Young Ones

color me happyEvery child’s doodling is not an unorganized maze of scribble scrabble and every baby talk speech pattern is not a confusing utterance of mumble jumble.

Messages from the spirit realm can actually be communicated through the unpremeditated actions of a toddler through the modes of automatic writing and verbal language just as within adults, one just has to know what in specific to look out for as the circumstance has more than one description according to personal individual bearing and expression.

There are many imperative manifestations derived from the presence of a child at any age and the channels of energy generate in a variety of forms and these children need to be nurtured and encouraged and also taught thoroughly about their gifts if possible.

Sound tones, language and vibration stimulate within non apparent chant or transmission in fashions that are beneficial to the attributes that serve to a positive state and intention that is geared toward discovery, communication and further development.

chalkSometimes there are hidden revelations of information within the twirls and circles of doodle a “written word” or “significant numbers and letters”, even within distinct clear drawings there could tell a story of what was, what is, or what may soon to come.


Old Souls:(



sweeter momentI have miraculously escaped many of unnatural misfortune, misfortune that was not designed by fate but that was brought on by adversaries through malicious and supernatural means (sorcery) that was never meant to occur within my life in the very first place.

When those in particular on more than one occasion had set me up to get killed, raped, poisoned, tarnished and whatever other foul and hideous deeds or stunted attempts it had never come to be.

I would either get “mystically” or “intellectually warned as to any of the dangers that were to arise also acknowledging as to who and why.

From a little baby on up to my adulthood here within the present I am still being cared for and protected by the extramundane, a intangible power and blessing that puts me in a genuine state of humbleness and awe as I know that I would be nothing without the love and grace from what is industrious around me, and I have never taken any of that for granted.

All praise and credit goes out to my mother who raised me, my ancestors, orishas and to the higher universal divinity that rules.


Extramundane:  ( )‎

Orisha Oshun

basketAroma of cinnamon spice in the air, a fresh sunflower elegantly styled into my hair, the sweet taste of honey inside my mouth, I feel like a woman who came from down south.

Gazed into a mirror so mysteriously filled with glee, I turned around and who do I coincidentally see? Oh my gosh, it was not me it was her from behind it was none other than she!

sweet honeyShe has visited me within my dreams acknowledging to me that I have a means, she has showed me herself through numerous of visions encouraging me to achieve in my decisions.

Astonishing me with much of her approval and praise she has given me an establishment to incorporate for the rest of my days. I have been enveloped upon within her pure love insistent to the promise that I shall rise above.

pumpkinsOshun, she announced out within an utter I come to you with the tender heart of a mother, I am the queen who rules over the waters and I generously welcome you into my headquarters.

As I was adorned in luxury and advantage I understood now how I was going to manage, and when I went to smile it had turned into a blush, I then went to run my mouth and she said no then told me to hush.

mysticalDon’t say a word, I’ve already heard. I have been by your side and I have observed. Your treasure, that is, it is much well-deserved I am Oshun and this very event here is sure to occur soon.

-latoya lawrence

Harmonic Tunes

musicMusic is so beautiful as it has therapeutic benefits to the mind and soul as well as to the senses.

Nothing sends “waves” of “enchanted” stimulation more other than song, and do not talk about gorgeous instrumental versions of song such as Stanley Clarke’s “Hideaway”.

Music serves as a resource for overall well-being as life would be terribly dull without it especially when it comes to any type of entertainment; music is everywhere as it balances out other mode of effect.

There was always music played within my home growing up as a child and into adulthood that is something that our entire family had within common, enjoying the sounds of smooth melody to the sounds of up-tempo beat whatever catered to each one of our preferences.

During my childhood era everyone was into Michael Jackson he was many of my peers favorite top super stars and he was a very talented singer and great performer but back at that time it was Boy George and Culture Club, and Madonna who were my top favorite singers and performers, of course, I loved many other artists and various types of music from pop, rock to jazz and rhythm&blues yet they were my “top pops” (popular favorite).

As I am extremely versatile an old soul “chile” I also loved the old tunes from the Impressions, Four Tops, Sam Cook and so many more fabulous acts.

One of my aunts had a natural talent for playing the drums and she developed an all female band and they use to perform within clubs back in the seventies. My mother use to write music, blow on the saxophone, dance and teach her friends the new “groove” steps and I use to experiment with my organ keyboard.

