“Higher Consciousness”

eyeOh how I rode on the elevated plane that soared on up above through out to an all new height.

Open and clear I am forever in a state of wisdom consistently prepared, and aware.

Through mystical color and form distinguish the picture in between, the depiction that is entirely unforeseen.

A creation of possible illusion sometimes confusion yet never a genuine delusion only maybe just a drawn up conclusion, you are that definite source of explanation one’s precise or varying interpretation, emphatic within the scope.

mindA journey to expand therein a revelation to delve wherein, and a specific zone to fly herein, you are my infinity you are the third eye.


-latoya lawrence


break timeHave to beware of all the “creeps” that lurk from behind and beyond as they seek to deceive and devour.

I do not “sleep” on anything. At which periods go along rather comfortably there is a tendency to enwrap and get caught up into the peace.

However, past wake-up calls make one less susceptible in being taken off guard when particular adversaries move in for an attack as their blow is usually intended to hit while least expected.

Even if ones mind is not distracted and on the alert there is still a need for “extra necessary precautionary measure”. Not talking paranoia or continuous looking over the shoulder but vigilance, heedful to every possible threat to the well-being and surroundings.

A rival of any kind especially and specifically when ill-minded are frantic they become desperate, and extremely volatile once they are backed up into suffocating corners of despair.

When their opponent has them in that section of area where they cannot breathe or move there is only one alternative to regain free space and that is for “them” themselves to set a block and then attempt to choke.




My Yoruba Deity/Ochosi

wild horseWhen I was a child I consistently won every fight that anyone ever started with me because I was never the one that would initiate a problem or confrontation.  I was always one to take up for myself no matter what the cause if it was absolutely necessary.

As one born under the zodiacal sign Taurus we are in general very kind people and can be slow to anger, however, when we do get mad it is indeed no lie-and I know from my own personal fashion-we have the most violent and ferocious tempers on the planet.

I was born a good person of honest, authentic and resilient character I am not and have never been a pushover yet I do not go throwing my “mental weight” (brainpower and durability) around. Yes, I am very talkative and prone to fun when I am in a natural spirited and energetic state though I also have my quiet and solitary moments.

Nevertheless, never have I ever played the role of troublemaker nor do I desire to. If anything I aim to avoid problems in spite of not being afraid to face them.

I am pretty sure on more than one occasion throughout my life certain individuals may have assumed I had instigated a difficulty but that is only because they were lacking knowledge of my extra sensory perception, and those who I would retaliate against who knew that they had done wrong toward or against me without knowing exactly how I knew about the circumstance who had accused me were just plain sick in the mind.

There are times to let particular situations go and die down due to the fact that it is too small or not even worth the effort of passion. At other times one has to take care of business good or bad.

When I get those supernatural notions, those tugging involuntary darts that literally won’t stop jabbing at my spirit it is time to go into justifiable action, and once retribution has been carried out spirit within me is appeased.

Orisha Ochosi is all about fairness and a helping hand along with my ancestors and other personal deities that surround anything that I may miss out on. They are there to pick up the leftover trail in my honor when I am not immediately aware or just simply in need.

Intervention and further justice is handed out promptly by the means of righteousness and Ochosi stands within the background of my life to seize and to deliver anytime the day or night calls for it.