🕊🕊🕊Dear Mother, Happy Mother’s Day🧸❤

My additional flowers I purchased for my mom

I cannot speak for others, but from my personal experience nothing is stronger than the love a mother has for her child❤

In the same, nothing can separate the love or bond between a mother and her daughter- not even death❤❤🕊🕊🕊❤❤

"My Voice" Weblog By Miss LaToya Lawrence

Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 48. I generously received cards and unexpected gifts the day before from the small circle of those in my life who count.

I spent the afternoon honoring and paying tribute to my mother. Afterwards, I went out to eat and have dessert!

I had originally written a beautiful post in lovely detail about the wonderful experience of the day that I intended to publish.

However, when I went to copy my notes, they accidentally went to paste and my entire writings got deleted.

I was so pissed off.

Usually if this occasionally happens, I will end up rewriting an accurate version of events only to have my material turn out even better as if energy was enhancing what I write.

I knew what I had written and was going to post yesterday could not be replaced. It was so perfect in the way I…

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Jesus Christ died to save the world from sin and he also died to make the Kingdom of God available to his beloved children so that we would no longer be separated from our heavenly father again.

If you sincerely believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross, was buried then resurrected three days later-and surrender your life to him you will be saved.

All of us have sinned and fall short of God’s glory. There is no one who is righteous, not even one. Therefore, just as sin entered the world through one man, and death through sin, and in this way death came to all men, because all sinned.

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

 If you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.”

For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved. “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” -Romans 3: 10, 3: 23, 5: 8, 5: 12, 6: 23, 10: 9-10

If you have received Jesus Christ as your Savior, as a Christian you should  constantly pray and talk to God everyday all through out the day, read the bible consistently and get familiar with God’s word to get to know him better and to know how to live according to his will.

The Holy Spirit that dwells within you to help, comfort and teach will enable you to become aligned to the plan of our heavenly father so let Jesus who now lives within you take the lead.

If you’ve never been baptized get baptized, find a church to worship at and have fellowship with other Christians who adhere to the true authority of what is preached from the bible.

Now that you are in the family of God/Jesus go and tell others about the good news of the gospel! –Sincerely 

 LaToya Lawrence

 God’s Love


My Third Eye 👁


My third eye has been open and clear since I was a youngster.

Although I did not exactly know there was a name for it back then I thought as a child that the ability to see visions was something that everybody had.

I learned differently as I grew older.

The third eye has been very helpful and enlightening for me throughout my life.

I have been safeguarded from the negative intentions of certain others as well as protected from dangerous situations by seeing things for how they really are instead of how they appear to be or falsely portrayed to be by others and circumstance.

Viewing things that manifest themselves from the spiritual realm unseen here by others into the physical realm along with the emitting of magnetic vibrational waves that traverse through dimensions.

My third eye has opened me up to extraordinary intuitive insight into occurrences indecipherable to the ordinary senses of normal range.

I as one born with Second Sight naturally grasp what generates from the outer world into the inner mind’s eye which connects to my spirit.

I understand the meaning gained from the intangible connections that link together within this sphere and state of being.


















Messages From Dreams🕊🕊🕊


At times, dreams are just irrepressible creations of the mind.

Nothing more than subconscious reactions, deep hidden thoughts, reflective stimulus, or a series of recollection relating images of reality or a seemingly form of illusion.

The instance results from random or deliberate states of consciousness into sensation within imagination.

Other times, dreams are passageways into the unknown. Ethereal connections of preternatural inspections.

In dreams, we may occasionally or constantly encounter access into the spirit realm.

We may experience visitations from those who currently dwell throughout spaces there.

These dreams of vision often come with lessons and messages attached to be learned from, gathered, then applied to present life events that could be tied to all aspects of time occurring from the past up to what is now ahead.latoya lawrence 



Better Than Them❤🕊


Just be yourself. Do not care if others falsely perceive you. If they have misconceptions about you and misjudge you due to their own lack of knowledge, comprehension or experience then that is on them- not you.

I am always going to be my true self and whoever does not like it or cannot deal with it that is too bad! I do not bow down to opposition or pressure to relent.

It is bad enough when one has to make allowances in certain situations.



