Stay True

chillIt is true, the more you know the farther you can advance because knowledge is power and the mind is a very important and powerful tool if one is equip.

How one uses their knowledge is also a huge responsibility. Are they using their information as a hobby or a skill, to maneuver or deceive, to teach or to inspire?

The approach of how one expresses their knowledge is another interesting or challenging factor as what they often impart may not always be what is accepted and sometimes what is mostly rejected by those who are in a state of “unconsciousness”.

Should the ignorance of another or certain others drive you into a personal state of silence out of the fear of ridicule and scrutiny? If so, that is a bashing to one’s own self, a surrender to the very unconsciousness that you yourself are conscious of.

In no way whatsoever should one be driven into an area of self limitation, self deprivation. That is mental suicide.

Embrace those eccentric ideas they are original. Dare to be authentically extraordinary that courage is remarkable.

Be a leader not a follower, a believer not a dealer, and do not be a flunky that role is for a junky.

Stay true and ahead always learning something new and remember to stay on cue because there will never be another who is identical to you.

Miss LaToya Lawrence


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