We Are Who We Are

At work this morning a client of mine inquired to me “Why are you always so happy?”

 I asked her if she’d prefer that I’d be sullen or gloomy?

A lot of people are stressed on their jobs I never feel that sort of tension or strain while I’m engaging in my tasks and dealing with other individuals. If anything, I use my occupations as an outlet or an adventure especially when I enjoy what I do.

Of course, work sometimes includes demands and inconvenience but in the end its worth the efforts that I venture towards.

By nature I’ve always been a bubbly/high-spirited person others have also described me as being animated, lively and full of life and sometimes, excitement. Even during times of tribulation I manage to naturally keep my composure and upbeat attitude.

When we have positive energy surrounding us and we’re around good vibration it only enhances the mood to bring out the best within us and that is a very healthy and rewarding sense of contentment and pleasure.

I’m also fiery and some will mistake that passion for anger when its just the essence of my inborn force and drive. Sure I can be vicious when I get heated but for the most part I’m a very strong-willed, energetic, and determined person I can’t help it that is just who I am and who I have always been, and I will always continue to be that way without apology.

“A Pill For Your Thoughts”

I take my “magical pills” so to say. I have been taking them for years and I do not plan to stop.

I do not have to pay for them as they cannot be bought or sold out from any store. I do not even need a prescription for them.

They are free and pure and they come in rare form. They are not tablets, capsules, caplets, or soft gels. No manufacturer is able to design them.

I take each pill wisely.

They can be taken at any time and they can be taken in excess if needed. There are no harmful side effects and no dangerous chance of overdose.

My pills may be hard for others to swallow but they are easy for me to ingest.

They absorb within me peace, they absorb within me happiness, they absorb within me health, they absorb within me love, they absorb within me motivation and they absorb within me inspiration, all of the priceless things that all go hand in hand.

I reflect what illuminates from the deep inside I generate that inner glow that outer spark of energy.

My pills make me vibrate within the universe. My pills make me light up and burn like a flame.

I’d advise anyone who believes to take one of those little magical pills of faith.


Stay True

It is true, the more you know the farther you can advance because knowledge is power and the mind is a very important and powerful tool if one is equip.

How one uses their knowledge is also a huge responsibility. Are they using their information as a hobby or a skill, to maneuver or deceive, to teach or to inspire?

The approach of how one expresses their knowledge is another interesting or challenging factor as what they often impart may not always be what is accepted and sometimes what is mostly rejected by those who are in a state of “unconsciousness”.

Should the ignorance of another or certain others drive you into a personal state of silence out of the fear of ridicule and scrutiny? If so, that is a bashing to one’s own self, a surrender to the very unconsciousness that you yourself are conscious of.

In no way whatsoever should one be driven into an area of self limitation, self deprivation. That is mental suicide.

Embrace those eccentric ideas they are original. Dare to be authentically extraordinary that courage is remarkable.

Be a leader not a follower, a believer not a dealer, and do not be a flunky that role is for a junky.

Stay true and ahead always learning something new and remember to stay on cue because there will never be another who is identical to you.

Miss LaToya Lawrence


“Tunes” Of Harmony To The Universe


I feel a great freedom that comes along with the balance and alignment with the universe. The power to self express and to reflect back to us all of the essential benefits that life has to offer.

Elements that are suitable and fulfilling to the particular needs of any aspiring individual corresponding to the aids of a better health and state of well-being.

I find in not being at all afraid to acknowledge and to display what I truly know, feel, or believe effectively welcomes in a change and opens up the doors to the reality that one naturally deserves.

One lives who they actually are by exuding their pure unrelenting energy out into the cosmic field, what a very courageous thing to step out onto the limb of chance, reaching far away past to an area that is out of grasp, out of sight, then taking that jump into atmospheric range.

A giant leap into faith an unwavering account of risk, dare to go to the edge. Dare to face the challenge of testing the waves, rowing in the tides, demanding the rewards of fate.

Going that extra mile actually minimizes the distance allowing the separated part of one’s self to connect and to find infinite validation through compatibility.

The outer part of self can only recognize and return to the inner part once confirmation is identified, authenticated by truth.

If sections of one are hidden from their other missing pieces how or why should they find or even come back together as a whole?

Who wants to live in collision with one’s own self? Not me. I wouldn’t.

The great and beautiful lesson that I have learned is the more that I take advantage of delighting in being real, in being myself. In putting myself above the restrictions of what is supposedly permitted by the world.

I embrace the permission to not permit the world to limit to me and to my phenomenal outcomes.


True Words Of Wisdom/Food For Thought


Now I do not and have never liked a liar. And I do not appreciate being lied upon so I can relate to anyone who would get pissed off by certain untruths yet when one is genuinely innocent then they have nothing at all to worry about.

Even if one has beliefs, behavior, or a lifestyle that others see as wrong or do not approve of. It does not matter what others think of us it only matters what we truly think of ourselves.

I can understand it when someone takes up for their self, stands up for their self, defends their self, and so on. Any self dignified person with backbone should automatically be inspired to do so if the circumstances are justified and calls for it even if one just needs to let off that steam.

It is one thing to fight back reasonably or to state an experience to continuously share due to the realities and discoveries of life.