Regarding those beneath us who are on a lower vibration:

Some people are nothing. They were not born to be anything; they were born to be nothing.

Never give any energy to or pay any attention to low scale/no-good/trash people who are below one’s mental or spiritual level.

They know when someone else is better than they are they just do not want us to think we are.

That is why they attempt to manipulate and do underhanded dirty deceitful things toward us in effort to try to lower our self-esteem to bring us down a peg or two- which never works on those of us who are “consciously awake and/or linked” to the spirit realm.

If anything, their tactics will enable us to be brought up higher through the wisdom and knowledge that we already possess along with the discernment we continue to gather and grasp through seasons of preparation to elevation.

These negative people are either just jealous or incongruous- or maybe even both- because they can and will never measure up regardless of what they are led to believe through their ignorance.- latoya lawrence

A Little Over A Week Ago: My Nature’s Uncontrollable Urge


As a true, natural born writer, my literature writes the story that automatically and spontaneously writes through me.

I am just a vessel pleasantly inspired by spirit to engage in what I effortlessly love to do.

Writing is a part of who and what I am, nothing can stop this process of propensity.

There are times when I am on a roll constantly stimulated by the energy to utilize creativity.

I do not even think of ideas, ideas reveal themselves to me, already planned out waiting for me to move forward into action.




A Finally Closed Chapter


There was no mistake at me getting hired by and working for Amazon in 2021.

I knew in hindsight that the relatively short ten months spent there I was never meant to stay. It was just another steppingstone for me to step upon and to pass through.

It was not a mistake that I encountered and met Michael Gonzalez either.

People like him want or expect people like me to be lower than what we are.

When we do not display preconceived notions of how or what they feel we should be they prefer to view us as thinking that we are better than we are, that we are purely riding on ego by having an exaggerated opinion of ourselves and/or capabilities.

I know how some people of this type of nature think, feel, and respond when it comes to people like us who are on a higher vibration, wavelength/level of intelligence, and substance of character.

There has always been a clash of energy between people like him, or people even worse than him, and me.

They see nothing wrong with themselves as they relate to one another in character, disposition, nature and mindset.

And they probably are good for one another but they need to stay in their place and let us live in peace because we are nothing like them in thinking or way of incentive.

This is why there is often miscommunication, misunderstanding, and unnecessary conflict.

They put on facades to camouflage as being the ones who are “better” (For my current lack of a better word at this moment as I write this. Maybe a suitable alternative word will come to me later, long after this post is completed and has already been published. I could later edit, yet maybe I did use the correct term after all) classifying us as the ones who are lesser. When indeed they already know the real deal although they do not want to accept or come to terms with it.

People such as myself do not go around thinking that we are better than everybody. That accusation among people we consider trash is ridiculous. And it does not make any sense.

There is a huge world out there with diversity and variety that contribute their own uniqueness or distinction.

However, it is a fact that there are higher quality of people out there in comparison to others (and I am one of them) and it has nothing to do with a professional title or occupational position that one has, how much money or material possessions someone has, the type of educational degree one may have and etc…

A penniless bum or homeless person in the street can be higher mentally or spiritually than any professor or doctor.

That person may have just fell on hard times or did not have or was not granted the same opportunities that others may have had.

It is about who and what we are made up of in heart, mind, and spirit. Some people are just demonic or knuckleheaded in nature and spiritually inclined individuals can pick that up keenly.

Since childhood my spirit did not take well to certain types of people. I am not perfect myself but I was always a good, decent person who was on the level and who never went around starting trouble or bothering anybody. A lot of people will back that up too if they are honest.

The reason I may come off as harsh and intense toward them is because I have had many encounters of firsthand experience with them and know the depth of their mentality, their behavior, and the sicknesses many of them have that have not been diagnosed due to a lot of them not being called out or even recognized by their actions. There are so many of them that have influence over the world that to justify their accepted unscrupulous flaws they unjustly come down on us as the ones who deserve the consequences that unethically result from their disapproval to bring us down to their level or lower.

It is all about control and their fear of facing the inadequacy within themselves.

They resort to all sort of underhanded tactics in attempts to hinder, block, or destroy those who are really meant to rise, succeed, excel, or who were just meant to live the life that was comfortably meant for them to live. Simple and quiet. However, miserable people do not enjoy to see others happy and not going through the same predicament they may be residing in.

