No Alteration Through My Gratification

quietAs I continue to consistently by the operation of natural spiritual energy (intangible stimulation) chronicle the pages of my life and experiences I often come upon the repercussion of the ill nature of individuals, and ill minded adversaries who are absolutely “done in” (completely finished) yet through their injudicious desperate pattern that is constantly brought on by the spiteful urge to pointlessly hold onto the need for my “designated desolation” (their never-ending “one last chance” at a possible victory within their own area of circle) adhere to still conspire through the attempts of ineffective supernatural manipulation.

Aside from another unrelated post in particular, about two or three days ago I wrote and mentioned how good I felt about my self, and honestly, why shouldn’t I have? If spirit had stirred up enough within me to reference that wonderful sentiment out of the truth and out of pure inspiration where is it documented that I should be punished for it?

Go figure.

The same day after I wrote “Elated” I could feel adversaries channeling negative energy over toward my direction. They strived to “unnaturally” make me feel down and out by trying to make me preferably feel lousy about my self, and for me to have groundless doubts about and within myself.

They also wanted me to have fear through the hatred that they all entertain for me through my own disregard and detestation of their own total states of existence and for the advantageous life that I grew up with and that I still have and maintain till this day.

silentYes, I do have a lot of enemies I definitely do know that, I have always been aware of them as they have accumulated through my indifference toward them, and toward their shortcomings and inadequacies, along with a combination of the other things that weigh out on both sides of the perspective and within our dislikes of one another and I am rather grateful for the enmity as I have never set out to acquire a unification among their kind.

I did not appreciate in the past before they actually knew of the extent as to how I viewed them and felt about them how they would generalize me into their company, taking for granted that I even considered any of them to be of any worth or within my own league or category, I never wanted to socialize and have a genuine friendly association with them their solicitude for me at the time went unvalued, it wasn’t my fault that I came upon them, we cannot choose in life what we are born into but we do have the ability and option to not follow that undesirable route.

No matter what I will never cease to feel good about myself and I have no sound reason to and no form of evil will initiate that change of self love and self esteem I can’t help that adversaries of mine are not in the position to fully enjoy their lives or even themselves within a significant mode of fashion as they have to get “high” in order to cope and in order to face their own harsh battles with reality, regret and regression.

A specific group or amount of people that are or that would be against me, in fact, does not scare me at all as I do not see the logic within the conception that it should. If anything the opposition serves to me as a great advancement tool. Other than it being a reminder of an anomalous origin it forebodes to conveniently display how I am strictly not of them and that I am absolutely no part of their conflicting state of being.

Not having those types of individuals around and within my life and within their approval is me literally taking in wholesome sustaining breaths of “fresher air”.





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