More Than Just A Stare


Why do people stare?

There are a variety of reasons people stare at someone or something.

A stare can be harmless or done with cruel intent, depending on the attitude or motives of the individual.

One’s gaze can be done out of observation or contemplation.

Some people stare abstractly, some people stare because they are attracted to someone, some people stare because they have vision problems, and some people use a stare as an intimidating gesture toward someone.

There is another type of stare that is automatic in nature. An inborn tendency, a supernatural propensity.

There was a period within my life when I was heavily enveloped by that “stare”.

It was not an uncomfortable or annoying impulse on my part. The instinct felt and came as natural as the rest of my extraordinary characteristics.

I did not even know that it was a gift at that time. I thought it was part…

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