New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day


There were the usual fireworks before and after the stroke of midnight.

It began mildly right before 9:30pm while I was lying down in the middle of watching a good movie.

I drifted off to sleep shortly awakening at five minutes before the New Year hit.

I arose, while my television still played, I had missed the movie I was initially into, exiting out of the third one that began to play.

The second film ended as I got up.

I will resume the other movie later today after I go back to sleep.

I cooked a satisfying meal earlier in the evening on the Eve so all I wanted was some mandarin oranges.

From around 2am to now I have been watching entertaining episodes of the 2002 remake of the Twilight Zone series hosted by Forest Whitaker.

The series is all new to me again compared to when I watched it years ago as I vaguely remember most of the chilling/thrilling short stories- if I even saw them all.

It is 4:30am as I write this moment.

The fireworks were not too bad. After midnight is when there was a continuance of blasts, but it has been very quiet for a few hours now.



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