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Love? That is so funny. You don’t know the definition of love! I don’t want anything from you. I don’t want your affection or your money, or anything else from you.

If you loved yourself you would have never done the specific things you’ve done and lived life the specific way you’ve lived.

Remember when you told me you wanted to give me funds from your pension when you die? Well, you can shove it up your ass.

You can’t buy me!

I don’t need your itty bitty shit I was born to have my own and I have been doing pretty darn well- I even do my own taxes! I have been handling my own jobs, career, and money for years now. The universe is not going to let anything happen to me.

Oh what a pathetic bitch you are, Tina, you along with others who were foolish enough…

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Dear Perpetrator



In reply to Beth Williams.



In reply to JOAN SALMON.

Sad about what? The feeling of not belonging here is a good thing as those who genuinely do feel within this way are not of the world.

They may be at a higher level of knowledge and spiritual consciousness.

You had a hard life? Only negative people create obstacles and trouble towards good and fortunate people.

Principalities in which lurk within the universe also create interference among many of us.

You felt no love? Maybe you were around the wrong type of people.

I grew up around a lot of negative people yet I knew positive people too and I always had a lot of love around me from my good family relatives as well as certain other people on the outside. I could care less about my no good relatives who brought a lot of unsavory problems toward me. It all depends on who you come into contact with.

It sounds like your true problem is low self esteem. One’s self value or self worth is not measured by who loves you or not. You needed to love yourself.

Self love and self respect is all that really counts.

If nobody loved me I wouldn’t have cared one bit. Although, love is part of what made me so strong aside from already having a strong spirit. I always loved and believed within myself.

People who are jealous are very insecure and suffer from their own feelings of inadequacy. It shouldn’t get you down it should raise you up and make you fight harder to know you have what they only wish they could have and aspire to be.

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Into Enlightenment

Too Deep Into It, Get A Life

Perpetrator who harassed me: (sheremiahhenderson5611

Our gifts are for ourselves and nothing or no one can take them away Its up to us how we choose to use our abilities no one answers for our own deeds but us. -miss latoya

 Some people resort to going to read their dictionary after conversing with me because half the time they don’t know or understand what the fuck I’m saying.

I don’t have to explain shit to anybody.

Nevertheless, I have a strong connection to the universe that uses me as a vehicle to exercise my celestial energy through my natural talent to write.

And even though we all are unique within our own I’m very sure out of the millions and billions of bloggers or writers there have got to be a few that have a similar mode of celestial literary universal correlation within energy.

I speak the truth, I do not speak out of spite or insignificance, I am moved by spirit. I don’t claim to know everything, however, I do know a lot, and I do know what I be talking about when I speak on what I know through intelligence, second-sight, or from my own legitimate experiences.

Its interesting to me when undesirables accuse me of being negative just because what I express is not something in which they want to hear or admit to even though the validity of what I speak of is a well-known reality within life itself that I keenly discern.

It is so funny as I am one of the most positive human beings on the planet I can’t help that honesty isn’t always pretty and I don’t apologize for it.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with disagreement from having a contrasting viewpoint or perspective yet to lash out on account of not being able to accept and handle the truth through insecurity, distress, or resentment will not affect or reflect upon me so prior obvious attempts have really been fruitless.

Then, as a result, to use deceptive manipulative tactics in an effort to undermine me and to purposely distort my spiritually guided extramundane basis.

To talk about or emphasize within things in specific does not mean that one is bothered or vexed by their own subject matter very intelligent people tend to observe and analyze as we are deep thinkers who invent and create solutions. We don’t harbor the average mindset.

We are revolutionary and have cosmic influence.

The revelations of genuine enlightenment is not defined by an inspired mission to raise everybody up from the shadows of the darkness to momentously develop them into the light.

Enlightenment is a individual sagacity of one’s own personal “consciousness”, of self, and journey, along with the propensity to wipe out the shadows that lurk within the darkness to intangibly flourish brighter within the light.

Too Deep Into It/Get A Life

Has anybody had someone prematurely (the onset) stalk them for exercising natural spirit energy (automatic writing)?

