A Spiritual Deliberation

soft eleganceIt is said that Voodoo is a satanic religion and that the religion revolves around the spiritual realm of demons where ceremonies and rituals of possessions and animal sacrifices take place among the worshippers, followers and/or practitioners.

It is also said that the voodoo religion is a mockery of the old biblical testament in regard to the blood offerings of the animals whereas God’s covenant with his disciples required a blood sacrifice for the atonement of sins, cleansings and so on, and that is the reason the spirits of Voodoo will make requests for “bloodshed” because Satan is just emulating the god of the bible by asking the followers of his very own to do everything that god asks of his own to do.

And finally, I have also heard that the true God of the bible respects our personality as a people and works through our will by not endeavoring to replace our minds and that he respects our will in comparison to Satan due to the fact that during possessions at the Voodoo ceremonies “voodoo spirits” (loas) consider, and mount (ride) their followers like wild horses. And after the spirits have used their follower’s body no matter how vile and inhumane that may be they absolutely have no recollection as to what happened to them and what took place beforehand.

Alright, now here is my take on all of this, I agree that most of what I heard regarding the subject is true no doubt about it except for a few genuine exceptions through the personal experience of my very own.

I am an authentic person who at birth was born with a caul/veil over the face so naturally I was spiritually inclined, possessing the abilities of extra sensory perception so I also was more susceptible to come into contact with all kind of different type spirits and spiritual affiliations.

My ancestors were spiritual warriors priestesses and I inherited the occult powers along with the particular knowledge yet it is nothing of the ordinary and derogatory sort that goes on with most and/or the average religion or practice within this society.

I never have and I do not believe in the ritual or ceremonial blood sacrifice of animals as I believe that is a very sick and unclean act, as well as the drinking of any blood whether it be animal or human, and the wild possessions of any specific entity. All of that is definitely demonic.

No spirit and/or orisha has ever requested of me to kill an animal, spit out liquor, or to indulge in any sexual relations and so on as many traditional voodoo worshippers I know in a manner conduct themselves in and if any spirit were to ask any such thing of me (though I know that is impossible because I am not of anything of that low and degenerate nature and nothing around me spiritually is of that repulsive and despicable origin) that would be completely out of the question.

I deal with peace, protection and purity I along with my ancestors and Orishas are extremely rare and unconventional.

Now as far as the God of the bible I’ve never known him to be respectful of free will if anything it is the total opposite and he does replace people’s minds when they accept and go to him in fellowship. He works through his own ways and will so I disagree with that last version or part of what I heard. I know what the God of the bible really is and how he genuinely works and no one can tell me any different.

What is around me spiritually, though, is not at all of Satan within any form or fashion if so it would have reflected in my character in some time or another, I am a very strong person I have always lived a clean, healthy and honest lifestyle, and I have been very blessed and my spiritual connections are the ones who have truly been there to respect my own mind and personality on a higher level and have worked with me through the best of intentions.


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