Till this day music shares the same delight within our lives just as within the lives of many others I have never been to a musical concert (my relatives have)  I have seen a theater show though.

We’ve had our radios, stereo sets, boom boxes, cassette tapes, compact discs and jumbo headsets to keep us tuned up to the glorious mood.


“Higher Consciousness”

eyeOh how I rode on the elevated plane that soared on up above through out to an all new height.

Open and clear I am forever in a state of wisdom consistently prepared, and aware.

Through mystical color and form distinguish the picture in between, the depiction that is entirely unforeseen.

A creation of possible illusion sometimes confusion yet never a genuine delusion only maybe just a drawn up conclusion, you are that definite source of explanation one’s precise or varying interpretation, emphatic within the scope.

mindA journey to expand therein a revelation to delve wherein, and a specific zone to fly herein, you are my infinity you are the third eye.


-latoya lawrence


break timeHave to beware of all the “creeps” that lurk from behind and beyond as they seek to deceive and devour.

I do not “sleep” on anything. At which periods go along rather comfortably there is a tendency to enwrap and get caught up into the peace.

However, past wake-up calls make one less susceptible in being taken off guard when particular adversaries move in for an attack as their blow is usually intended to hit while least expected.

Even if ones mind is not distracted and on the alert there is still a need for “extra necessary precautionary measure”. Not talking paranoia or continuous looking over the shoulder but vigilance, heedful to every possible threat to the well-being and surroundings.

A rival of any kind especially and specifically when ill-minded are frantic they become desperate, and extremely volatile once they are backed up into suffocating corners of despair.

When their opponent has them in that section of area where they cannot breathe or move there is only one alternative to regain free space and that is for “them” themselves to set a block and then attempt to choke.




My Yoruba Deity/Ochosi

wild horseWhen I was a child I consistently won every fight that anyone ever started with me because I was never the one that would initiate a problem or confrontation.  I was always one to take up for myself no matter what the cause if it was absolutely necessary.

As one born under the zodiacal sign Taurus we are in general very kind people and can be slow to anger, however, when we do get mad it is indeed no lie-and I know from my own personal fashion-we have the most violent and ferocious tempers on the planet.

I was born a good person of honest, authentic and resilient character I am not and have never been a pushover yet I do not go throwing my “mental weight” (brainpower and durability) around. Yes, I am very talkative and prone to fun when I am in a natural spirited and energetic state though I also have my quiet and solitary moments.

Nevertheless, never have I ever played the role of troublemaker nor do I desire to. If anything I aim to avoid problems in spite of not being afraid to face them.

I am pretty sure on more than one occasion throughout my life certain individuals may have assumed I had instigated a difficulty but that is only because they were lacking knowledge of my extra sensory perception, and those who I would retaliate against who knew that they had done wrong toward or against me without knowing exactly how I knew about the circumstance who had accused me were just plain sick in the mind.

There are times to let particular situations go and die down due to the fact that it is too small or not even worth the effort of passion. At other times one has to take care of business good or bad.

When I get those supernatural notions, those tugging involuntary darts that literally won’t stop jabbing at my spirit it is time to go into justifiable action, and once retribution has been carried out spirit within me is appeased.

Orisha Ochosi is all about fairness and a helping hand along with my ancestors and other personal deities that surround anything that I may miss out on. They are there to pick up the leftover trail in my honor when I am not immediately aware or just simply in need.

Intervention and further justice is handed out promptly by the means of righteousness and Ochosi stands within the background of my life to seize and to deliver anytime the day or night calls for it.


Pure Rinse

pure fruit drinksFreshly peeled firm bananas are so tasty and produce a high volume of nutritious potassium. On some days I can eat an entire bunch of them as they come five in a bag, “Dole” is my favorite brand.

I’d love a pure and natural cool banana drink the only negative thing about that idea is fresh bananas yield no juice. In order to get that sweet rich banana texture and flavor one would have to chop and mush up the fruit with a fork or blenderize and combine those bananas with another beverage or consistency.

Every banana drink or mix that I’ve ever come across upon the market was always artificially flavored. Not to fret though, there are plenty of other delicious fruit that are able to be turned directly into satisfyingly healthy addictive drinks.

During the early 1990’s I came upon the “Juiceman” watching those infomercials that came on around the wee hours of the night and not so long after I went and purchased my own “Hamilton Beach” brand and tried that famous fresh carrot juice and it was well worth all of the hype at that time.

apple and orange juiceI enjoyed a variety of juiced fresh fruits and vegetables, however, my days at juicing was very short-lived back then due to the fact that meticulously cleaning the blade of the juicer and the remaining contents left over served as a very tiresome inconvenience.

