Revelling In The Pure Ecstasy Of Positivity


It is not healthy to be around certain types of people. Environment is very important when one is happy and at peace they are surrounded by strong positive energy.

Negativity is like a poisonous thick gas that floats upon the air to make everyone sick and nauseous.

I have always been a loner but never lonely, outgoing but not too social.

People were attracted to my bubbly and animated nature yet I wasn’t the type who liked to be smothered by a crowd. I needed my space.

As an independent spirit I could never stand interference, the meddling of conflicted people who shared no spark ones who would carry their darkness everywhere around with them only to have their negativity attached to someone else.

Oh, what a drag.

People that want to ruin a beautiful smile. People who want to spoil a consistent joy.

I have never had any time for despair. Especially for a gloom that did not belong to me.

I find delight in the life that I am blessed with, in my unconventionality.

I stay true to myself, not bothered and affected by what is of no concern to me. Not influenced by other people, or by the ways of the world.

What is normal for a lot of individuals is completely abnormal in the things that I see, quite unnatural and undesirable very unsuitable for my taste.

I feel free, liberated, totally untouched by any fear.

I do not believe in being afraid, scared to indulge in the ecstasy of what calls to me from beyond. I reach out in full force with long, stretched open arms.

No worries. No pains. No problems. No regrets, just the day to day messages of certainty. The assurance in what is to come.

Every day is an adventure, a roller coaster ride of excitement, dangerous yet fun, dizzying yet educational. Tiring yet inspiring.

Even during my times of rest I travel in the unconscious state, passing through the realms of dreams exploring the other sides of existence, dangling in the mysteries of the mist then quietly falling back into my bed to awaken, into another reoccurring daylight of another extreme.



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