Writing that isn’t premeditated but universally inspired and motioned?

So strange and ridiculous.

The crazy ones just get sicker by the day. I have a nut that has gotten too personally involved with my blogs, distorting my basis, and intentionally taking my literature out of context.

This individual was following two of my blogs for about five months. When she first wrote to me she claimed to have telekinetic abilities (that’s a good one). If so, I wish she’d burn the fuck up and disappear, or maybe go electrocute her ass.

Then she continued to write and make comments on my blog and I just began to ignore her as I didn’t want to be bothered I still have all of her correspondence from months back.

Lately she has been leaving comments on my blogs, highly disturbed by what I write, seems like a personal issue that she needs to take up with a therapist.

While I constantly ignored her she just kept coming back to my blog with her hang ups and off the wall bullshit in which I really didn’t give a fuck about. What is wrong with these nuts?

If she doesn’t like what I write why continue to follow and visit my blogs? Its just as simple as that. No body asked for her to come, just go away. Mad because I won’t fall for the bait? I have no desire or time to idly argue back and forth to satisfy her pathetic insecurities.

We have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

I mean let’s be real I’m not going to stop utilizing my literary talent just because some loon can’t handle the freedom of self expression. Perhaps if she developed a talent of her own she could stay out of other peoples business.


Go With The Flow

Through automatic writing, the words are unplanned within me.

A continuing saga, that never ceases to be.

Quite mysterious yet serious, it all calls out to me.

I love the way it makes me, the magical places it takes me.

Spirit inspired me to create another blog that expresses and promotes wellness as I am back in the mode to write and have the time in between time.


I have quite a few interests.

I am a multi-tasker and have those multi talents just like a lot of other people out there in the world and it is important to utilize those abilities if one is hit with inspiration.

Talent and creativity shouldn’t be wasted even if it is just a hobby it is important to let out inner voice and vision even if we don’t know where it will lead us.

Energy puts us into motion and the vibe guides us along the way. No matter what one is motivated to do be sure to exercise and to nurture it too.

Expiriment and explore, then is when we open up the door.

Once we get inside, we don’t tend to get discouraged because during our times of fulfillment, the force has us wanting more.






Ominous Dictation?

flowerbagAs usual there are the certain types of degenerates that keep tabs on me spiritually and also physically they cannot help it as they are sick, demented and demonic.

They do not have a life as their intentions are to stop me within any of my natural and positive endeavors, particularly right now it is regarding my subject matter in which I write.

It started very lightly here and there about a few days ago and then again yesterday. It is nothing really strong or overwhelming within feeling, just my energy letting me know what my foes are trying to put inside my head (thoughts).

I am very sensitive spiritually so can I pick up on even the most slightest of vibrations, anyhow, they were warning me to stop writing about the supernatural aspects that have and that are currently going on within my life my knowledge and experiences with black magic, being born of the caul, and so on because If I do not slow down people are going to believe and/or think that I am crazy.

These assholes feel that I have gone too far and am getting carried away with my information.

There are other people out there with particular gifts and other people out there going through or who have gone through bouts with black magic and witchcraft besides me.

Well, number one, If people were to think that I was actually crazy for writing about subject matter that may seem impossible, unusual (bizarre) and/or beyond reason etc… Then why are my foes concerned about it?

That should be right up their alley as they have for so many years wanted to literally drive me crazy though their evil and numerous forms of witchcraft and black magic. In reality, people normally try to discredit those who are very smart or who “know too much” regarding specific things to make them to appear crazy.

And as a person born with legitimate preternatural ability and with “plenty of sense” I have already questioned my own sanity in the past which makes me definitely not insane. I have a very strong mind and I know better and frankly I honestly never have cared in the least about what anyone ever thought of me good or bad.

Fear is usually the culprit a lot of people are actually afraid to speak upon certain issues that they feel, believe and/or know that goes on. I mention things that many keep quiet about. And I am not knocking anyone for their reasons of silence but I do not scare easily I have no fear of self-expression and repercussion.

When one speaks from truth and genuine experience they are able to consistently stand firm and back up all of their statements or intentions.