Nevertheless, one cannot deny the pleasures of consuming the health benefits of a freshly designed drink along with it’s reinvigorating taste and cleansing effects because that is all that our bodies do anyhow, and that is extract and absorb the liquid matter from the things that we internalize while we excrete the rest.


fruit and vegetableI promote and am extremely fond of particular fruits and vegetables, and not only do many of them taste real good they are so very nutritious for us to regularly consume.

They are all excellent for the digestive tract/system and aide in natural healing, cleansing and proper bowel elimination.

My grandmother use to plant and grow her own vegetables in our backyard years ago during the eighties when I was a little girl. When the crops were ripe and fit to eat I’d go out and pick then gather up the extra large healthy sized cucumbers, tomatoes and green peppers.

My grandmother also grew cabbage and some other type of vegetables on our property I have nothing but lovely memories of a childhood experience with plant food. I was not the sort of kid that complained or gave their parent a hard time about eating their vegetables at mealtime.

My dog and I use to sit up and eat cold fresh raw carrots together she’d hold the stalk between her paws and chop away. In addition she ate fresh apples, grapes, raisins, seeds and even on occasion the grass that had grown in the front yard.

To some, many kinds of vegetables are not pleasant within flavor and that is true but sometimes it is in the way a dish is seasoned and prepared, because I did not like yellow squash though I had loved the green variety as I had a delicious zucchini and rice mixed platter dazzled with spices once, until I tasted a cousin’s version of the vegetable. From then on I had seen the yellow squash in an entirely different light, a yummy one!

I had eaten canned pineapples since childhood on up yet when I had become a teen I had my very first carves into a fresh one and the flavor was both tart and sweet depending on the variation of how juicy or dry the fruit was.  Afterward, I’d continuously buy fresh pineapples as it had become my favorite fruit out of all the other variety of great fleshy edibles.

Fruit and vegetablesFruits and vegetables also taste good mixed together within a meal whether hot or cold.

I also love sunflower seeds and certain types of nuts but I never cared for almonds, and I do not enjoy seeds or nuts within any food preparation except for sesame seeds on bread or butter pecans within ice cream otherwise I prefer those bits in separate form.


cool waterI absolutely love water as it helps to purify us along with soap as well as nourish and sooth the body from the inside and out.

I prefer to take showers; however, a bath or a firm and heavy sprinkling are both very therapeutic and rejuvenating to the overall well-being and to the senses.

I cannot at all understand people who do not like to wash themselves on a regular basis, those types of individuals who can go for weeks to months without a proper rinse or soak. To me, that kind of behavior is indeed a form of mental illness aside from utter/sheer nastiness.

A thorough wash produces the mind and body with good stimulation and a fresh invigoration even enabling one to get a better nights rest and relaxation.

One just feels better altogether.

When the body is dehydrated water is one of the best internal liquid solutions as the sugars within juices sometimes initiate further thirst. Water cleanses and keeps the kidneys healthy as well as flush out the other toxins and impurities that enter then travel within.

water with limeWater is also an excellent fuel that gives energy to spiritual capacity and manifestation in all forms and aspects.

The essential and beneficial is just as vital as the oxygen that we all breathe, water is life sustaining and we cannot live or do without it in any way possible, and I would not want to.


Baby Girl

sea and skyI have a daughter, a genuinely beautiful healthy and special baby girl, though she has never actually been conceived in the biological term.

I have never ever been pregnant or implanted with any sperm naturally or artificially (in vitro fertilization) in order to have created my unborn child.

She is purely ethereal (unearthly) yet she does really exist.

I know through intuitive ability that I was meant to have two daughters but only the one to “arrive” first is the one who keeps in contact with me most of the time.

My daughter comes to me in my dreams and I have seen her within visions. I have held her and spent time with her during our moments, visits and communications with one another. She is completely mine, destined to be born unto me yet I do not want to give birth to this gorgeous young child.

I would not want to be a kid growing up in this society the way that the world is today in this day and age. I currently do not want any children but my daughter is here within my spiritual surroundings, her presence strong and longing for me, her dear unexpected mother.

