Born Of The Caul/Real Or Not?

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From Bianca on The Trials And Truths Of A Caulbearer 

You said you can tell which of us are really caulbearers. I’m here now and I don’t want to write down my life story I just need your help who ever you are.





Yes, I can tell who’s real and who is not. I’ve always been a good judge of character and knew who was a fake and a phony.

I could always sense things about people and things that other people couldn’t sense even if the truths and revelations took a long time to come out and to be made known to those that were oblivious I just have had that ability all throughout my life.

At times I have been blunt about it and sometimes I have shown diplomacy it all depended on instance, tendency and mood.

However, sometimes I will just let some make a fool out of themselves while at the same time educating or confirming and/or encouraging and supporting those that are genuine.

I’ve had plenty of people contact me online and a few with deliberate nonsense, lies and exaggerated stories even in an attempt to mimic similarities to what I have written about the details and truths within my own life which many do not actually comprehend the preternatural “happenings” and “occurrences” of the accounts and extent thereof within the content unless they have actually went through it themselves or at least have that “level of consciousness” or deeper understanding as some actually do.

Like I’ve acknowledged before on another post awhile back (some years ago) on my other blog, once in a while if I’m contacted by a perpetrator I’ll only respond to give answers to those who’ll stop along the way that are real and that will come across and read through my posts and the comments that people leave and my responses.

So while some are acting silly and obnoxious with bullshit that I don’t have any time for I use the opportunity to bring something positive and enlightening.

“Spirit” exercises itself through me and I love the energy that it brings and performs through my writing.

I’m here for those that are genuine and will be of help if I can and only if spirit allows me to.

And a little side note: Those of us born with the caul have a special energy about us that is indefinable and that certain people pick up on but can’t put a finger on it. All they can say is “There is something special about you”.

Poetic Tidings: My Orishas

I am an only child brought here into the wild I was not left here a stray yet I still want to get far away.

Spiritual mother bathes me in her oceans as I am one of the daughters of the waters,

Spiritual father opens my roads and destroys anyone that tries to heavy my loads,

Spiritual uncle clears away all of the pathways equipping me with everything that I need to make it through each of my long days,

Spiritual uncle constantly keeps me on track heeding out warnings to everyone that he always has my back,

Spiritual grandfather instills within me the wisdom from learning therefore I am able to go out and make a decent earning.

Still, I wonder why I am alive even with all of the multiple skills that I have to survive.

I’ve been to this place some time before I didn’t want to have to come again anymore.

This is not where I feel I should be.

This is not meant it is just not suitable enough for me. Why don’t you seem to agree?

Two warrior uncles of spirit, grandfather of oracles, mother goddess of the rivers and father of destinies all responded in reply:

“To you it makes no sense being put through so much shit to all at what expense?”

“We had to come take back what was ours and that is why you were given the powers”.

“If you couldn’t do it you wouldn’t have been put through it. So continue to do it and subdue it!”

“You were made strong enough to swim through any tide and back to shore”.

“It was sealed in the plan before you was set to begin only to be revealed on that day we surely knew you’d succeed to win “.-latoya lawrence

SuerteLuck Botanica

Earlier this year I went online searching for a place to order spiritual supplies and came across a website titled Suerte Luck and I was inspired to make a purchase from there initially because they had the certain type of candles that I was looking for.

So I did business with them and they were outstanding with their service!

The candles that I bought to do my spiritual ritual worked as usual with very strong results. I even had a few visions during my sleep within a dream to verify that my spell had worked aside from the change for the better that I had noticed around me while I was burning my candles.

Anyway, recently I made a purchase with them again and their service is still phenomenal and upon request they will also burn candles for you on their altar if anyone is in need of special assistance and they will also email you a photo of your prepared candle lit upon the altar.

I purchased a few of their spell kits for personal use (and I don’t usually purchase spell kits and wouldn’t generally trust one over the internet but I went with a recommendation from the owner in response to what I wanted to attain) and they are actually working.