Like I said my foes just want to prevent me from doing what I want and like to do, however, I refuse to stop being myself and conducting my livelihood.

If there were any logical reason for me to stop writing publicly it should be due to the fact of those (one person I definitely know of) who come to my site to steal my knowledge, experience and creativity to pass it off as their very own because they are not ingenious enough and real enough to come up with their own ideas.

All of my writings belong to me and originality and uniqueness shows therefore no one on the mark will be fooled about what is recognized through and designed by me my signature will always stand strong.

It is nothing different than what they had tried a few years ago spiritually attempting to make me “fear” to write, and not only did they grant me their warning yesterday they were even trying to work ineffective spells to “weaken me”.

They want me to have some emotion and be scary, timid and able to be hurt by what they say and do. It is very interesting how important I am to them and how much I really matter, see they do not even realize the depths of what they show.


My Life Written Journals

classic memoriesI am by nature inspired to write and not only as a hobby but also as a profession. I write about whatever spirit inclines me to as well as what may interest me or what I may have experienced.

I never lacked in confidence I always believed in myself and within my abilities I knew that I had a natural born talent as I often write automatically. It is not arrogant or boastful for one to be aware of what they are capable of doing or achieving.

I genuinely do love my own writings, my natural type of style and my creativity.

If everyone was to like my writing techniques and/or presentations and subject matter, and I did not, I would not be happy with that at all. If no one liked anything about my writing, yet I did, then I’d be absolutely fine with that.

(I honestly and logically do not expect everyone to like or to agree with everything that I write about. If I don’t like a particular creation or form of literature of some one else I won’t just knock it solely for that purpose.

It does not necessarily mean that the item is of bad or poor quality it just may not be of my interest. I may not relate to it, or so on.

In my opinion it is nothing to take to heart. That is just my perspective.

Nevertheless, there are undoubtedly incidents where many do produce work of substandard or mediocre quality.

One should never fear to express their words, their literature, or their feelings no matter what the consequence. Whether it be in profession or within personal life one should also never fear to be in the midst of criticism.

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. What is something to one is nothing to another.

What some can see others cannot. When one is exceptional no one can tell them any different.

It is better to stand out than to stand in with what is common.)


kitchen studySo for the most part what I am saying is writing should in my opinion be about self fulfillment and self satisfaction and if there are others who come along who happen to be fond of or have an appreciation for a piece of literature of one’s personal own then that can be nice, beneficial and complimentary however it should not be the main or ultimate goal that motivates or inspires one.

Writing is a part of my comfort zone an expression of my “outside of the box way of thinking” and also a part of my spiritual connection to the universe that inevitably propels me into action and in no way whatsoever are my literary activities done in vain.

Me writing this also took me back to when I once wrote this particular post:https://misslatoya.wordpress.com/2012/07/22/my-blogmy-masterpiecemy-magic/


Caulbearers United Scam/Caught Red-Handed

394570_400283336691591_597938542_nIn the year 2010 I was approached in an email from one of my sites on the web from a guy by the name of Jade Edwards (who also goes by the name Johnny Blade).

He claimed that he was a “caulbearer” who was the founder of Sok Ko Healing Modality. And that he was contacting me on account of a site titled caulbearers united.

Jade wanted me to get in touch with his girlfriend Shannon Lee Wolf (who’s real name is Sharon Lassiter) because she was suppose to be the owner of the site. Jade had also stated that Shannon was a caulbearer.

I, LaToya Lawrence, who indeed was genuinely born with a caul had immediately received a very bad vibe from this email then sent back a written email to decline on the offer. I had my own positive things going on. I had no intentions of joining anybody elses website.

I am a leader. Not a follower.

A real person actually born with special spiritual ability (clairvoyance/extra sensory perception) can automatically sniff out foul play and negativity from anywhere if they are deeply in tune.

This Shannon Lee Wolf woman-who I never had any faith in to begin with-later left a comment on my blog still inviting me to come join her website that was suppose to be dedicated to those “rare and special people in particular” who were born of the caul/veil.

I never responded back to Shannon. I just dismissed her and her site altogether.