This physical world in the state that it is in now is not good enough for any blessed child of mine to come to. Hell, I feel that the world is not a good enough place for me to be but I am here.

dawn at seaI know that my child does not truly want to materialize into the earth and develop unto the planet to experience the human lifespan of unfair endurance in regard to survival and unfamiliar order.

She just wanted to make that connection and awareness that she was a possibility and an availability within the future afterlife.


gripThe only kind of news some people like to hear is bad news. When one is doing well and another is doing poorly they do not want to hear anything pleasant from, or about that other person.

When certain individuals are down and out or within sorrow and misery created through their own personal flaws or shortcomings they often do not want to be alone and cannot stand to see someone else that is in the completely opposite situation as they are.

In their predicament, many would adhere to pull another into the blustery swallowing holes that they are enveloped in with great and eager delight. They do not want to face that hurricane while that other individual is enjoying the sunshine of their own paradise.

It is never acceptable to let anyone whatsoever spoil the joy inside that was meant to reside and to provide. Why let someone take the supply of love, peace and contentment that is furnished and deeply rooted from within?

It is abominable.

steamOne should never under any circumstance allow any person or thing to tear and drag them out into what is anomalous. Innately stay within extraordinary and foreign range, and allergic to the repetition of a perpetrator’s own temporary offense and lifetime sentence.


up in the atticYears ago, in the mid of 2000 when I use to live in my old home, there was a apartment building that had remained abandoned for over a decade and that was situated behind all of the houses located on my block.

Behind everyone’s garage that was gated and enclosed was an alleyway that separated the apartment’s yards from all of ours.

These particular attached apartment buildings were a real estate belonging to Fred Stark who had long passed away during the late eighties; the gossip was that his family and relatives were fighting over property rights.

Anyway, once the building was finally in the process of being cleaned out and reconstructed by construction workers and neighborhood volunteers who helped to dispose of the quantity of scraps, us unfortunate residents over behind on the other side had to reap the outcomes and inconvenience of the thousands of rodents nests that had been disturbed.

Loads of mice had run and relocated into the homes of those who lived on my street. A next door neighbor of mine had asked my mother while we were both standing out in front of the house if we had experienced any problems with mice, and the answer was a definite “yes”.

We even had a rat! A rather unusual one though, he would run from us whenever he saw us come around to parts of the home. I once witnessed him go get a piece of hero bread then go about his business.

These rodents were out of the ordinary and utterly out of control. I desperately wanted to get some “d-CON” rat and mice poison but my mother was worried about them expiring within the walls of our home to create a hideous or foul odor. I did not care as I knew if that problem did happen and result the smell would eventually fade away, I was going by past experience.

After I had gotten dangerously frustrated with the mice destroying possessions, leaving hazardous droppings around, and reproducing a multiple of offspring I went and did what I should have immediately did when I had the chance before the damage was done.

I purchased the d-CON poison pellets “the best rodent killer product on the market” in my opinion, it had been the best for years and immediately, almost instantly, the mice all died and disappeared for good.

Now to my disappointment I found out earlier last year that the d-CON pellets were taken off the market as they were nowhere to be found, and I had searched just about everywhere pissed off as hell!

I phoned up the d-CON company and was told that due to the EPA (environmental protection agency) the product was no longer available but that they had other type of bait stations that were out for sale. I did not want any other kind I wanted my “super-duper” killing power pellets.

Twelve d-CON products were banned and discontinued by the EPA because they claimed the poisons did not meet agency safety standards posing unnecessary risks to children pets and wildlife. The manufacturer of d-CON opposed the ban then later had to voluntarily agree to cease producing twelve of the poison items by the end of last year.

Since the pellets and powders that d-CON also sold did not come packaged within tamper-resistant bait stations it was required by the EPA that all rodent control be sold to customers in protective stations.

Eight of the twelve d-CON products that were on the market contained ingredients that were supposedly more toxic and persistent in the environment compared to other particular compounds. Those specific substances had been disallowed within consumer products since the year of 2011 because of their toxicity to wildlife.

I still wish that the d-CON pellets had not been banned they should have let certain other consumers make the decision on whether or not to buy I had a beloved pet who never was put in danger by the product. For those who had children and/or pets they could purchase the tamper-resistant bait and for the ones that didn’t or who’d place the poison out of reach within their own homes they would have the the loose or unsecured bait.

