A Spellwork That Did Not Work

tree trunkSome time in October of this year I had one of my “precognitive dreams”.

My dream showed me a retaliation spell that was allegedly performed on me against my hostile feelings regarding three undesirable male suitors from the past.

I was shown a glass encased candle along with an “empathic” acknowledgement that the more hatred that I have or continue to have for those three guys in particular will automatically result in the stagnation or non manifestation of my “natural destined and fateful journey of success” that for some time now has already been delayed.

In other words, through the spite of my specific foes, my negative feelings of not in return liking and/or caring for the male suitors would simultaneously reflect back unto me every time that I’d meditate on my impending “success/purpose” through spell-work.

They were flat out admitting as well as revealing what I had made known so many times in the past and present that if I refuse to be with a man (especially and particularly their type of low-class) then I will not be able to have the certain accomplishments that they know are preordained for me.

They even went as far as showing me as a non willing participant within a marriage that a “fourth” guy who has been interested in me for the longest had initiated.

tree rootIn other words again stating to me that even though they know that I do not want and/or belong with their kind yet still I am strong enough to deal with it anyway just as long as they get what they want. And what they want is my misery and a part of my future prosperity in which they definitely do not deserve.

It is also male chauvinistic bullcrap within this particular class them hating to see an untarnished woman on the top of her game.

After that dream, I kept feeling my foes designs and intent to manipulate my mind into the consideration of having a husband. I am asexual and if I wasn’t I still definitely would never be with any of them or their kind.

As usual my premonitions were right on the mark and one of their fellow flunkies/maytags whom I had never ever seen before verified what I had already known to be truth. I was at the Port Authority bus station on my way to my job when a guy approached and spoke at me. “Fuck the husband thing”, he said. Then he told me to have a safe trip to the county that I was headed to.

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