A Spell On Valentine That I Had To Decline

bearing giftsAbout five or six years ago when this one guy in particular was continuously trying to work numerous type of spells on me he would here and there send certain people up to me on the street to say trivial things at me or they would come up to me so that I could get a look at them.

By me catching a view or glimpse of them he and other perpetrators in general who also were involved within the situation felt that they had a better chance at putting their image into my thoughts to make me think of them through the manipulations of evil black magic.

In reality, whether I saw them in person or not and just through my “third eye” it still had brought within a repulsion inside of me that instantly would tremendously help to work against the negative energy right along with my other spiritual protections, just because I was well aware of what was going on through empathy and telepathic communication with my adversaries did not mean that I was at all under any influence or under any type of persuasion by the spells, that was just my “antennas” keeping me “in tune” and ahead as usual in the midst of trouble and/or danger.

Some ignorant people do not consider “love” or “attraction” spells an act of “black magic” they may try to pass it off as a form of “white magic” insinuating love and attraction as a positive aspect yet it definitely is not especially when the feelings are not mutual and it is not in any other excuse for an instance.

If love or attraction is forced upon someone without their knowledge or consent how is that derived from a good source? Even if intentions are harmless the way of going about it through supernatural means is totally wrong. Why want anyone who does not reciprocate in any factor?

edible heartWhen an individual does actually fall into the grips of a spell the circumstance is never originated under a natural course of operation it is just a falsely designed illusion set by the hands of vile tactless maneuvering.

As a strong-minded person who happened to be asexual by nature there was no way in the world any type of witchcraft or black magic could had pulled me out of one of my ” innately fixed states of being”.

These love and attraction spells are not all purely about gathering then maintaining innocent “love” and “attraction” it mainly is about control many people’s motives are to get someone else to desire them in order to render them docile in an attempt to use, abuse and even at times destroy them depending on whatever it is under the circumstances but I guarantee that all effort behind these situations are obviously and absolutely demonic.

One night as I was at a bus stop on my way home from work an old man was sent to do the “dirty deed” as he stared and stared at me, before he made his eyes attentively glued on to me, though, I had already instantly and automatically knew that he was “dispatched” I know that he was dropped off to await until my arrival (such assholes). Once we were on the bus he caught wind that I was on to him and displayed embarrassment as his body language became disconcerted.

This old man who looked like a drunk (because that is what most flunkies and maytags are drunks and drug addicts and people who are down on their luck lower than their handlers) was carelessly disrespected by those who had sent him as they did not even have the decency to tell him how to correctly get off at his stop where they could meet him and pick him up at once he planned to follow me off of the bus.

We were riding on a limited bus, something I could tell the man was not familiar with and something that he was not counting on that night, and I laughed inside when the old man became further disconcerted and thrown out of countenance as he mumbled to himself. “What’s going on, you don’t stop?” he addressed something to that effect speaking at the ignore and disregard of the vehicle as the driver kept steering the bus load of people down the street of hillside avenue after he had previously ranged the bell.

bear heartTwo weeks after the incident exactly on Valentine’s Day I lay in bed during the night already home from my day job when I see the same old man materialize paranormally straight in front of my eyes I was looking directly at him with my third eye I refused to stare back at him as he had wanted me to. He was there to try to hypnotize me and to bring the spell of the other particular guy into fruition.

I pushed him out of my pineal view through the power of my mind twice before he let a small amount of time pass to then again return as he this time attempted to sneak in an abrupt reappearance while I on cue swiftly pushed him out with my mind even harder and finally.

A few days after, I saw a vision of the old man and the guy and telepathically heard them both discussing there Valentine’s Day defeat.

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