Who’s Laughing Now?

Those who’ve done dirt toward me or toward and against my loved ones have so much hell to pay and further retribution is on the way

I didn’t fret at all during that period of undergoing heavy witchcraft. There was no need for me to. I knew spirit had me and that divine intervention would make things right

Adversaries are plagued by medical problems, deaths, social conflict, personal difficulty. They are to suffer greatly it was inevitable.

Adversaries don’t understand why, have they forgotten what they’ve done, or maybe that was my error as to them they did nothing wrong?

So dumb, don’t even know or realize that so much of their troubles stem from their own past actions.

There is no rationality within an ill mind, disturbed and, sick to the core. Oh, but they don’t believe so.

Santeria/Brujeria was done to me out of envy and jealousy in an attempt to change my destiny. Was it really that funny? It wasn’t comedic to me as now it is tragic for you all.

We got the last laugh.

The universe has been so kind and generous to me so faithful and benevolent as can be.

Karma is so much the bitch that I want her to be!



One thought on “Who’s Laughing Now?

  1. Wow. Sometimes I feel
    Like you give no love, peace and light to the world. I’ve followed you for months and even loved the way you put things. There is one thing that I do want to say however. Do you not think that in the words you put out into the universe will come back on you? I’m blunt too so don’t get me wrong, but a lot of your post lately have been sort of negative. Energy is never lost, only transferred. I like that your confident and strong in your beliefs, but no matter what “gifts” we have, they are to help other people. Be careful is my word of advice to you. (Magic or not). You’re not getting anywhere with all the non sense talk. You can be ripped of your gifts as fast as you received them. You’re suppose to help bring humanity into a higher consciousness and elevate vibrations that are good, not only to you, but to everyone. I like ya Latoya, but you need to humble yourself and take what’s been given to you and use it for the good, not a mighty person that has enemy strikes with words and what you think you know, without repercussions. Surely your gift is not to hurt others, or put them in a non significant category (envy). Brighten yourself and others, because you do not know everything about everything. We will always continue to learn. Love and light. 🙏 No hard feelings, because I do have them. 😇

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