soy milkI’ve never had a problem with soy, when I fry my foods I cook them in soybean oil, sunflower, or canola.

Years ago back in 1991 or 1992 I had first come across silk soy milk for the very first time at my local supermarket. Since I was a vegan at the time back then who completely did not consume any type of dairy I was looking for a milk alternative or substitute.

So I purchased the vanilla flavored soy and gave it a try.

It had no kind of taste at all or should I say a very unpleasant flavor to my taste buds (It was literally disgusting). I let my mother try some of the milk and she didn’t like it either. My dog wouldn’t even touch it. I gave it to her because I didn’t want the rest of it to go to waste and because my dog was a big regular milk and ice cream lover.

Late last year or early this year I came upon silk soy milk again at my local area supermarket. So many times in the past since that first experience I would just notice the product up on the refrigerator shelves and keep on moving.

After so many years and times of passing it by and passing it up something came and hit me, telling me to give the silk soy milk another try once again.

“Years have gone by maybe the company has improved the product by now”, I had reasoned with my own logic. “It has been out on the market too long for it to still have that same dreadful old taste”.

plate of vanillaSo for the second time ever in my life I purchased another half-gallon vanilla flavored silk soy milk. And this time when I brought the beverage home I was not disappointed.

I was very much delighted.

Especially since I could never go back to drinking cows milk again, I am just so turned off by it nowadays more than ever, the smell of it is enough for me.

I even got my mother hooked on drinking silk soy milk (chocolate is her favorite very vanilla is mine). She was very hesitant at first but I had to convince her that the product had improved.

We even like the soy ice cream frozen dessert by the “so delicious” brand. I loved ice cream but I have not eaten dairy ice cream in two whole years straight now. And I will never go back to it.

We do not consume these soy products constantly, however, we do enjoy them on a now and again basis.

Before I purchase an item I always check out the ingredients regardless of how long I’ve been using the product. I had been drinking Silk soy milk for a while now and was disappointed when I noticed that they’d taken out the carrageenan and replaced it with gellan gum.

I immediately phoned up the silk/white wave company some months back and asked for an explanation and I was told that due to overwhelming consumer pressure in regards to carrageenan and it’s supposed dangerous and/or risk causing health effects it was removed away from the product.


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