orange juiceWe all need the proper fuel to aide within us the energy to perform our usual activities.

A lot of the ordinary things within lifestyle are cut down to a routine that fits into compliance to add further structure and, of course, we do need direct organization in regard to the many aspects that pertain to us in life. We do have to take out time to monitor ourselves and be in good health so that we may continue to go on with life at ease and pace.

Nutritional health instructors as well as doctors frequently set rules, standards or recommendations for all of us to follow when it comes to our daily food allowances and the effects on the value or the quality of our lives, and there is nothing really so awful about that yet it is not vital that I or anybody else personally go along with every suggestion that is raised in general.

I haven’t eaten breakfast steadily day to day since I was a kid and it is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

During my teenage years on up I just began to eat whenever I felt the need to (when I was hungry), no specific set time such as morning (breakfast) noon (lunch) and evening/night (dinner or supper) or a snack in between.

I never followed a schedule.

chowI do not even normally eat three times a day as we are supposed to because when I do consume the foods that I like and that I am prone to I may at periods just eat a large quantity of them. It all depends on my appetite and whether or not my stomach is satisfied for that portion of time.

One day I may eat more or less than on the next day, and so on, all according to how I feel and how my hunger goes, and decides.

There is no need for a timetable to regulate when I have a meal.

Variety also can serve as a factor in what type of foods that are desired at any particular time. I am not strict at all when it comes down to the categorical food groups.

In the morning sometimes I’ve often had pieces of chicken with rice while at night I’d have grits, farina, pancakes or a peanut butter sandwich, whichever could have suited my taste buds at that given moment.

As long as it is healthy why should it matter what kinds of foods are eaten within the day compared to the afternoon, evening and night?

To me, a great dinner can be pure and natural grape jelly spread out thinly on toasted or non toasted whole wheat bread, just as simple as that!



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