Dear Miss LaToya

Doesn’t Something Smell Rather Fishy Here?

I wouldn’t trust neither one of them. I bet any amount of money that they are both in cahoots with one another!

(They want me to post this so that they can start some crap. Let’s see if it works! ha, ha, ha,)

Originally I wasn’t going to post this obvious “set up” ,however, spirit is guiding me to, spirit has a lesson to teach them all.

Misery Sure Loves Company, Don’t They?!

crystal ballTo misslatoya
Nov 28 at 11:11 PM
Name: Ellen stone
Comment: While I was trying to find out whatever happened to shannon,I came upon your blog,you are completely spot on,she is a fraud.Even her name is bogus.She didn’t even know what a caul was until we met.Her book,Dover Graye,is based on MY childhood experiences.Imagine,my feelings of betrayal upon reading that book,well after she fled the area.I’ve wanted to confront her on her lies and plagiarism,but couldn’t find her,until now.And to see she is still not being true,even to herself.She has traveled from one coast to the other,just ahead of the reckoning.It will catch up with her,we need do nothing.

Time: November 28, 2015 at 11:10 pm

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Even shannon’ s name is a lie,as I knew her in Vermont.She didn’t even know what a caul was until we became acquainted.Much of the information in her Dover Graye book comes from MY childhood experiences.Imagine my sense of betrayal when I first read these words.You completely pegged her.

Shannon Lee Wolf
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2015/11/28 at 11:48 pm


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