She, however, started following my blog at the time yet listed my site as one that was misleading to the public. Shannon Lee Wolf accused me of posting false information on my blog as well as plagiarism.

I had shared only one post of information on my blog from another website regarding the caul for other people to observe for themselves and Shannon tried to insinuate to everybody that I was claiming the material as my own which had not made any sense whatsoever.

That was a number one sign that this Shannon woman was indeed no actual person who was genuinely born with a caul.

In reality, she was stealing information from my site about my own personal knowledge and experiences then trying to claim my material as her very own.

Shannon had also began to steal literature from the other certain members of her site. She was trying to use these people as money-making objects. And trying to work negativity against people (black magic/witchcraft) to make them vulnerable.

She had tried sending negativity towards me for ratting her out and I retaliated back against her by burning candles. I had blocked her negative energy out completely. She was no match for me. I am real. She is not.

I had publicly exposed this Shannon Lee Wolf scam artist on my blog.

And soon enough later, other people had caught on to her and her phony scheme of trying to exploit the online public for her own personal gain and needs.

It turned out that Shannon Lee Wolf, who’s real name is Sharon Lassiter, was in severe dire straits.

Shannon Lee Wolf had credit problems, she lost her job, she lost her apartment. Jade does not have a job and the both of them were on the verge of being evicted from their current apartment, and plenty more.

This information came out during a court case that was filed by Shannon in an attempt to claim social security disability benefits twice. Both of her cases were denied. So she filed a claim that was also denied. The rest of this information can be found at the links below.




Jealousy And Envy: Knowledge, Creativity, And Gifts

492650_viewI’ve always been far ahead of my time. There are people who have constantly come after me unjustly.

They then in return paid for their shenanigans severely. Whether they had suffered quickly or at a more distant time.

All of my young life I have been the object of many peoples envy and jealousy.

Jealousy and envy are two of the most ugliest things that are in existence. These negative emotions are also a very irrational sickness within many people.

When certain individuals are blessed and have a lot of fortunate advantages going on for themselves there will tend to be much havoc or conflict through the malicious means of other not so fortunate people.

I self published an autobiographical novel stating my experiences along with the incidents that had went on around my family as I grew up as a child.

The book, of course, did not explain my entire life story because I was only twenty-three years of age when I had wrote it.

And because there were still certain pieces of my life’s puzzle that I had to put together to analyze more clearly and correctly. So I did not make known every detail of my early trying occurrences altogether within my autobiography which was a very wise decision and action that was made on my part.

After my book began to circulate there was even much more intense gossip, rumors, and lies spread about me than there was ever beforehand within and around my old neighborhood that I use to live in.

The jealousy and envy that the people had already felt towards me had skyrocketed to all new heights.

My enemies took their negativity to a whole different level of insanity.

Relatives of mine were absolutely no exception regarding the situation. In fact, they were the ones who had initiated the entire ordeal amongst the majority of these people in the first place.

A lot of envy and jealousy starts within the home, within the family unit.

I grew up living in a household full of drug addicts and alcoholics so I wrote about those circumstances.

Years before I had ever thought about writing or publishing an autobiographical novel my certain relatives were going out into the street speaking abusively about me.

They spread both silly and vicious lies.

I was just a child. What harmful things could I have possibly done? How bad could I have actually been?

These deliberate slanders had come from hardcore drug users who had done every mischievous act that was known to man yet I was the one who was being put on trial.

My family’s fellow degenerate associates had the nerve to take their words/lies as “gospel” then adhered to harass me with their taunts of ill-minded ignorance.

The most ridiculous gossip and rumors were continuously being spread around about me. Things that had actually nothing at all to do with the truth regarding my life.

These people just intensified and perpetuated the contempt and low regard that I had felt prior for them.

I was never fond of their kind/class of people.

I hated them even more. And I considered them even more dim-witted and invaluable than I had ever thought imaginable or deemed possible.

That accurate impression that I have of those degenerates will never leave my mind. They are sick-minded beyond reason.

Problems and insecurities that my relatives themselves indeed had had been conveniently placed onto me through their deceitful tactics.

