The Thrill Is Gone


Every year for some reason I get the “feel” of Christmas in the air a few months ahead of time before the actual event comes to be.

The season hits me in a wave.

The instance is nowhere near the nature of essence that the Christmas season as well as other holidays used to bring decades ago.

I remember when Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and Easter felt like what they represented in the ways they were celebrated within society.

For many years, and nowadays, the holidays have been just average, ordinary days compared to the sensation of what they used to give. There is nothing special about the occasion anymore.

The energy is just not the same and it never will be.

As a child, when I was coming up along with the generations before me, we could not wait until Christmas came. And not solely because of the presents and gifts but because of the ambience and the warmth of the festivities that went along with the vibrations of people.

Streets were lit up, department stores, schools and other establishments would go all out with decorations that set the mood for everything around us.

Christmas was a fun occurrence; Thanksgiving was carried out to the same extent as Christmas, yet Christmas was always a bigger event.

Easter was fun, coloring hard-boiled eggs, filling our baskets with grass and candy- going on hidden egg hunts.

New Year’s was brought in with exciting home gatherings, and resolutions were endeavored to be made even though we never kept to them as we had planned.



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