Good things and products are always being fucked up, destroyed away or unreasonably disregarded. The majority, if not in fact all of the rest of the rodent control items out there on the market aren’t worth shit and are drastically ineffective, just another fabulous product that went completely down the drain and one that I will wholeheartedly miss when I occasionally encounter those nuisances of rodents.


A Hearty Generation Of Quality

flavored rice and chickenThrough out my family’s generations and while I was growing up we were all well-bred and fell fed. We weren’t filthy rich people but we always had and seldom went without. I have family members that had and that still have their own businesses.

My mother’s grandparents on her mother’s side of the family made (farmed and manufactured) and sold their own products down in their native hometown of Virginia when she was a little girl. Their items ranged from food to soap. Her grandfather and grandmother worked together while her uncles pitched in to gather within their profession. My mother’s aunts did not join in the trade altogether.

chickenOne thing that consistently traveled down unto our legacy aside from the many other good circumstances and qualities were our sense of immediate priorities. Along with shelter and convenience, of course, came our food. We were brought up on value and to always have nourishment and maintain sanitary practices.

As I am an “eater” yet nowhere near a “glutton” I have naturally followed in accordance to how I was raised in that fashion.

I take care of my constitution in-taking mainly vegetable proteins and very little animal protein (I only eat poultry and seafood from time to time) as I mostly flourish on a vegetarian diet. Nevertheless, I thrive on tasty dishes as well as what is in correlation to my own internal system.

broccoli and shrimpOur family was knowledgeable of those particular sufficient old time home and herbal remedies that often treated or cured ailments. We often would analyze and recognize a diagnosis within our body before a doctor could. We knew what to do for minor onsets of illness or infection caused by stomach upset, weather changes, insect stings or bites, and so on.

Keeping ourselves clean, safe and healthy was key to our vitality and a good habit to maintain for a lifetime to come. As children we were instilled with the wholesomeness and significance of self love, self respect, independence and the ways of survival, it was just innately within our bloodline.

So my dignified generation of relatives and I had more than nutritious and quality foods to bite off of and chew up we ingested much depth.






Non Guilty Pleasures/The Joys Of Soy

assorted cookiesI am a great fan of being healthy and happy mentally, physically and spiritually. The simplest things can bring satisfaction to many individuals and I am no exception.

I am a good and responsible hard worker that enjoys the comforts of home and the scenery of travel and the outdoors when the modes are harmonious, and when I have the time available.

Compatibility with one’s surroundings at and during moments of task or pastime is very important because the type of energy that flows and generates around us can often affect our moods as well as our environment.

Sometimes particular days don’t seem “right’, they may seem strange or even dreary and sometimes it does not even look too right outside, especially up in the sky. Once in a while those factors put a damper on things.

soybeansI am in tune to all sorts of matter, however, these are occurrences even those that do not have extra sensory “radar” are able to sense and pick up on.

When the atmosphere is within agreement and universal disturbances are blocked out or inhibited I intertwine. Balance adorns any situation for the better, and to better be enjoyed.

So when I get the craves and the urge to indulge in “edible” sports I go for quality as usual and what goes along perfectly with my favorite delicious and addictive Denmark brand “royal dansk” selection variety cookie snacks is the equally delicious Silk brand “very vanilla” soy milk.

Oh, how I love great combinations of food and drink that add compliment to a lovely or ordinary morning, afternoon and evening.

I love soy milk so much better than regular cow milk and the product agrees with my system as it does not give me gas or any problems with digestion as I am lactose intolerant. I could drink soy milk all day long without a problem and the fact that soy is plant based brings even more contentment to me.

I still get my protein and calcium as well as within other forms of nutritious meals and supplements.

cerealSoy milk is very nice poured over cereal and frozen soy desserts (non dairy ice cream) to make delectable milk shakes and creative sundaes.

I have fun with specific foods as they are one of my essential delights.








Well-being Well-served

doughNot only does eating our best-loved meals bring to us satisfaction and contentment but the delight in preparing a favorite dish also creates a gratification.

My best-loved foods consist of starch and bread is one of them aside from rice and potatoes. I’ve made my own cornbread and biscuits before and it is fascinating and exciting to put in and doll up my own delicious inventions with artistic ingredients.

When one cultivates an experiment in the kitchen with zeal and anticipation once those spontaneous moods hit it can be rewarding, adding a new development to the menu of home cooking generates the inspiration toward future scrumptious projects.

biscuitsI am no top fan of preparing meals and I am no expert in the kitchen but I like and have to eat so I can make decent foods with good enough taste when I commit to it and just the little undertakings of this nature is a good exercise, and source that caters to a healthy state of well-being.


joy and happinessThere are those days where we all need a vacation, some time off to leisure.