Insinuating to others that their particular complexes or hang ups were those of mine. Troubles that I within myself struggled with.

They were very manipulative of circumstances and situations. Practitioners at undermining.

I could write a many of books about the treacherousness of my no good family members. They have made attempts to kill me. They have made attempts to get me raped. They have made attempts to make me lose my mind.

All because they and the other people were jealous and envious of my character.

They resent me for my upstanding dignified nature. They resent me for my sharp wit and intelligence. They resent me for the spiritual gifts of second-sight that I possess. And they resent me for being a person who is not afraid and who cannot be influenced, manipulated or controlled.

I am too strong and too confident within the mind.

Even with my ambitious ventures upon the internet there are green eyed perpetrators who are involved with the conspiracy.

Once my first published book hit the market my great grandmother who is now deceased lied and said that my mother had given me the information to create my “fabricated” tale. Which was far from the truth because my mother had no idea as to what I was going to write in detail.

I wrote and created my own novel all by myself without the help of anyone.

In fact, til this day, my mother has never even read my book. She does, however, know what my autobiographical novel was based on.

When I verged onto the internet with my blogs I was criticized by a chosen number of few. Particular foes who had heard of or knew of me.

They insolently made attempts to discredit my knowledge and capabilities by accusing me of presenting inaccurate or false and dangerous misinformation to the world of online viewers.

They did this only because they were liars who were use to intimidating and coercing other people into going along with their program. And because I knew things that they had no knowledge regarding.

That was the way that these people operated and they still do.

They resort to all types of crazy schemes. They prevail doing various kinds of malicious dirt. Their motives are to rise in social stature. Social standings and positions that they do not deserve in life.

They are nothing but crooks with checkered pasts and presents.

I do not speak on what I do not know. I speak on facts through definite experience, communication, and the accurate studies of life.

There are degenerate people in particular who continue to try to discourage me from writing on the internet as of now. My truths about life and what negatively goes on amongst what is kept camouflaged and indirect is too much of a reality check for them.

They desperately and intentionally look out for flaws or incompetence within my works. They hope for the opportunity to poke and pick at what they are so jealous and envious about.

I know that I am not the only person in the world to experience this sick dilemma. The beautiful outcome regarding these circumstances though is that I am in no way whatsoever affected by the nonsense.

It does not bring me down. If anything it elevates me because I am such a positive and level minded person of productivity.

We are all faced with certain situations and circumstances within our lives. The challenge is not to make the best out of them but to take the worst out from them then conquer.

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The Advantages Of Blogging

36778_flowersI love to write. I am a natural born writer. I have been writing ever since I was a child.

I had the opportunity to get a book published by a mainstream publishing company when I was about ten or eleven years of age.

Since then, I actually have gotten two books self published.

I have been a blogger on the internet now for seven years straight. I first started on a site called Blogsource but they had eventually shut down.

So I moved on and found an even better platform at WordPress.

All writers need a solid place to express themselves and to release their talents. Building a foundation is essential. Once established, one endeavors to find sustainment.

Whether they want to maintain a specific literary venture, a creative practice of their skills, an experimentation, or so on.

My writing calls out to me. It is automatic. It is spiritual as well as occupational.

Aside from the natural desire to write as a hobby and as a career, there are the obligations that will sometimes occur.

The binds of censorship.

We are not always at liberation to convey our views, discoveries, or messages just anywhere.

It is very nice to be able to get paid a little or a lot of money by doing something that one loves to do if the investment of time is well worth the effort.

There are plenty of individuals who find what they do so rewarding within itself that they are not really too concerned in earning such a large sum of money for their accomplishments.

It is not always about the money with all people. It is more about the satisfaction of personal achievement and fulfillment. To gain even further through earning a significant figure just adds to the venture being absolutely grand.

In my judgment, and also as a fact, one can go quite far pursuing their writing aspirations on the internet.

Now exactly what route that one should take is absolutely up to the individual person because what will work out for one will not necessarily take at hold for another.

These many particular write to get paid websites on the internet are a very constructive and productive mode of sharing and promoting our literature.

The only downfall is that all writing sites that claim to pay are not always effective.

