Early Bird


I am not and never was a morning person. I prefer the afternoon or evening. 
I do not mind getting up early if I have no place to go. 
Nevertheless, there are times when plans call for me to wake up at an early start, whether it is a work schedule, an appointment of some sort, or an errand I decide to run. 
Rising at such an early time in the day is not always a dreadful task as, on occasion, energy will magnetically inspire me to get moving during an early morning, especially when it is a place or impending activity, I am anxious about, highly anticipating, or excited to head off to. 
Usually I just like to be well-rested before I wake up to go anywhere. 
I don’t like to be rushed or disturbed out of a comfortable sleep to be on time for an event. 
Nonetheless, there are times when we must do what we must do and be where we are supposed to be when we are set to be there. 




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