It is important to have precious moments to ourselves even while within the company of our loved ones. It is necessary that we enjoy the things and beings that give us the most pleasure.

Not only is it entertaining, but it is also vital for us to have humor within life and within ourselves it is vital and also therapeutic for us to laugh and to be filled with amusement during those jovial stages.

Everything does not have to be taken in seriousness all of the time even through trials and tribulations effervescence should often be found. Recognizing the light while in a temporary state of darkness can rearrange an entire situation and bring about the most unexpected outcome.

relaxIt is imperative to relax, to rest ourselves into peace and serenity, finding harmony within our spirit. These elements contribute to the function and maintenance of a salubrious well-being.


orange juiceWe all need the proper fuel to aide within us the energy to perform our usual activities.

A lot of the ordinary things within lifestyle are cut down to a routine that fits into compliance to add further structure and, of course, we do need direct organization in regard to the many aspects that pertain to us in life. We do have to take out time to monitor ourselves and be in good health so that we may continue to go on with life at ease and pace.

Nutritional health instructors as well as doctors frequently set rules, standards or recommendations for all of us to follow when it comes to our daily food allowances and the effects on the value or the quality of our lives, and there is nothing really so awful about that yet it is not vital that I or anybody else personally go along with every suggestion that is raised in general.

I haven’t eaten breakfast steadily day to day since I was a kid and it is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

During my teenage years on up I just began to eat whenever I felt the need to (when I was hungry), no specific set time such as morning (breakfast) noon (lunch) and evening/night (dinner or supper) or a snack in between.

I never followed a schedule.

chowI do not even normally eat three times a day as we are supposed to because when I do consume the foods that I like and that I am prone to I may at periods just eat a large quantity of them. It all depends on my appetite and whether or not my stomach is satisfied for that portion of time.

One day I may eat more or less than on the next day, and so on, all according to how I feel and how my hunger goes, and decides.

There is no need for a timetable to regulate when I have a meal.

Variety also can serve as a factor in what type of foods that are desired at any particular time. I am not strict at all when it comes down to the categorical food groups.

In the morning sometimes I’ve often had pieces of chicken with rice while at night I’d have grits, farina, pancakes or a peanut butter sandwich, whichever could have suited my taste buds at that given moment.

As long as it is healthy why should it matter what kinds of foods are eaten within the day compared to the afternoon, evening and night?

To me, a great dinner can be pure and natural grape jelly spread out thinly on toasted or non toasted whole wheat bread, just as simple as that!




When one takes care of them self they feel better within them self and one of they best ways to maintain that sense of wellness is to continue to eat good and healthy.

I stay away from foods that make the body feel run down and tired.

What we eat can literally take a toll on our overall constitution and can significantly have an impact on our day to day vitality. Our bodies are our temples and the proper nutrition is important. Many illnesses can be prevented, cured or kept under control through a specific area of diet, purely by attentively examining what we internalize.

salmonAll of our minds and bodies are unique, of course, so every balanced regimen is definitely not a “one size fits all” sort of plan.

Individuals should do exactly what operates best according to their own desired tastes, and go with what is the most suitable in accordance within their own metabolism.

My Expertise

quiet timeI came upon an old comment that I completely forgot about in regard to a post that I wrote a long time ago, in the year of 2007 in fact, and it had got me to thinking for a minute or two.

The post in particular was written about a guy who “thank goodness” and thank my “lucky stars” does not bother me anymore he stopped becoming my pain in the ass “spiritual stalker” who also use to send people to talk at me and make facial contact with me out in the street on occasion. This guy who I wrote in specific about before in the past finally left me alone in the second or third week of february 2014.

Anyway, this was the comment left for the “Rituals” post:

Not Necessarily – I encourage you to research the culture some more, this is not black magic – black magic was created by hollywood – these are religions that came before christ – does not mean they are evil,just different. Did you know that Christianity was once seen as a CULT – learn your history before we run to make assumptions about such.

Certain people kill me how they endeavor to manipulate and turn around what someone may have wrote or said but this was years ago when there was plotting among those who thought that they could run me away and/or scare me by their “laughable” psychological strategies (that may have worked on the weak-minded or uninformed but not on me) and just by ignorant souls in general.

