The Right Career Path

1169981_windowchairNo matter what. And if it is possible. One should endeavor to be satisfied within them self and within their life.

It is very important to never give up on the most passionate desire.

Many people know what they are and/or what they want to become at a very early age.

I definitely knew what I was born to be.

Even if one temporarily loses focus due to whatever circumstance that may come to be their purpose-if truly meant-will eventually find it’s way straight back to them.

Throughout our journey here on earth we go through experiences and are given many opportunities.

It is up to us to make the right decisions and to learn from our certain mistakes.

What I have recognized about myself and within my life is that-if there is something or someone that my heart really is not into-then the situation will not at all turn out for the best.

In spite of any efforts that were made to persuade or to change my mind regarding particular circumstances, I stood firm and unyielding.

I refused to submit to the interference of others.

I was absolutely clear on what I did and did not want within my own life. And I was always correct in my judgment.

I have worked for employers. Holding down positions that were just a waste of my time. That were beneath me. And that were not allowing me to exceed to my fullest potential.

Although I had been recognized and honored at my jobs they did not at all do me any justice.

I knew that I was capable of achieving a whole lot more due to my talent, knowledge, and abilities.

I am extremely independent so I had to work to keep myself occupied.

I made good money-even sometimes working two jobs-to support and to provide for myself the things that I had needed.

I am not the type to sit around to do nothing. I am very constructive and productive.

At the same time, I am not the type to sit around and let my true destination run by pass me.

Not after my purpose had called out to me then stared me in the face.

No way. I am a fighter.

I chase after what I want. Then I take what is mine. I took pleasure in the occupations that I had. However, I was in no way dependent upon any of them.

I could become much more successful in doing what I was made to be, what I was born to do.

I had plenty of jealous and envious people along down the road, striving to hold me back from advancement and success-even still til this day- yet I knew that they would fail. And they did whatsoever.

Life is extremely deeper than what many people can see.

One cannot ultimately stop inevitability. Especially when there lays truth, discovery, and then change.

Perseverance is highly underestimated.

When one is steadfast and determined nothing and no one will be able to stand in their way.

They will prevail. They will succeed in whatever mode for them that is possible. I absolutely know because I am living proof.

Never give up. I did not. I never will. Not on anything that I genuinely believe.

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