Trance (Eyes Of A Caulbearer)

brown eyesAs caulbearers we can literally “see” more than what actually meets the bare eye. I’ve had many experiences of what I call ” My moments of trance”.

There was a time back in the year of 1999 when I had gotten on a city bus on my way back towards home. I sat in one of the middle front seats. Instead of sitting all the way back I sat more towards the edge of the seat to automatically turn to look upon fellow passengers who were seated toward the middle and back of the bus.

I had no main intention as my eyes were just attentively lured to observe without any particular cause or hesitance of my own. It was more of a gesture of impulse that had arisen from within me.

As my eyes wandered straight down to the back of the bus then from side to side through the mid part section my quick glimpses had all of a sudden came to a halt, going into a full mode gaze. My eyes were firmly fixed on a guy that I could swear that I had never seen before yet at the same time who also seemed quite familiar to me.

I literally could not take my eyes off of him. I was not able to move and I asked myself “Why do I keep staring at him, I don’t know him”.

“You do too know him”, said the soft voice of a calm feeling that had enveloped upon me.

As empathy literally spoke to me spiritually I still did not recognize this person who still strongly seemed familiar unto me. “No I do not know him”, I said once again within my thoughts as I was still unable to move, caught up in the grasps of the stare.

power“Yes, you do know him. He’s from the neighborhood”, the feeling addressed again, this time with a little more detail and within the same comforting and assured essence.

Shortly after those last words and “spiritual sensation” I then became “conscious”. I recognized the guy that I had been staring at and only then was I able to turn away.

The guy was indeed from my neighborhood. He had a crush on me during the prior year of 1998 all summer long and had wanted to date me (get inside my panties) but I would not give him the time of day. He’d kept asking an associate of mine at the time to hook him up with me.

Of course, this guy had not known the true reason why my eyes were steadily gazing upon him momentarily through out the bus ride. I had embarrassed him enough though as he was seated next to an older woman that he was dating who was old enough to be his grandmother (It was all about money, a “sugar mama” thing).

He quickly got up out of his seat headed towards the front exit pretending that he wasn’t really with the woman just before the bus headed towards his stop. He stood in front of me looking to speak as I kept my head down.

The gifts of the caul will make one stare. The gifts of the caul will also make one turn around when someone is behind them or to make one catch a view of something necessary and/or of further importance. There were times where I could stare heavily, in return gaining insight or warning on any particular individual and/or circumstance.

The “stare” or “trance” are both a very powerful spiritual connectivity. They are links and passages into the unknown and unseen, vessels to supernaturally read people and places thoroughly and through.

Another incident that I remember was how I kept staring at the ground one particular summer night. There was the address of an associate of my grandmother’s engraved in the concrete in front of the house where he lived. My eyes kept lingering down towards the imprint and I did not understand why.

Two or three weeks later, my grandmother’s associate got caught by a policeman on the street drinking a can of beer. The policeman told my grandmother’s associate that if no one was around and able to verify his address for him (since he had no identification on him) that he was going to arrest him.

Luckily I was the one who was there and who was able to prevent him from ending up in jail that night due to the fact that I had kept a mental note of the address after having the spiritual encounter that made me “stare” attentively at the front pavement of his home.

Everything has a story to tell and a person of the caul is one who can surely and automatically read back many of the detail.



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