Feeling Disconnected Yet Connected?

art time

I am allergic to certain types of people and vicinities.

My spirit does not take to everyone or everything and as a caulbearer it is not supposed to.

Spiritual radar is a vital tool when it comes to a person of the caul/veil. That radar constitutes both a weapon and a shield.

As a person born with a caul/veil one is always going to be able to know and see what the average person will not. As a person born with a caul/veil one is always going to be very unique and significantly unlike the average human being.

The caul/veil itself is a sign of spiritual knowledge and development. An assurance of stability and progress.

In no way, shape, or form does being born with the caul/veil share a similarity to having been cursed. Having a gift has never felt like a curse to me. If anything it is the complete opposite.

A blessing gifts are indeed.

I’ve always had the feelings and a strong sense of not belonging and/or not wanting to be here in the world and to me that was not at all a bad or negative thing.

Those notions, inkling, and hunches had helped me to seek deeper into thought and into myself.

It is a very good sign when you are not able to completely adapt into this foreign physical world.The connection and yearning toward the universal/spiritual realms are a natural manifestation of our (those in particular) celestial identities as well as destinations.

As a person born of the caul/veil my problem has never been with the caul/veil itself or the special attributes that came along with it . My problems have always been with and had always come from other people.

The supernatural aspects have only continuously served as a crucial advantage, guide, protection and intermediate source of help.

When one exudes positive energy and/or generates great magnetism it can be a spark for negative people in general.  Adverse reactions to goodness and quality are morbid examples of what demonic channels and entities we are faced with today as well as what were in the past.


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