gripThe only kind of news some people like to hear is bad news. When one is doing well and another is doing poorly they do not want to hear anything pleasant from, or about that other person.

When certain individuals are down and out or within sorrow and misery created through their own personal flaws or shortcomings they often do not want to be alone and cannot stand to see someone else that is in the completely opposite situation as they are.

In their predicament, many would adhere to pull another into the blustery swallowing holes that they are enveloped in with great and eager delight. They do not want to face that hurricane while that other individual is enjoying the sunshine of their own paradise.

It is never acceptable to let anyone whatsoever spoil the joy inside that was meant to reside and to provide. Why let someone take the supply of love, peace and contentment that is furnished and deeply rooted from within?

It is abominable.

steamOne should never under any circumstance allow any person or thing to tear and drag them out into what is anomalous. Innately stay within extraordinary and foreign range, and allergic to the repetition of a perpetrator’s own temporary offense and lifetime sentence.


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