For years I had these types who had backgrounds of drug use and so on in effort to invade upon my life. It is always those who have tons of dirt on them and are used as Maytags/Flunkies to try to bring those who are a threat in some way or who they are envious and jealous of down.

I never had problems with other people who were of genuine class or decency- and the thing about it is these people did not personally know me and I never hung out with them. It was people who I was pointed out to or who knew of me from the neighborhood and I am not the only one who has gone through this.

They do it to people who have things going on for themselves- and when you are really smart and you are not friendly towards them forget about it!

That was my problem.

Since I strongly absorb energy, I know who to trust, who not to trust, who is good, who is not so good. It is not healthy or desirable for me to be around certain types of people.

Even when people of their kind whether male or female liked me as a person, I used to hate it because I really did not want them to like me. I did not like their kind coming around me. I had no problem with courtesy. There were times I would be rude because these people do not know how to back off as they do not understand that we do not see them the way they see themselves. And just because we see them as nothing does not mean that they see themselves as nobodies.

And when it came to guys who were romantically interested it really was a turn-off because I knew we were not cut from the same cloth. We were not similar or of the same nature.

Mating with one of them type of people can literally/physically mess up one’s body if you are a woman. I would never carry a child by one of them mixing with them is not good. A lot of people do not know this. Who would want to intertwine with one of them?

Some of them try to get with people of substance purposely to either drown out our bloodline of substance or to improve theirs through another generation.

Their seed is morbid- I cannot get into that right now it is another entire subject but a legitimate one dealing with spiritual truths. I have already written more than what was intended as I just had wanted to get straight to the point as well as to offer detail to thoroughly explain certain points.

Nevertheless, the incident with Michael has come to a close. I still feel him (his energy) because on his part he is still in the picture. I have felt people for years who still had or kept me in thought for reasons that pertained to situations. But on my part, I gained what I further needed from a spiritual aspect of a tie that had been chasing me for decades that needed to finally be completely severed.

I do not know why things must sometimes take place with particular people we cross paths with and it is not always for us to figure out just as long as we understand.

Whatever had to happen or take place I am glad now that the energy around me is keeping the negative people away from me and possibly giving a signal off to them in a vibe for them not to like me. This is excellent for them to stay away from me.

This is what I had always wanted from the get-go. That is part of why witchcraft was put on me in the first place. To allow negative people and unwanted/unnatural occurrence to invade my life and territory to change the original destiny ordained to me.

When I interact day to day it is how life is supposed to be. It has been this way for a while now but it only gets better.

I am grateful for the other gifted people I met who could see what went on along with those on my level in my personal life who are also aware of how these people operate.

It is an unfortunate part of life.

I often wondered if this was part of my purpose here on earth.

No matter what I went through on account of sick people I have remained true to myself, and a better version of myself discovering potentials I did not know I had until it was revealed to me.

Negative people were unable to break me.

Negative people will always be out there-their same ignorant, trouble causing energy but for the most part this chapter of my life has come to an end.

Spirit will use me through my writing as one who has experienced a lot to serve as a resource and expression of power through the connection I innately have to the universe.



🕶Mindful And Watchful👀


There are a lot of good and sensible people in the world.

The world is also full of a lot of sick, no-good individuals too. I know firsthand I even had a few in my family.

People will dislike others for no sound reason other than for pure meanness. People irrationally strike out for all sought of reasons to cause harm to those who have done nothing to them.

This is a dangerous world. As we live, work, enjoy ourselves in this life- we should never get so carefree or distracted to forget to be on guard.

One does not have to look over one’s shoulder every second or minute of the day, but vigilant enough to take heed while we use our instinct and radar.

Never act out in haste or impulse unnecessarily.

Everyone is not a threat just because something may seem off or a little weird yet evaluate a situation if the moment allows one to.

We humans are not perfect. We can make mistakes and have misunderstandings; these situations take place all the time- it is no biggie.

Pay attention, respectfully mind one’s own business, but listen to all things going on around one. If there is a need or courtesy for intervention into a matter or being polite- show kindness or be helpful to someone who is in need.

Stay in positive vibe with the universe. Always opting for peace and harmony through energy.

