up in the atticYears ago, in the mid of 2000 when I use to live in my old home, there was a apartment building that had remained abandoned for over a decade and that was situated behind all of the houses located on my block.

Behind everyone’s garage that was gated and enclosed was an alleyway that separated the apartment’s yards from all of ours.

These particular attached apartment buildings were a real estate belonging to Fred Stark who had long passed away during the late eighties; the gossip was that his family and relatives were fighting over property rights.

Anyway, once the building was finally in the process of being cleaned out and reconstructed by construction workers and neighborhood volunteers who helped to dispose of the quantity of scraps, us unfortunate residents over behind on the other side had to reap the outcomes and inconvenience of the thousands of rodents nests that had been disturbed.

Loads of mice had run and relocated into the homes of those who lived on my street. A next door neighbor of mine had asked my mother while we were both standing out in front of the house if we had experienced any problems with mice, and the answer was a definite “yes”.

We even had a rat! A rather unusual one though, he would run from us whenever he saw us come around to parts of the home. I once witnessed him go get a piece of hero bread then go about his business.

These rodents were out of the ordinary and utterly out of control. I desperately wanted to get some “d-CON” rat and mice poison but my mother was worried about them expiring within the walls of our home to create a hideous or foul odor. I did not care as I knew if that problem did happen and result the smell would eventually fade away, I was going by past experience.

After I had gotten dangerously frustrated with the mice destroying possessions, leaving hazardous droppings around, and reproducing a multiple of offspring I went and did what I should have immediately did when I had the chance before the damage was done.

I purchased the d-CON poison pellets “the best rodent killer product on the market” in my opinion, it had been the best for years and immediately, almost instantly, the mice all died and disappeared for good.

Now to my disappointment I found out earlier last year that the d-CON pellets were taken off the market as they were nowhere to be found, and I had searched just about everywhere pissed off as hell!

I phoned up the d-CON company and was told that due to the EPA (environmental protection agency) the product was no longer available but that they had other type of bait stations that were out for sale. I did not want any other kind I wanted my “super-duper” killing power pellets.

Twelve d-CON products were banned and discontinued by the EPA because they claimed the poisons did not meet agency safety standards posing unnecessary risks to children pets and wildlife. The manufacturer of d-CON opposed the ban then later had to voluntarily agree to cease producing twelve of the poison items by the end of last year.

Since the pellets and powders that d-CON also sold did not come packaged within tamper-resistant bait stations it was required by the EPA that all rodent control be sold to customers in protective stations.

Eight of the twelve d-CON products that were on the market contained ingredients that were supposedly more toxic and persistent in the environment compared to other particular compounds. Those specific substances had been disallowed within consumer products since the year of 2011 because of their toxicity to wildlife.

I still wish that the d-CON pellets had not been banned they should have let certain other consumers make the decision on whether or not to buy I had a beloved pet who never was put in danger by the product. For those who had children and/or pets they could purchase the tamper-resistant bait and for the ones that didn’t or who’d place the poison out of reach within their own homes they would have the the loose or unsecured bait.

Good things and products are always being fucked up, destroyed away or unreasonably disregarded. The majority, if not in fact all of the rest of the rodent control items out there on the market aren’t worth shit and are drastically ineffective, just another fabulous product that went completely down the drain and one that I will wholeheartedly miss when I occasionally encounter those nuisances of rodents.



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