The energy that surrounds me and that I put into my ritual aligned within accordance to my situation and set of circumstances and as the universe works with us at different levels depending on how “in tune” and spiritually advanced we are has given me extraordinary/satisfactory results!

Go observe and try out their products for yourself (





Toxic People

Words of warning and caution:“Shut the door on toxic people”.

Toxic people are not healthy to be around nor are toxic environments.

Toxic people include family relatives as well as friends, associates, and acquaintances.

One particular vital thing that I’ve noticed as a caulbearer is my strong empathic nature, how deeply I was able to absorb energy, so sensitive to other people’s thoughts, feelings and vibrations. Those keen sensations have saved my life on many of occasion and have kept me protected from harm and destruction.

I can be far away from someone and feel them and the energy that they exude. It is just in the same as with the energy of any situation that may arise and reveal itself to me.

Universal energy is everywhere and when one is spiritually incline their antennas pick up that current in the form of a radar. It is inherent.

As a positive person I am allergic to negativity and to the people who hold and entertain those type of ill inspiring energies. I sometimes literally get sick being around these people, an awful spiritual reaction of aversion from and toward unsavory individuals and it is so repulsive.

Good energy automatically repels bad energy as it is not tolerable in my case.

A lot of negative people often do not see themselves as such and will think that the one picking up on their bad energy is the one who has the problem.

Sometimes our blessings will not even come to us when we have negative people surrounding within our personal atmosphere until we rid ourselves of their constant presence is when we’re allowed to receive the things that we want and deserve.

Our energy has to have that harmonic alignment and balance within the universe and without disruption to the auric field so that vibrations flow through smoothly and on the proper tract according to our own specific rhythm.

We need to breath in clean fresh air within a spiritually healthy environment and not permit ourselves to take in and be sullied by any of the dirty and nasty pollutants that negative people consume and spew out.

Unfortunately some are born into toxic conditions, have to work in toxic conditions and etc… And none of these instances is by any fault of an individuals own there are circumstances that happen that are beyond our control.

So we have to protect ourselves through continuing to build and maintain strong barriers within our spirituality and belief systems so that we sustain and never become vulnerable to the toxicity of other people’s negative energy.



Spiritual Growth And Wisdom:Inspiration For The Youth

My ancestors and orishas have been with me ever since I was an infant far before I had even known that they were there beside me, providing for me and guiding me.

As one born with intuitive gifts and having an intangible connection to the spiritual realm I was always attracted to and motivated by the supernatural.

As I have firsthand knowledge and experience people have often come to me for help, insight, and advice.

What is most important for them to realize is that serious spiritual development cannot be learned and taught through online information.

Sure, one may be able to relate to another person’s words, be inspired or encouraged and share things in common and exchange ideas and that is a very beneficial resource of communication, however, legitimate revelation cannot be found just anywhere, not even within books as there are important things that are often left out and that don’t add up, that are not clarified, and impossible to correspond to every individuals own personal fulfillment and needs.

What we learn within “hidden knowledge” is not at all found within mainstream it comes to us from and within “spirit”, divine messages of information that would often be controversial to what is normally taught and learned and it is not just for anyone and everyone to know and understand.

A lot of the information can turn out to be inaccurate for others and not because the matters are false but due to situations and conditions that represent only a few people’s experience whereas it doesn’t apply to everyone else. We all have our own set of circumstances that influence and that surround our lives and each of us need a personal diagnosis and solution that pertain to both our own cause and effect.

I’ve consistently spoke from my own visions and insight and from what I’ve witnessed in life and around me and I know for a fact that it takes a strong spiritual foundation, sincerity, dedication and a strong belief on that journey to high spiritual development and it all starts from within.

It starts during childhood for many of us that are incline with spirit introducing itself to us in fashions that we always didn’t recognize as such but knew that we had a certain “magical energy” around us and something else unearthly motioning our steps.