May everyday be blessed. –latoya lawrence 










Mother Dear❤



My mother and I were not alike- we were our own individuals- but we had a lot in common. We got along great! We were more than mother and daughter. We were sisters and best friends❤

A lot of people were jealous of my mom.

My mother was a nice, popular, kind, humorous person in her day, but she was far from a fool and far from a pushover.

She was a literal fighter who had a reputation not to be messed with. She never bothered anyone and she never went around starting trouble.

My mother was very smart/intelligent, and business minded. I get my brains from her and the good side of our family tree.

She helped a lot of people who I feel did not deserve to be helped by her- yet I am sure nothing went unnoticed or overlooked by the God/Jesus she strongly believed in and kept faith in even when I did not out of times of anger toward God.

Those who may have unwisely taken her for granted suffered. God pays back all misdeeds and will sometimes allow us to witness justice/vindication.

My mother had a heart that I did not have. She was a caring person. It pisses me off why she had to go through certain things in life that she did.

Regardless, she was blessed.

We had and shared a lot of good times as we had a lot of luck and spirituality in life.

Memories live on, our love never dies. I am a living part of my mother and she is within me.❤❤❤






Timeless In Age


My mother used to say that I had been here before. Though I never believed in reincarnation, I do strongly believe in the possibility that we were of consciousness in the spirit realm before we came here to earth to take part in this dreadful human experience.

I was a very bright youngster, ahead of my time, knowing and discerning at a level beyond what was usual for my age.

During my teenage years an evaluation by testing at school credited me with having an outstanding comprehension. I was surprised they were able to detect that from however they came upon the discovery.

Most of the things in life that I know now in my forty-seven years of life I knew then.

A lot of life just taught and confirmed to me what I already knew and was aware of.

There is always something to learn and expand in to enhance the progression in life.

I just know that I am not, have never been, and never will be average in way of thinking or spiritual nature.

Nevertheless, I have the natural instincts and abilities to relate to peoples and society while at the same time not relating to what is foreign, but understanding the nature of how others are and where they come from.

One does not necessarily have to walk in another person’s shoes to grasp their individuality and life path.



Who Cares? I Never Did!


My mother and I never ran to anybody. People always came to us.

We’d be on the steps of our house chilling out in the summer or spring listening to music on our stereo/cassette/CD boombox only to draw small groups of people from time to time who enjoyed our company.

Those around me knew nothing bothered me, especially in the sense of bullshit.

I noticed in the 90’s how I was not thinking anything those in my age group were thinking or some who were older as far as mindset.

I did not care what anyone was doing or what was going on with anybody either, yet a lot of them were worried about what was going on in my life since they were enviously judging me for the things that I was not doing.

This is another reason why these certain sickos resorted to witchcraft. They wanted to get inside of my head to try to bother me with lies they made up and other things that would not ordinarily bother me- usual things that would bother them and bring them down.

Negative people do not like who they consider goody two shoes who they feel are too good to be true.

Negative people do not like anyone or anything that reminds them of how messed up they really are.

A lot of them think or believe that they know everything when they know nothing at all but ignorance. One must go down to their pathetic level for them to understand where one is coming from or what one is talking about.

Nevertheless, I am not one to stoop that low.

Why care to explain anything to airhead individuals who are unable to learn any better aside from doing underhanded dirt?

I ignored most of the garbage (trash people).

I acted as if they were not even there as I hated their existence to begin with.

They were never anything to me- their kind never will be.


Ready For The Next Level


I can feel the calm force of being naturally carried by the universe.

The energy taking control- guiding and nurturing for future training and growth.

New experiences of advancement into discovery and design upon the horizon.

Binding and blocking out any interference, keeping opposing hindrances at a distance.

It is time to breathe the breath of wonderful life-changing events.


Lady LaToya🧸❤


I have never been the lonely type- just a loner who prefers to be alone.

Canines are my favorite companions.

I am one who is comfortable in her own skin and who enjoys being with herself.

There are people who like me, trust me, and can depend on me, but I do not constantly desire or need to be around people.

I do not like conflict, though, I can hold my own. I am a nice person, yet not one to fuck with. I can be one’s worst nightmare when or if provoked.


