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Caulbearers United Scam/Caught Red-Handed by misslatoya

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[…] Caulbearers United Scam/Caught Red-Handed […]

Robert james clark said 2 years ago

Hi where to start….. I am seeking a place to find information about caulbears. My mother has always said very strange things about thinking i was a prophet ( she was a heavy drug user and very unstable mentally) however my grandmother told me where she gets it from who actually has a strong sense of intuition. Anyway she said i was born with a caul an explained it as a “white cap” i am in a place now to where im curious but my sceptisism is high because i dont want to pollute myself like my mother. Is there anywhere i can learn/meet others

necias said 12 hours ago

hello, i’m a caulbearer too. since childhood i encountered a lot of difficulties in life. i mean, difficulties brought by the people around me, i was just a very silent child. i really don’t understand why some people wants to put me down even tho i have done nothing to them. i can clearly feel their motive in their every move and how they talk that sometimes i wish that i was all wrong. 😦 my mother always tells me that i was different in a negative way. she can’t accept the truth and reality that i was saying about lying and telling the truth always. . i have this deep perception that i cant be blinded by lies. i can trace back the the first cause of a problem. but i guess, no one believes me as they have their own hidden motives. . its like, they just fooled themselves.

You said 3 minutes ago

Hello Necias,

I can relate to you as I also as a child had a lot of difficulties when it came to a many of people so I am able to give you genuine insight and advice coming from one gifted person to another.

Listen up, when there is something special about you other people can sense it and when you differ within character and mentality and do not act, react, as well as do or partake in the same things that others or the majority of others are doing they all take notice and many times will put you down for it classifying you as strange or crazy for no justifiable reason but for their own lack of knowledge and understanding, and also for the sheer fact of being mean.

People will try to hurt you to discourage you from being your true self because you are everything that they wish that they were but know that they can and will never be.

When you are able to sense things about individuals that other’s are unable to sense people will resent you for it as they don’t want you to know what they want kept hidden.

My great-grandmother told me when I was ten all the way up to fifteen years of age that I wasn’t normal because I wasn’t out doing what other teenagers were doing, however, she meant it in a very derogatory way and that was because I was good and wasn’t getting into the trouble and having the same problems as a lot of the average youngsters and teens were, I had no desire to indulge in the typical worldly behavior as it wasn’t within my mentality and/or nature. I just wanted to be myself I didn’t know how to be anything other than me, and I did not want to be anything other.

She was just disappointed because she had messed up her life at an early age as many have done and hated the fact of seeing me grow up and develop untarnished as many often do when they have regrets from getting caught up in the perils of society and it’s many traps.

Your own family will try to destroy you out of ignorance, jealousy and pure sickness.

You cannot and should not let anyone steer you away from who you are I don’t care how hard they try stay strong and believe in yourself It will get worse sometimes but that is the way it is when you are “special” if you hang in there spirit will bring you out of your trials with a superior level of advancement that will compliment your purpose and adorn you with a rewarding bestowal of fulfillment.

Confidence is key!

I am going to tell you the same thing that two women that I knew told me when I was younger it was a message that spirit had given to them in regards to others, “They are jealous of you”, “They are scared of you”, “They want to be like you”. And it is true.

People don’t know how to deal with the truth, what is uncommon, what they have never come across before, and sometimes they admire it, try to imitate it or even may try to get rid of it. People don’t like what they can’t manipulate and control, especially when it is of a genuine or good nature.

So be proud and laugh at those who shun, underestimate, or think that they’re getting over as you are way ahead of them and know what is going to happen and know what they are going to do before they even know it themselves!

Negativity will always come after what is positive but when you have foundation you will always conquer regardless of any circumstance. Evil just comes along to stop you from being who you are to devour and make you what they are and what they want you to be.

So be and stay original and unique because wide and spacious is the definite road to hell!

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