When one has found one to best suit their need that is a great and beneficial advantage.

Another possible drawback is how much leeway a site may give in regard to the particular content submitted from a member.

Some write to get paid sites are lenient while others are quite strict with their rules.

Most of the time these certain guidelines and restrictions cater to the quality of the website. And that is fair and understandable. However, some are just not worth the inconvenience.

That is why I continue to love ordinary blogging.

On a personal blog one is totally free to self express without limitations, except for extremely obscene or vulgar content.

I often write subjects that are written in a controversial manner-yet I do know how to curb and moderate the things that I put out into the open when it is appropriate professionally.

There are instances when we have to make allowances.

I am blunt. Very candid. I do not hold back on anything. Well, mostly anything depending on what I am motivated by.

I do not entirely let out everything within my words of wisdom and insight. Every single acknowledgement is not meant to be shared or told. A lot of statements are just better left unsaid.

Nevertheless, I speak the truth and I do not care who does not like it.

Visit My Voice Weblog By Miss LaToya Lawrence

Facebook/Spiritual Network

I am not and have never really been interested in facebook. The social network never attracted my attention.

I recently got listed in a particular blog directory that required one to have a facebook account in order to sign up. I already have a twitter account which is purely dedicated to sharing links from my “my voice weblog” a personal blog that i truly love and enjoy speaking nothing but the truth on- about my life, life in general and my unique experiences.

If i could have just signed up with my twitter account i would have but that wasn’t an option. So i just went and opened up a facebook account and in the process created a facebook fan page dedicated to my very first blog that has lasted for six years straight and which has over one hundred seventy posts written by me.

(i don’t even care if anybody would be interested in the fan page or not-it was done purely for my expression of creativity and awareness and if so be it certain others are interested then any one is welcome).

As i was getting familiar with facebook and how it works-because i learn things very quickly (almost instantly)-i began to enjoy setting up my page and decided that the site is not all so bad, considering for what i am using it for. I am extremely creative and can make the very best of things as i am motivated with much ambition.

I thoroughly designed my facebook fan page down to my liking and i am very satisfied as to the way that it turned out-it is as if the page was meant to be and i realize that now, another extension of literary construction to keep me flexible in my creative mode.


Last week was a very strange week for me-as if anything in my life is really so called normal anyway-because i went and did something that i do not normally do and that was join a social network.It was done more out of curiosity than anything else and i had made the right move. It was a spiritual network dedicated to the spiritual people who have special spiritual gifts to share and connect with one another.

Something for some reason led me to post a topic in one of the forums and i got legitimate feedback confirming what i needed to serve as a reminder (as i sometimes forget) and as also a source of reflection.

Some things happen and come about not always for permanency but just for a run through to take with you through further acknowledgement. And that is great because that is how spirit sometimes works.

The forum connection/conversation my forum topic titled:

Spiritually Inclined/when it comes to sharing intuitive knowledge

And I started off by saying:

I am a clairvoyant and i am extremely sensitive. I pick up on the slightest things and from the farthest of places. Nothing is too big or too small. Whether i know a person personally or not i will receive information about them, whether i work with them, see them on television, a picture of them, talk to them over the telephone, online and so on. And the same goes for objects that i may see or touch, and energies that i see and feel. It is not something that i can just always turn off and on.

The thing is, i believe there is a time to share and a time to keep things to oneself. I blog, and i have the gift of automatic writing and am often inspired to share by one of my ways of connecting with the universe. There is a power that comes through from my writing that serves me a significant, beneficial purpose.

My psychic abilities are very intuitive. And through out the years of my life and as i look back, i see just how accurate i have been, even when i was sometimes uncertain. Some things are not so easy to discern right away. Messages can be complicated, depending on how they are addressed.

I have always been able to sense things about people and life that other people could not. And the things in particular would turn out to be true.

Now where i am getting at is when we receive true revelations and things that are controversial, and that we know may/or will greatly be opposed by the general society/public, causing us to be ridiculed and/or ignored would you keep quiet even though there could be someone else out there who may need the information for further enlightenment or confirmation?

