.

Facing possible ridicule or rejection from anyone or anything in general has never discouraged me from continuing on with being innately different and unique.

I find excitement and much delight in the things that I like even if or when no one else does.

Generality is boring to me.

Some people let certain others influence them. Then dictate to them how they should go about conducting and maintaining their own lives.

I do not.

Never have. Never will. I have my own way of thinking. My own style. My own way of approach. And I have never been afraid to speak my mind.

I-and I only-decide what is and what is not beneficial to or appropriate for me within my own life.

I have always enjoyed the literary craft of writing. One of the most artistic modes of personal and creative expression.

I have the gift of automatic writing.

A natural, energetic talent that has followed me from childhood to adulthood. Words and sentences just flow about in accordance without the use of previous contemplation or strenuous efforts.


My spontaneous, various thoughts and ideas have a distinct life of their very own.

They are lively and eager-all waiting to be born. Each a reflective production of the mind and of the spirit.

Both active and consistently ready to give birth. Their remnants survive then multiply by the marks that are left in the signature of their celestial prints.

If I dared to compromise my genuine identity. My true inner voice of supernatural magnetism.

I’d only be defying myself. My own grave and special purpose.

I would never downplay or sell myself short to please anyone. I will never change or alternate my writing techniques for any amount of money, weak authoritative power, or shallow misplaced prestige.

What I am surrounded by is not cheap and easy to buy.

It is a spirituality, a force that constantly exudes richness, strength, veneration, and loyalty.

Sustained by foundation.

Tied to what I am honestly of. With the desire to never disown where I come from and what has gotten me here today.

I recognize and treasure all that great beauty.

I’ll never pretend to satisfy or to gain the appreciation of others who do not matter in the least bit to me.

I am led by my connection to the universe.

To share and to spread my accurate knowledge, experiences, analysis, unconventional lifestyle, and perspectives on life, and society.

To indulge in the urges of my constructive passion. The mastering of my arts. The aptitude of my gifts.

And I do not care who does not like or agree with the many forms of my content.

I am a fighter, a survivor, a truth teller.

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Pretentious People

728823-200There are people who suffer from low self esteem and feelings of inadequacy. Some of them are easily influenced by the fads of our culture along with the human beings that are not afraid to display their own particular individuality.

As they are full of envies, jealousies, and admiration toward those who may fit in with popularity or originality they compromise themselves in order to gain the approval and acceptance that coincides with the general population.

I made an observation many years ago.

I noticed that certain insecure people actually thought and believed that a sudden fashionable alteration in appearance could bring to them an automatic uprise within their stature or status.

Just by merely switching from shabby or hand me down clothes to pristine and stylish apparel gave them a sense of pride and a feeling of elevation.

I’ve often seen this type of behavior particularly within the low scale degenerate community.

These class of people usually overdue their activities.

Their modes of conduct become exaggerated. Pretentiously affected, trying to be more than what they are.

And at the same time they make a complete fool of themselves to those who are able to see right on through to them.

It is indeed a sickness.

The transparent ostentation-a psychological inferiority complex-that incites them to impress or measure up to a caliber in which they are unable to obtain, is a natural result from their own taunting bouts with a poor self image.

These people do not have their own identities.

So they attempt to adopt the more appealing and desirable personalities that are fortunately encompassed in certain others.

Wardrobe plays a factor mentally to these people because they perceive outward appearance as a definition and description of character, substance, or importance. And also as a doorway to confidence or self esteem.

In reality, occupation, money, clothing and material possessions absolutely do not define or make anyone more worthy, valuable, equal, or better than anybody else.

It is our own natural, true character that really makes us who and what we are as people.

The depth of our individuality.

Our genuine demeanor. How we carry ourselves.  How we respect ourselves. What we stand for and what we believe in.

The dignity that ultimately resides.

Self esteem, confidence, and strength comes from within. One could be wearing what may seem like the most atrocious looking articles of apparel, depending on opinion-yet be feeling the most proudest and superior about their entire state of being.

That would generate from an individual that is extremely secure within self and within purpose, and who would obviously not care to place insignificant value on what is considered to them as paltry.

No one has to go around purposely dressing up in a tacky manner to prove that they are self assured. However, if they do, it does not always imply that they are down on their luck or, down in the dumps either.

When one feels good about their self though they do sometimes tend to show it off on the outside.

And not for the attention of others or to impress anyone specifically, but as an appreciation for the elegant taste and style of refined self expression.

A lot of people cannot afford to buy the latest or expensive clothes. Some have their own particular preference.

Some who even do have the money to purchase the high quality fashion articles just prefer not to.

Whatever a person wears will not give them any more or any less capacity than that of what they already possess. And walking around to play the part of dress up will not equate for veritable means.

Counterfeit is exactly what it is no matter how hard one puts on a disguise. The truth inevitably reveals. Clearly-and all throughout to the surface.

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