bag of chipsI love potatoes, I always have. French fries were one of my favorite foods, especially home fries fried firmly.

My favorite potato chips of all time that I like to snack on are the Classic Lay’s as they have a distinct taste compared to the other potato chip brands.

I like the Classic Lay’s in the blue bag even better as they are lightly salted.

Charles Chips use to also be a good brand I don’t know how they are now I haven’t ate one of them since childhood back in the eighties.

What I love so much about Lay’s as well as the taste is that they are made with just a few simple natural ingredients which are also responsible for giving it that distinct flavor.

Just the potatoes, sunflower, corn and/or canola oil, and salt.

That sunflower oil I know for a fact is what brings out most of that good distinct Classic Lay’s potato chip flavor and I can tell because when I use to cook my homemade fries in sunflower oil they would always come out tasting better compared to when I was cooking them in the other vegetable oils.

Customer service over at frito lay assured me that their company had no future plans of ever changing the Classic Lay’s ingredients and I was so glad.

I called them up once to inquire since on so many occasions consumers will phone up to companies with their own personal dissatisfaction regarding a particular product that may have been just fine to someone else then the next thing you know the product is either “improved” or “completely gone off the market”.

So unfair to the smaller percentage of people out there who may have enjoyed the specific product as it was. No need to tamper with an already good thing.

I found out though that they had discontinued the Lay’s Garden Tomato And Basil.


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