break timeHave to beware of all the “creeps” that lurk from behind and beyond as they seek to deceive and devour.

I do not “sleep” on anything. At which periods go along rather comfortably there is a tendency to enwrap and get caught up into the peace.

However, past wake-up calls make one less susceptible in being taken off guard when particular adversaries move in for an attack as their blow is usually intended to hit while least expected.

Even if ones mind is not distracted and on the alert there is still a need for “extra necessary precautionary measure”. Not talking paranoia or continuous looking over the shoulder but vigilance, heedful to every possible threat to the well-being and surroundings.

A rival of any kind especially and specifically when ill-minded are frantic they become desperate, and extremely volatile once they are backed up into suffocating corners of despair.

When their opponent has them in that section of area where they cannot breathe or move there is only one alternative to regain free space and that is for “them” themselves to set a block and then attempt to choke.




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