Black magic really does exist and “Brujeria” is indeed a form of Santeria, and I know that for a fact, I have over thirty years experience knowing, it is the black magic part of it and if this asshole wants to talk about history let’s go back to how all of “voodoo” originated in Africa and that it really “belongs” to part of my African descendant culture as many Latinos have tried to claim the religion as their very own.

What I had said in my article and I quote: “Whenever negative Obeah, Santeria, Yoruba, Voodoo or whatever you want to call it is being worked and in affect, it is very unnatural and unhealthy. It is all black magic and i will continue to be protected by my spirituality”.

Any spiritual practice that is used in a negative or evil fashion no matter what the “religion” and that goes for Christianity too, it pertains to witchcraft and black magic it is all the same just different forms and techniques.

When I think about the lengths that some have gone in an attempt to undermine, underestimate and discourage me with their own personal ignorance and preconceived notions without even knowing me and my own personal capabilities and life experiences.

I dare anybody to challenge the areas in where I’ve been and what I’ve known about and not from the common general and traditional repetitions continuously followed by those that can be picked up from any investigating source either. I have information that is unavailable to most and that can only be gathered through the natural ability of true divination.


Sore Loser

doris10When I awoke yesterday morning I felt jealousy coming from Doris Johnson and her feeling that “I got the best of her”, and I actually did because she failed numerous times within the past at interfering in my eventual influential exposure and “recognition”, an exposure that I was never looking for yet meant to gain through purpose, insight and creative works.

I could even feel Doris yesterday morning as she tried to pull away energy from my body between the mid top area of my stomach between the ribs. Her attempts were very weak in capacity and of non effect merely a desperate endeavor to prevent the manifesting spurts of my destiny that have “come into play”.

Doris made me so sick about how she could not deal with the fact that I was “asexual” she was mad because I did not want or desire a man and that one (not of my level and/or caliber) could not bring me down and make me vulnerable with that voodoo/black magic shit.

I worked with her once ten years ago to extract away the bad spirits from “Brujeria” I only gave her ninety dollars but my energy and spirituality is what made the “magic” work and that is why I did not send her anymore but she had the nerve to get money from a relative of mine to claim to work on them I just think she was trying to compensate for what (the funds and spiritual energy) she did not get from me (and she refused to give the money back). (

I do not care about her at all and am not even thinking about her yet she kept a tab on me, unable to compare to the spiritual power that I have. I already told her years before in the letter that I wrote to her:

Doris And Friends classspring14Dear Doris,

You have the nerve to not send me my money but guess what? Keep it. You’re not that good a psychic. You definitely weren’t too accurate. You believe more in yourself than you really should. You’re not too bright either.

And you got the nerve to think you deserve to take peoples money. You live off of other people because you’re too stupid to know how to do anything on your own. All you have going for you is that temple that you keep going to. If it weren’t for you and your sick group of people working your spiritual shit you wouldn’t have anything because you aren’t shit.

You are a stupid foreign bitch in my country and I hate you very much. I’m way stronger and smarter than you. You tried to fuck with my head but you couldn’t and you can say what I’m writing is all in my mind, however, it is not. I know what I am talking about. I’m way smarter than you could ever imagine.

You don’t know a fucking thing about me and you are very lucky that you live in Florida because I’d come kick your ass if you were right here in New York.

Your dumb ass is always talking about the reason I don’t want a man and you don’t know what you’re talking about. You don’t know shit! I’ve always had male figures around me throughout my life that were very good to me. They treated me very nice. I have never been mistreated by a man and if I had I would not take it out on all men.

See you have insulted my intelligence, something you don’t obviously have because if you did you’d be able to distinguish what the truth is. You are just too stupid to see that I’ve never been attracted to or have desired a man because they are very undesirable to me and that is a very natural thing for me to feel but you wouldn’t understand that since you are a sick bitch.

You see, you bragged about being with your man for thirty-seven years and to me that is nothing to be bragging about. That is the reason you’re so fucked up. I bet you are all in to him, you pathetic bitch. Your ass has got to be worn out after all of those years of being fucked and spread by having all of those kids you probably got. See a dick has fucked up your brain.

I bet your ass is rotten from all of that semen going up inside of you for all of those years. You are so sick though you probably believe that it makes you and that man a family. You are also probably an ugly bitch that is why you’re always talking about what is pretty. You fucked with the wrong person. You should have never tried to mess over me.

