My Yoruba Deity/Ogun

sharpFor many years back Orisha Ogun has been around me along with Orisha Oshun. His black and green beads rest upon my altar along with Oshun’s honey colored beads and Orisha Elegba’s black and red beads.

I can attest to the fact that Ogun is indeed a fierce warrior and a solid protector as I have seen him work within my life first hand.

Along with my other personal Orishas and alone Ogun has fought many of my spiritual battles against the very negative demonic forces that are centered around within the universe. He has also ruthlessly sought vengeance against my evil enemies in my honor and defense, cleared pathways that were blocked, removed specific obstacles, and has secured my employment opportunities so that no one could any longer maliciously interfere with any of my chosen occupations.

Ogun has worked with me on a personal, professional, and a spiritual level in so many genuine and sufficient ways that I would never reveal and/or mention to anyone. My deep and natural relationships and connections with the Orishas are private and built upon faith and complete loyalty.

Ogun is a legitimate part of my “spiritual family circle”, a counterpart that goes way back to my female warrior ancestors.

I do not take Ogun or any of my other personal Orishas along with any of my good and endearing ancestors or special spirit guides for granted or lightly. And they do not take me lightly or for granted. I am significant to them as they are to me.

Ogun is there for me when needed. He can help as well as hurt and not looking for me to have any fear of him. Although the deity of war and iron is dangerous he has shown me nothing but benevolence.

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