Warnings, Messages 🕊🕊🕊


God will alert those of us who pick up on his signs to recognize when he speaks and sends out a message.

We are to be vigilant of those full of deceit who would like nothing more than to see us fall while attempting to take away our spirituality and faith in God.

Some will stop at nothing in an effort to destroy us, yet God will never cease to fight for us as he prepares us to come out even stronger and wiser, in faith and in purpose, through whatever comes our way when or if trouble arises.

Nothing that goes on behind the scenes is hidden from God. –latoya lawrence



Energy Suckers



Certain negative/jealous/envious people want and try to take my energy- but they cannot have it, and they will never get it!!!

Negative people of this nature feed my spirit because it is a testimony to the purity and positivity that resides in me that makes them bitter and resentful.

I love being a good, strong person who is not demonic, unclean, and corrupt like they are.


Always Moving On❤


I am not one to go back. I move forward. That is just the way that I am.

I lose patience easily or quickly when something does not hold my interest or attention.

I like to do what is fresh and new and not return to what is stale or of no use in the old or past tense.

I like to take what was done before to build something better, something unique.

Turn that experience into another, and other extravagant events to further evolve, and to indulge in.



One Within Nature


Yesterday afternoon before work, I sat in a lounge chair in a neighbor’s backyard.

As I sat in the sun, I enjoyed the beauty of the day as I was automatically in tuned to the energy around me.

So much speaks within the sky, the air, the breeze, the trees, the grass, the flowers, the waters.

There is so much life within nature. Nature is a connection to life.


When Time Gets Unnecessarily Wasted


I used to hear the saying “God may not come when you want him to. But he is always on time”.

It is also said that God’s timing is perfect.

I am sure to God everything about him is perfect, but to me, he sometimes takes too long to come or to get things done.

My saying used to be “One will be dead by the time God comes”.

I understand that time is infinite with God still this reality is displeasing in certain situations or circumstances.

In my experience, God has wasted too much of my time in a period of my life from one point in childhood and a point in adulthood. He really pissed me off in the process too.

God takes the beauty out of things that bring joy when he makes one grow weary with boredom and annoyance through putting one through designs of his that serve his purpose while delaying someone else’s. If or when he finally does come with something especially desired one may not even want the shit anymore since God took so long.

The most important things, of course, are to have our necessities and protections in life. And to be grateful for what we already do have- yet I did not ask to come into this sick, fucked up world.

I can weather any storm that may come around during a particular season, and my true happiness comes from within.

One truth I have discerned from a young age is that if there is anything I do not want in life the condition will not work out.

My life must go the way I want it, or it is not going to run smoothly at all!

No one can persuade me to live my life or live life in a way that does not appeal to me.


Yoruba Orishas And God



I cannot lie or deny that when I was angry with fierce hatred for God on account of a combination of things that I still till this day do not like or appreciate to venerate my beautiful Ancestors and Orishas nothing negative had become of that choice I had made.

It was a positive experience for me, a natural connection for me as I was called when Elegba came looking for me.

What I loved and respected most about the legitimate Orishas that I spiritually dealt with was that one cannot go to them on their own- the Orishas must summon you.

They do not just want or accept anyone in comparison to Jesus.

Elegba, of course, did or does not have the power to create, but he has the power to destroy.

What I dislike about the one and only God (Jehovah) is that he gives life to anything and will accept anyone who comes to him.

In my opinion, he should not have given life to everybody. I would have preferred not to have been born if I had to share a world with certain types of people and undesirable conditions of life that I have no interest, concern, or agreement to the nature of.

I feel like if he was going to create certain types of people, things, and ways of life, then he should have separated us to put the trash on a section of the earth with the other trash and let them all be the stupid undesirable garbage that they all are together.

It is believed by some that Orishas are demons posing as such- as Lucifer will disguise himself as an angel of light.

However, we all do not know everything there is to know about creation and the spirit realm.

All I know is that I have seen through my third eye and experienced visions and have had significant/meaningful paranormal encounters within dreams and while fully awake here on earth regarding the Orishas that prove otherwise.

Deep down inside I still have love for Oshun, Elegba, Ogun, Orunmila,  and another Orisha that appeared to me within the past.

The deities treated me with nothing but love, kindness and respect. And there was nothing but peace and protection around me at the time.