I really hate you with a passion and, believe me when I say so you are really going to get yours. Your day is coming. And if you ever try to harm me I swear that shit will backfire on you so hard because you aren’t shit compared to me when it comes to having character. You are a worldly bitch. You don’t know a damn thing about what life is really about.


A Spiritual Deliberation

soft eleganceIt is said that Voodoo is a satanic religion and that the religion revolves around the spiritual realm of demons where ceremonies and rituals of possessions and animal sacrifices take place among the worshippers, followers and/or practitioners.

It is also said that the voodoo religion is a mockery of the old biblical testament in regard to the blood offerings of the animals whereas God’s covenant with his disciples required a blood sacrifice for the atonement of sins, cleansings and so on, and that is the reason the spirits of Voodoo will make requests for “bloodshed” because Satan is just emulating the god of the bible by asking the followers of his very own to do everything that god asks of his own to do.

And finally, I have also heard that the true God of the bible respects our personality as a people and works through our will by not endeavoring to replace our minds and that he respects our will in comparison to Satan due to the fact that during possessions at the Voodoo ceremonies “voodoo spirits” (loas) consider, and mount (ride) their followers like wild horses. And after the spirits have used their follower’s body no matter how vile and inhumane that may be they absolutely have no recollection as to what happened to them and what took place beforehand.

Alright, now here is my take on all of this, I agree that most of what I heard regarding the subject is true no doubt about it except for a few genuine exceptions through the personal experience of my very own.

I am an authentic person who at birth was born with a caul/veil over the face so naturally I was spiritually inclined, possessing the abilities of extra sensory perception so I also was more susceptible to come into contact with all kind of different type spirits and spiritual affiliations.

My ancestors were spiritual warriors priestesses and I inherited the occult powers along with the particular knowledge yet it is nothing of the ordinary and derogatory sort that goes on with most and/or the average religion or practice within this society.

I never have and I do not believe in the ritual or ceremonial blood sacrifice of animals as I believe that is a very sick and unclean act, as well as the drinking of any blood whether it be animal or human, and the wild possessions of any specific entity. All of that is definitely demonic.

No spirit and/or orisha has ever requested of me to kill an animal, spit out liquor, or to indulge in any sexual relations and so on as many traditional voodoo worshippers I know in a manner conduct themselves in and if any spirit were to ask any such thing of me (though I know that is impossible because I am not of anything of that low and degenerate nature and nothing around me spiritually is of that repulsive and despicable origin) that would be completely out of the question.

I deal with peace, protection and purity I along with my ancestors and Orishas are extremely rare and unconventional.

Now as far as the God of the bible I’ve never known him to be respectful of free will if anything it is the total opposite and he does replace people’s minds when they accept and go to him in fellowship. He works through his own ways and will so I disagree with that last version or part of what I heard. I know what the God of the bible really is and how he genuinely works and no one can tell me any different.

What is around me spiritually, though, is not at all of Satan within any form or fashion if so it would have reflected in my character in some time or another, I am a very strong person I have always lived a clean, healthy and honest lifestyle, and I have been very blessed and my spiritual connections are the ones who have truly been there to respect my own mind and personality on a higher level and have worked with me through the best of intentions.

Orisha Orunmila

shellsFour or five years ago I had a session with a Babalawo and during the reading, which had a specific “title” that I will not reveal, he acknowledged to me, of course, what I had known previously that first and foremost an “ancestor altar” had to be set up in my home and had to be separate apart from any of my other altars.

The Babalawo then stated “You have to start worshipping Ifa, and then you will be foretelling your true destiny.(

sea shellsI hadn’t divulged to him though that for three years prior to our encounter that I had already made acquaintance with the “Orisha of Divination” and was naturally drawn and lead to purchase and consecrate Orunmila’s statue which was for some time now placed upon my altar.

The Orishas that are within my presence have been around me far long before I actually became “conscious” of them and their influence upon my life.

Ancestor and Orisha worship was not something that I went to seek out or to find the inception had come out and found me on it’s own. The amalgamation was entirely mutual and natural once I was confronted.

shells divineOne of the many important messages that I have received through a dream was that there are both real and fake representations of the Orishas. I was shown in detail a while back what the imitations appear as compared to the genuine likeness of the authentic images.

So in further explanation, there are many people following Orishas that are not of the same origin these are in fact nothing more than “demonic figures” impersonating the true deities.