People Who Place Their Insecurities On Others: Everybody Does Not Get Their Feelings Hurt And Everybody Does Not Get Embarrassed

People Who Place Their Insecurities On Others: Everybody Does Not Get Their Feelings Hurt And Everybody Does Not Get Embarrassed



When I was ten years old I got hit by a car. The lady driving the car hit me on purpose.

It was an attack on my life but I survived without any broken bones or serious injuries. I was extremely lucky.

I flew up into the air hit the hood of the car then fell upon the street in front of my house right on my behind.

The first thing that I did was jump up to my feet and run. I ran to my back yard.

Later on I found out that amongst certain ignorant people my actions were considered as an expression of embarrassment.

If anything, I was in a state of shock, not at all embarrassed. Why should I have been?

I know that some people do try to play things off; however, I am tired of people trying to put their insecurities on other people.

I hate when others automatically place me into the category of what is general or generally expected within this society.

I hate to be generalized because I am my own unique individual. One thing that I have always hated within this society is the obstinate ignorance of others.

I’ve heard many people say that people just pretend that negative things or situations do not bother them. However, that is not true. People only feel that way because if it were them that were in those particular situations they would feel down and be hurt.

People tend to judge others by the way that they judge themselves. The world that we live in is indeed a very sick society.

It is even more of a problem if one is a woman due to the fact that a female is often considered as being too emotional or weak, especially when it comes into comparison with a male.

I cannot speak for every woman in the world; however, I have never been the weak or emotional type.

Many general and ignorant beliefs stem way back from the bible, a book that I have many disagreements about because it actually contradicts many of the things that I have experienced within my life.

(And I am not specifically speaking on the woman issues within the bible. I am referring to a variety of subjects. I know that weaker vessel actually means physical. I just wanted to clarify that because people tend to take things out of context)

As a woman or just as a human individual, when I had appeared unaffected by negative words, actions, or circumstances that had surrounded me at a point in time, some who had attempted to hurt or to bring me down had preferred to assume and believe that I was just putting up a front, acting on pretense.

This in fact was nothing more than a lie, just wishful thinking on their part because they did not want to accept the truth. They did not want to be outdone.

Jealous people who are inferior will accuse one of putting up a front due to a head game that they play. They play this game in order to try to get underneath a person’s skin because in actuality the strength is what makes them even the more jealous.

People who truly believe that everyone gets hurt or are disturbed in anyway by the negativity of others are just not that strong and are being naive.

I speak from experience.

That is the reason that people lash out at others to begin with. When they lie on one, call one names, and so on.

They do these ridiculous things because they think that their actions will hurt or bring the person down. It may work on some people. Not with everyone.

Not if they are strong and on a particular level.

Ignorant people are not equip enough within the mind to distinguish certain concepts. That is why they continue on with their nonsense.

I am proud that I have the knowledge and the strength to not be influenced by the many preconceived notions and misconceptions of the world.

Another thing that I hate within this society is how certain men, and certain women as well, actually believe that it is suppose to be devastating if a man refers to a woman as being a whore or a bitch, even worse, if a man expresses something derogatory regarding a woman’s sexual explorations, or things that regard a sexual nature.

Now I indeed know that a lot of women do get offended by these supposedly obscene names, however, not every woman is the same. Some do not even care. And I am one of them.

The word “bitch” has never bothered me. Neither has the word “whore”. People call people names that have nothing to do with them all of the time.

Words do not mean anything unless one gives to them a specific definition. It is how one thinks in their mind.

Some people believe that money is power but that is not true. Knowledge is power.

I am an intellectual, a writer, a person who analyzes.

I do not write to get things off of my chest or as a way to cope like some people do. I write because I have a gift. Natural born talents that I am suppose to use.

My spirit moves me to speak truth.

If certain individuals are able to relate to the things that I write about and choose to learn, be enlightened, or inspired, then so be it.

I talk a lot about life. I cannot help it. I self express. And I absolutely love it.

One can learn from the ignorance of others just as they can learn from the brilliance that is within some.

Some people even believe that if one continuously speaks on a particular subject that it means that it bothers them. Where do some get their information from?

Where is it said that everyone one says, does, or feels the same things for the same exact reasons?

If one would feel a particular way if they were to experience a circumstance or were to be in a situation that they may consider perplexing or hurtful then that is on them.

I am admired and appreciated greatly by those who are on my level, and I the same to them.

People who are on the level already know the real deal.

We recognize that there are people that exist who are not affected and disturbed by the negativity of others due to the fact that those people are us in particular.

So we cannot be the only ones.

We are also well aware and are in tune with ourselves and actually do not care what anybody says or thinks about us in the least bit.

If we did we would not continue to be ourselves and continue to do all of the things that we enjoy.

Strong people grow and become even stronger when going through times of challenge. The fragile allow themselves to be injured by giving certain people a power over them that they continue to use and abuse.

It is not about trying to be hard, tough, and having something to prove.

There are just people out there who are not preoccupied with conventionality or plagued by insecurity.

We all come from different backgrounds and some of us have the ability to endure the incredible due to whatever circumstance that we may have been through in life.

Just because people are very nice and kind does not mean that they are sensitive or weak. And just because someone is strong or resilient does not mean that they are cruel or nasty.

There are all kinds of people and all different types of attitudes.

Everything is not about being hurt or being false just because it goes against what is ordinarily common.

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3 thoughts on “People Who Place Their Insecurities On Others: Everybody Does Not Get Their Feelings Hurt And Everybody Does Not Get Embarrassed

  1. Hi Latoya: Thank you for writing this article, I saved this and like to refer back to this from time to time to calm me down, assure I am being my strong self even with kindness.

    1. Save and/or come back any time to delight in feeling proud and encouraged, be reassured and confirmed within the truth. People like us are definitely out there even if we are hard to come by and not recognized too often! So glad that you could relate.

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