I knew what life was all about at the age of twelve and as I grew and at the age that I am at now so many things that I was cognizant about have continuously been verified and confirmed.

There are many ignorant people out there that believe wisdom comes with age and that is definitely not true for all. I’ve met many that were older all through out life that didn’t have a clue yet thought they knew everything and all that there was to know as they were going by narrow-minded viewpoints and by their own limited range and level of perception. People have been older than me within age but I’ve been older than them within the mind.

One can be young and very wise and one can be old and very foolish, especially when they refuse to accept that it is not always the age of a person that serves as the determining factor.

It is about what we’ve been through, the experiences we may have encountered, the inherent skills that could have been imparted to us by birth that bring to us our own set of knowledge and wisdom and that can come at any age for some.

Our lives are a journey of various and numerous roads through pathways of travel and we never stop learning as there is always more to uncover and discover.



Essences Into Us


In reply to misslatoya.

I am new to the site. I’ve been an outcast all my life. Sorry for posting on a reply to another’s post also. Can you give some insight into my abilities? They have always been strong but also all over the place.


In reply to Sheremiah.

This is what spirit moved me to write:

Just want to say first for those that it genuinely pertains to because one honestly has to be inclined to truly “know and see” we are all individuals with our own range of special talent/abilities that have went through our own personal life experiences so what may be for one is definitely not necessarily the same for another though we may find some similarity or connection within or without.

All I can do is speak the truth and what I know and I have went through a lot and definitely know a lot-not everything that there is to know because we’ll never know entirely everything within the universe until the end-but a whole lot! And I have always known and been aware of the world, things going on around me, and what people were up to toward me and others ever since I was a kid.

We have our gifts in different ways according to our own states of existence which innately defines our individuality when we truly and whole heartedly accept ourselves. When we’re proud of our nature our nature is proud of us and rewards us.

There are gifted people out there that can do things that I am not able to do and there are things that I can do that others are not able to do and there are things that some of us think that we can’t do just to learn and find out that we were able to do it all along or that it happened to come to us at a later time.

We never know what else will develop because as we grow our powers get even stronger if we pay attention as it is a natural part of spiritual process and attributes of lineage within some.

That is part of being distinguished aside from us all being unique.

You know, as a young child that was advanced due to being gifted intellectually and spiritually I rejected society and certain types of people and was a loner by nature even though I was accepted and very well liked by those that took to me.

A lot of people that were around me didn’t understand me as I was extremely unique and didn’t share the average thoughts, desires, concerns and tendencies as everyone else, and a lot of people still don’t understand me and never will. I am a entirely different person with an entirely different type of mentality.

When individuals such as ourselves are “celestially” directed upon that anointed/extraordinary road to elevated heights that continue to take us through the stage of levels which promote our monumental growth and travel that is outlined with devine guidance and instruction it makes it hard for us to submit, cater, or conform to a world and society and things that don’t equivalate.

We are not of this dimension. We are free spirits temporarily binded to this physical realm for “observance” until transition.

There is so much that I could get into, however, I will note this: As I continue to go through my life I see just how serious being born with a caul really is and the blessings and responsibilities that actually go along with it the circumstance is absolutely no joke!

Things that came to me as a child how much significance the revelations hold now, how vital the knowledge was and is for my maintenance and survival. We in particular can see things about the world and beyond with such clarity, we can see things about people and instances with such depth, we can see things that could either get us killed or committed.

For those of us with special purpose and a purpose so strong that nothing can moves us our gifts are for ourselves it is what we are. The world needs us even when it doesn’t always appreciate us because the negative resent us (I never had any desire within my life to save anyone or the world but we end up helping people and making a difference within their lives just by imparting our presence and knowledge to those that count even if we didn’t intend to). We see the things that many don’t want us to know, we hear the things that many want kept quiet. We have an influence which provokes and creates chance and change. We have an energy that is dangerous yet positive and compelling.