What I also loved about the Orishas is that they had a raw sense of humor when the situation called for it. They made me burst into laughter unexpectedly one time when an active scene/vision was reflected to me.


A Note Of Wisdom: Negative People Do Not Win They Are Already Lost❤


Witchcraft/Black Magic/Voodoo has never worked on me mentally or emotionally.

I am spiritual so I will feel multiple energies of sensation and receive messages within the process.

When I was crossed up at a period in my life within the distant past over sixteen years ago it was not a condition that was able to control me or my surroundings due to the nature of my state of being along with divine intervention it was just able to tug at my spirit to cause unnatural negativity around me.

Jealous, envious people who were low scale that were involved tried to invade my destiny and territory.

However, what I had realized is that God was not allowing these evildoers in any such fashion to bury me into their form of destruction he was allowing the situation to plant a deeper root of growth and development within me to further empower and enlighten me on the path of my journey.

We must be fully prepared and equipped to carry on in our purpose.

We may get slowed down sometimes by those who wish to intervene, yet God will indeed work it all out for our own good in his favor to make us even more abundant in whatever it is that he has planned for us according to his glorious purpose.

Evildoers never win against God’s children they just foolishly deceive themselves within their own devious undertakings.

This is also why Black Magic/Witchcraft/Voodoo will never return into my life- they can shoot their arrows, but they will miss every time. The past was an unfortunate experience that turned fortunate for me to learn from.

I learned just how powerful I am within spirit and within my spiritual abilities. I was amazed by finding out the depth of how God designed me when I got Brujeria removed. It was like something one would see in a movie. Everything was an authentic live magical event to take place. An account of an experience that I will treasure and never forget.

What God let to be possible within the human experience as a spiritually inclined person was extraordinary.

We all have undesired crosses to bear in this life.

Recently, there have been a few jealous/envious/resentful people who attempted to cross me up. Nevertheless, they are unable to. There is nothing for their evil/negative intentions of Witchcraft/Black Magic/Voodoo to latch on to.



Clairalience, Clairgustance, Clairaudience: Extrasensory Range


When it comes to Extra Sensory Perception I was born with just about the “entire kit and caboodle”

From experiencing the sensation of taste without anything physically entering my mouth (Clairgustance) to smelling scents or odor (Clairalience) that are not physically present to others, yet spiritually present in a physical sense to me and to others who are inclined to this energy.

Hearing outside of ordinary range (Clairaudience) when no one is around whether it is the spoken words or thoughts from people- messages, noises/sound, or communications from the spirit realm and affiliations.

I remember an incident years ago when my uncle had died and photos of him in a casket were mailed out to me from a relative.

While I had his picture around, I continuously smelled his funky feet that he used to have. Once I burned up his picture (I literally set fire to it with a lighter in an astray) the stink odor faded away for good.

There was another time my mother and I (she had spiritual gifts too) both smelled a wonderful, sweet Strawberry scent/fragrance as we sat inside my bedroom.

The pleasant odor brought a warm, comforting presence that came as a delight to us with it.

We checked around, there had been no empty Strawberry drink, or any food/dessert product left over or in the garbage to have lingered that smell.

I had been at work years ago (I was in my thirties then), in a storage room that I oversaw and maintained. I stored and managed delivered items that I would display and ticket on the sales floor as part of my duty as a Merchandise Pricing Associate.

One day I was in the back room organizing items while I began to taste a sweet pastry on my tongue (a donut). I had not eaten a donut since I was twelve or thirteen at the time.

I have tasted energy itself and as the best way that I can describe it felt like a distinctive electric wave that sizzled in my mouth physically, yet it is a supernatural experience felt naturally within my birthright.


I Attract To Me The Powers That Be



On Tuesday morning, I was enveloped in the invisible vapor of soothing, magnetic energy that innately surrounded me.

As I stood in the fresh air to breathe in nature my inner voice of spirit spoke to me.

I love it when essence calls out to personally connect.

To live out the authenticity of who I am unbound by any restraint or by typical earthly conditioning. A commonality that does not radiate within the harmony of what I am innately aligned to.

A reflection of my identity reflecting at me to revel within the truth of individual existence.

Sustained by the force of a life arrangement that constantly maintains me.