Up In Age People And Their Hygiene

1353242_bubbly_and_bubbly_iiSome years ago I took a trip down to Barnwell, South Carolina. I visited a family of distant relatives.

Upon arriving, I noticed a very heavy set woman who was about in her sixties at the time.

When I met and greeted the woman she was sitting on a chair with her thick size legs propped up against an ottoman.

I stayed at this person’s house for a whole week before returning back home to Queens, New York during the winter time.

For the entire week that I visited there at the old woman’s home I noticed that she would never get up to go bathe or wash. She carried a terrible stench that traveled throughout the area of the living room where she’d lounge around from for day to day, and night to night.

The odor that exuded from this large sized woman’s body was very loud and offensive. The smell was so bad and had made me so sick that I would have to leave out of the living room every now and then.

What created an even worse situation was the fact that this older lady would continuously urinate on herself, allowing her bodily fluids to absorb into the fabric of the chair that she obstinately sat in.

Her sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews, and grandchildren would come by the house where she lived to occupy sometime yet no one spoke a word to her about her hygiene or nasty behavior.

This woman knew how to constantly eat, gossip, and cause conflict but did not know how to properly take care of and respect her body.

It was not as if she was an invalid who could not do for herself. She was just lazy and unclean.

So one night the old woman and I had got into a confrontation due to her attitude and something else that she lied on me about. One or two days later the woman overheard me in the next room talking very negatively about her over the telephone.

The next thing that I knew I had witnessed her coming out from another room a day later with a damp washcloth hanging over her shoulder. The odor that had once clouded up the whole living room had suddenly began to fade and disappear.

It was a sad shame that I had to speak about her circumstances in such a harsh way before she took action then accepted the responsibility for her own personal hygiene.

I do not understand why-however-a lot of older folks go around to neglect their bodies. It is not something that should be ignored by bystanders who are relatives either.

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