Unhappy Campers Don’t Spoil My Joy

styleI’ve come across a lot of people who are intimidated by me, especially in the workplace/field.

They are bothered by my strong sense of self and they are put off by my high self confidence and self sufficiency.

When I go to work and do my job I am a little too competent for them (my co workers and even managers) . I am too much in control of my surroundings and I can handle too many of my situations on my own without further assistance.

And they do not understand that because they do not have that type of energy or strength.

They often are stressed out bringing their problems to work then taking them out on other people. I have never done that. I had a heavy commute every day doing long overnight shifts and still kept my composure and upbeat spirit.

I didn’t speak illiterate (I kept being told how expressive and clearly that I spoke. They weren’t use to a educated american black on that job. Most of the workers there besides the Caucasians were Haitians, Jamaicans, Africans and a few Hispanics) I dressed nice, had a natural head of hair, bought my own food when necessary while most of them were dingy, hungry, and unable to come to work without wearing their weaves.

Other people’s insecurities often lead them to find the fault within others instead of dealing with the issues at hand that are actually causing and/or surrounding their own genuine flaws. And when you do not join in and go along with their program they are ready to gang up and attack.

I never apologize for having a good mind and a good head on my shoulders and for not compromising any of my standards just to get by.

I am tired of common folk getting over and doing dirt in the workplace while others are working hard while spending their precious time doing the right things.

“Am I going to have a problem everywhere I go and work?” I said, because that is surely the way that it seemed.

“Well if you can go find a job around good people who are confident like you and on your level” a lady had mentioned to me. “Those other people are too low for you”.

And inside I knew that (spirit always speaks truth).

I was told years ago both by a male and a female associate that I was not going to find too many people who were on my level and that it is hard to find those who are on my level, yet it is also generally not always easy to find and to be in positions that one truly deserves to be in, especially when you have certain people intentionally trying to hold you back.

The universe has changed though and there will always be opportunity and I will keep hanging in there undisturbed.





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