No Weapon Formed Against Us Shall Prosper

It is strange how trouble-makers are stagnant they keep on with the same nonsense unable to move forward. Misery loves company, however, I never occupied myself in the company of miserable people.

I love peace. I am in a good place spiritually.

It is not healthy to be around negativity or toxic people. Just because we can handle or not be affected by negative energy does not mean we have to or should tolerate its presence or essence.

Our gifts keep us alert, aware, and informed but we are not meant to be consumed. I am always repulsed by toxicity and allergic to negative people so my attention is never focused upon them. I grasp the situation but the situation never takes a hold on me.

It’s Halloween all year around for this demonic looking creature.


I never understood unattractive dumb, naive whores with low self esteem who do, fall for, and go along with anything a degenerate guy tells them.

They make such fools out of themselves.

Well, both of them are used goods (Michael and Tiffany) nobody else wants to deal with- other than the prostitutes and low-scale whoremongers that roam around within their circle.

These two both use and abuse one another- toxicity at its worst.

I refused to play into the nonsense of their game so they played themselves, and they are so played out with their lies. The bitch didn’t even know me at all. And Michael didn’t really know me either because if he did he would have never tried to set me up or challenge me in the first place with his jealousy and ignorance due to his ego and whatever mental illness he has. He is a very weak individual.

I read him like a book, though.

I got to him and defeated him with the truth and I won!

Yet he is a liar who believes in and hides behind his own lies, and I don’t care one bit. He needs to stop worrying about what I write about and move on. He needs to get a life.ย  All I did was show him that he messed with the wrong person.

While he may have gotten away with doing dirt to others within the past he didn’t get away with anything this time around.

God doesn’t like ugly, he isn’t crazy about beauty, and what people do in the dark towards those who didn’t do anything toward them are brought out into the light.

P.S. It is funny how evildoers view the consequences of their actions as a trial or test. They perpetrate when they are nothing but wolves trying to hide in sheep’s clothing.

No good people should always be exposed for who they really are.



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