I personally and usually do speak out about what i discover within hidden knowledge if i am divinely inspired to, i never worried about who would or would not agree because it wasn’t about that. It was about my spirit being led to do something at the given time that was beyond me. On the other hand, there are things that are better left unsaid just for our own evaluation and resource even though it does concern the world and what is going on inside and around it. (i am not the type looking or interested in saving the world or anyone for that matter. I am just an instrument by the universe sometimes being used in my writing as a messenger)

I have read and got clarification from spiritual people who weren’t too cautious and who shared. And it helped me out a lot. However, i am not talking about private conversations in the privacy of our spaces i am speaking about publicly.

Would it be hard to put yourself out there regarding (reliable) insights that are considered taboo even if you couldn’t prove it by obvious means?
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It must be wonderful to have such strong senses, i myself have only ever really had trickles of information – mainly directed for my own personal use not for sharing with others so i have not faced your dilemma. Speaking from my own intuition and spirit now i would reply as follows:

Level of experience: if you are an experienced medium you will know the difference between messages from pure spirit as against messages from misguided/mischievous spirit who might just be giving you things because you are ‘spiritually open ‘ to receive it. I went through a phase in my life (when i was rather angry at someone) and i got loads of messages, however, i was not very good at discerning what i was receiving. Because of my personal state, i should not have even really been allowing spirit to communicate with me. This was a phase in my life where i was ‘taught’ how to discern between messages that needed to be shared and those that didn’t.

Protections: if you are going to be a medium and communicate for the good of everyone then you need to be disciplined and do the basics which include protection and inviting in your spiritual guides to bring you messages from the highest source. There are many mediums on here who can share their experiences much better than me. I don’t consider myself a medium – i get information to help me on my journey not for global sharing.

Sharing generally: my day job is one where i have to make judgements about what i ‘must’ share with families and what i should ideally share for maximum benefit. I have to recognise that sometimes the person i need to share with, is not ready to receive the message. You inidcated that some of the information you are getting could be considered ‘controversial’ – do be cautious that your message is from pure spirit. However, i would also say that ‘controversy’ is often required to take people to a new level of understanding. In the uk we had a wonderful man who has, with the support of his family, put assisted death on the agenda by going through the courts process and ensuring that the media pick up the story. Sometimes societies stay too quiet about things that are important – we only have to read the world news to know that! At the end of the day you need to be guided from your heart.

Good luck in your journey of sharing

Light and love
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First i just want to say to you that your feedback was excellent. Your words were honest and well thought out. That was very nice and considerate of you to take the time out to thoroughly analyze the situation and then share examples of your own personal experience. Thank you.

Yes, protection is very important. And it is first and foremost, and i do surround myself with it. I do have a shield around me and know how to ward off negativity. And i have my true spirit guides, loas and ancestors who have been with me since my birth. So i have always had a strong and secure foundation.

When you said that there are other mediums who can share their experiences better than you and that you don’t consider yourself a medium. I want to speak on that from my heart, mind and spirit. We are all unique and all have our own special abilities and different levels of experience. And i know that there are others whom i could surely benefit from in certain areas of discovery.

What i want you to know and realize is that you in your response gave me the perfect answers. My spirit led me to reach out to make a connection and here you come, the person who graciously reached back. I didn’t need you to be a particular medium, i just needed you and your insight.i read your message that specifically pointed out exactly what i was suppose to receive.

I encounter certain things and people for a reason, and at this time right now with something that is going on in my life you brought me a clarification. So even if you may not see how much you’ve done i want to let you know by commending you.


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Glad to have assisted. I too go to the posts that i ‘feel’ (i’m most strongly clairsentient) need my support.

I ‘feel’ you are ready for communicating through writing (possibly a book) and if that is the case you will have to judge what you believe needs to be shared as against what a publisher might want to ‘sell’ to a certain market.

Blessings on your journey x

latoya lawrence
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I’ve already published two books years ago when i was in my early twenties. I have been writing since i was ten years of age and had the opportunity back then to get published by a mainstream publisher.writing is definitely what i am suppose to be doing. It is one of the things that i was born to do.

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