What I Put On My Plate

stock-photo-14768251-shrimps-in-tomato-garlic-sauce-with-basil-flowersIt is vital in this day and age for us to take care of our health. In the inside as well as on the outside.

Many things that are made out on the market today are filled with hazardous chemical ingredients and artificial matter.

When I go shop for food I look for quality. I am very particular about what I purchase.

I constantly check the product labels, ensuring that what I eat is appropriate and in accordance to my specific diet.

I love to eat, however, I do not always like to cook.

So I often search for foods that are already prepared or that just have to be heated up inside of a toaster oven.

Healthy items such as bread, crackers, peanut butter, certain frozen foods, and so on.

I just keep them handy for those times when I get lazy or not in the mood for laboring over a stove.

I’ve been a vegetarian for exactly twenty-three years. I started out back when I was fourteen. I will turn thirty-eight this year in the month of may.

When I first began this particular lifestyle I was a strict and pure vegan.

I absolutely consumed no type of animal products. No dairy foods or beverages. No poultry. No seafood. No beef (red meat). No pork (the other white meat).

Just fruits, vegetables, grains, natural juices and water.

All of that changed during my late teens. I became a vegetarian who only refrained from eating beef and pork.

I do not eat any of the substances that are derived from those two animals.


I eat dairy once in a while. Not as often as I use to. I love all natural ice cream, though. I am more of a chicken, shrimp, and fish eater. I only like the whiting in particular.

I am crazy about any vegetarian dish that is complimented with a serving of rice.

Whatever it is that I consume it has to be both hearty and nutritious.

I do not eat at just anywhere or from just anyone. When I choose to dine out the restaurant has to administer elegance as well as quality.

My two favorite places to go eat at were Boston Market and Sbarro.

Years ago (at Sbarro), I’d eat the delicious tasting pasta dishes that did not contain any beef or pork such as baked Ziti, and a many of the other variety of foods that they had available, everyday during my meal when I was at work.

Sbarro is quite expensive, depending on how much food is placed and being weighed on a plate, however, the extra amount was well worth every penny that I had to spend.

They had so many good things to choose from. Salads, fruits, potatoes, rice, chicken dishes, and so on.

A Sbarro is nowhere near my vicinity as of now but I live right near a Boston Market.

I have ate at Boston Market for over a decade. The taste is distinct yet just as great as Sbarro without being as expensive.

I have indeed enjoyed quite a few other lovely establishments that catered to serving acceptable quality food.

Til now-and yet for always in the future-I will acquire to put nothing but exceptionalness up upon my plate.

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