ouija boardI have never ever messed with an Ouija board and I never had any desire to. My mother told me a long time ago that when she was a child growing up during the early sixties her father had bought her an Ouija Board as a gift for her for Christmas.

She said that her father didn’t mean any harm as he was just ordinarily picking up board games and toys for her and her siblings. He had no idea what the Ouija board was really used or meant for.

Anyhow, my mother told me that she didn’t mess with the Ouija right away though when she did eventually open up the box that the board came in (when she moved from harlem to queens when she was twelve) and went alone to play with the Ouija board and placed her hands onto the planchette the device actually moved on its own.

The incident had frightened my mother as a child and she instantly threw the Ouija Board away into the garbage.

I had heard the same story from a neighbor whom had lived directly across the street from us at that house in queens. I had not told her my mother’s experience but she had told me also that when she was a child she had received an Ouija as a present and when she went to use the board that it had also moved on its own and she got scared and threw it away.

And I truly believe her and my mother’s story without any hesitation.

When I was about sixteen or seventeen there was this girl I had known who told me over the phone that her and some of her associates who had never met me before used an Ouija board while asking it questions about me.

According to her the Ouija told them that I was mean as a young kid and that I had hurt a lot of people and that I did not care about her.

Well, all that I can say is that in my opinion the Ouija Board is an evil tool to use to contact by any spiritual means I do not like the way that it looks and I do not trust any of its contents.


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