It is an entirely whole different situation when one goes out of their way to try to prove them self. Especially when they know that they are guilty.

It is deep how when certain people tell lies on others it is supposed to be alright (speaking in general) as soon as others tell the truth on them though they cannot handle it.

That is the difference between a liar and a truth teller.

In most instances an honest person who is lied on does not care about what others believe and will not try to convince anyone of anything because they do not have to.

A deceptive person on the other hand will eventually hang themselves by their own constant guilt the perpetuating tortures of being eaten up inside, eaten alive, caught up into the strings of their own raggedy ropes, their own ties that loosely bind.

Before they even realize it they are already strapped in a full rip of holes. All tore up, bound, and gagged out.


I Unlock The Doors With My Keys Of Faith

I believe in the things that I know are yet to come. I believe in what is. And I know that in which I am surrounded by has the faith in me to see things through.

I anticipate with confidence. Not bound by the ropes of any worry or fear. I look forward to what I expect.

For what is to be-already went to proceed.

Real faith is a very powerful tool. One should not underestimate the tenacity of the mind and spirit.

When something is consistent in nature it builds trust, loyalty, and/or presume.

However, to abruptly take things for granted can lead to one’s chilling disappointment.

In dealing with what is reliable we learn to depend.

And we should always appreciate what we can depend on with honor and grace so that we may continue to receive the most ultimate things that the universe has to offer.

When someone tells me that I cannot, faith tells me that I can. And I do, because I really knew that I could!

When someone says that it is not possible, faith tells me that it is. And I see, because I really knew that I would!

When someone wants me to not believe in what I know, faith tells me not to listen. And I hear, because I really knew that I should!

Faith knocks down the doors that are closed. Faith opens up the windows that are shut. And faith will fly us directly into the sky that is limited.

Without faith there is nothing. And for those who do not believe will receive nothing.

So I don’t believe that I have faith. I have faith in what I believe and what I believe-gives me the faith to continue to achieve.


Forget Me Not-Letters From The Valley

How could one forget one’s self? Turning away from whom and what they really are. I am not ashamed of anything regarding myself.  And I am not afraid to express what I’m about or what concerns me.

Freedom is a very powerful thing. Liberation is a privilege to take advantage of, yet many do not indulge in the opportunity out of fear, the fear to truly be themselves.

Some, who are different and unique in their behavior, appearance or preference and so on, would rather fit in with the general population than to endure the ridicule and rejection that many individuals face.

So instead of having the courage to reveal who they truly are they compromise themselves to gain acceptance.

In my opinion that is a very empty way to live and to conduct one’s life. It is also very sad.

To me, generality is boring. I find myself more interesting in being unique as I am like no other. I find delight and excitement in what I like even if nobody else does.

When one downplays what they are genuinely about they sell themselves short.

I wouldn’t want to be anything other than me, pretending just to satisfy and to get the approval of others.

People who stoop to that level do not deserve the blessings that come along with having true individuality.


The Art Of Talent

Energy is a great motivator when it comes to achievement. When we set a goal it is usually brought on by desire an intense desire that causes us to be inspired.

Creativity stimulates the mind to express the designs that come out through ones talent.

There are all types of ability that many individuals possess. Writing is one of mine. It is my passion, an uncontrollable urge that I cannot stop once I get started. And my writing is automatic.

When you take great delight in something that you do whatever the pursuit may be, it becomes less of a chore and more of a sport.

Writing to me is fun, relaxing, and constructive all at the same time. I don’t ever have to plan ahead or contemplate subjects to compose. Ideas and input come frequently and spontaneously.

We are given gifts for a reason and our talents are to be used for ourselves and to the best of our ability.

As we grow we enhance. And when we explore we discover, and sometimes change.

Art is a reflection and expression of what we see, live, learn and know. Vision makes the art come alive through provoking the imagination. Vision lets the skill decide how to describe what is conceived. And aptitude brings the final result out into existence.

True talent is indeed an art. And an art that is to be mastered through gratified consistency.


My Ambition

I am and have always been very ambitious. I have an uncontrollable fire that burns intensely inside of me.

I am full of reasonable optimism but far from naive. I do believe that anything is “possible” and nobody knows that better than me as I have experienced the “incredible”.

When you have true faith and are open to new ideas and unconventionality there is no limit to what one can achieve. And as a spiritual person with experience and perseverance I can attest to that.

My bubbly nature (high-spirited attitude) has allowed me to approach life with excitement. A great enthusiasm to conquer whatever may stand in my way, to challenge myself, to discover and explore, to expand and create, to be all that I can be and accomplish.

I love powerful “momentous” things that provoke change and stimulate improvement. I like to analyze and exchange ideas/perspectives, and thoroughly evaluate circumstances.

I am in connection with the universe and just have that continuous zest.

My spiritual nature undoubtedly accounts for most of my inspiration and motivation as “energy” is a positive generator of productive activity.

Sometimes our spirit leads us into opportunities and destinations before we ourselves become fully aware of what we are suppose to do or where we are suppose to go (and be).

The most vital things in life are to love and respect yourself, to be true to yourself. To believe in yourself and to not sell yourself short by not at least endeavoring to make the great efforts of attaining a well deserved and fulfilling goal.

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