Dare To Bear The Bull?

April showers/May flowers/within the hours/ I feel your powers

Dare to bear the bull and bare it all?

The month of May is here/ and I’ll turn forty-four this year/Oh, yes my dear/ it’s all so good to hear/

As I shout it in your ear/just know that I show no fear/

Since the time is near I think I’ll start my new career/Okay, let’s cheer!/

Let’s welcome in the fierce bear.

Bear? You mean bull. Let’s welcome in the bulls. The bear can’t bull the job only the bull can bear the job.


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Hey Taurus!

Bathed within the freshness of her rejuvenating waters her presence is here she is always there.

Orisha Oshun our ruling planet Venus Goddess of love, money, and beauty.

It’s Taurus season! Happy Birthday Taurus!

Spring again has arrived the two months of when we were born. No bullshit for the bulls!

True to the name, outspoken in the game, we absolutely have no shame!

What a fabulous sign to be born under. Strong and patient. Kind and deadly.

We’re a people of genuine character. One can depend on us. We see things through.

Calm, cool, and collected our shit is always perfected!







My Yoruba Deity/Ochosi

wild horseWhen I was a child I consistently won every fight that anyone ever started with me because I was never the one that would initiate a problem or confrontation.  I was always one to take up for myself no matter what the cause if it was absolutely necessary.

As one born under the zodiacal sign Taurus we are in general very kind people and can be slow to anger, however, when we do get mad it is indeed no lie-and I know from my own personal fashion-we have the most violent and ferocious tempers on the planet.

I was born a good person of honest, authentic and resilient character I am not and have never been a pushover yet I do not go throwing my “mental weight” (brainpower and durability) around. Yes, I am very talkative and prone to fun when I am in a natural spirited and energetic state though I also have my quiet and solitary moments.

Nevertheless, never have I ever played the role of troublemaker nor do I desire to. If anything I aim to avoid problems in spite of not being afraid to face them.

I am pretty sure on more than one occasion throughout my life certain individuals may have assumed I had instigated a difficulty but that is only because they were lacking knowledge of my extra sensory perception, and those who I would retaliate against who knew that they had done wrong toward or against me without knowing exactly how I knew about the circumstance who had accused me were just plain sick in the mind.

There are times to let particular situations go and die down due to the fact that it is too small or not even worth the effort of passion. At other times one has to take care of business good or bad.

When I get those supernatural notions, those tugging involuntary darts that literally won’t stop jabbing at my spirit it is time to go into justifiable action, and once retribution has been carried out spirit within me is appeased.

Orisha Ochosi is all about fairness and a helping hand along with my ancestors and other personal deities that surround anything that I may miss out on. They are there to pick up the leftover trail in my honor when I am not immediately aware or just simply in need.

Intervention and further justice is handed out promptly by the means of righteousness and Ochosi stands within the background of my life to seize and to deliver anytime the day or night calls for it.


Happy Birthday Taurus!

743256-200As a child growing up I had always had an interest in astrology. I use to love reading about the zodiac signs and their origins. I had quite a few books that were located within my home on the subject.

I would purchase the astrology books that were of good quality and of much elaborate detail. One of the most excellent and last one’s that I had read back then was titled “The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need”.

Nowadays my attention is not so focused or eager to grasp onto the captivating knowledge of the zodiac. I’ve already been there and done that. I had my fun learning and delving deeper into the universal influences of the stars and the planets, and so on.

I have advanced to other natural areas of faculty.

I still do on occasion appreciate reading up on my own personal earth sign and the true descriptions of being a full-blooded Taurean.

I did not arrive here on the cusp.

I was born a very proud and beautiful spring baby in the glorious month of May. The spring and the summer are my favorite seasons of the year.

I’ll soon turn the age of thirty-eight without looking at all a day over my twenties.

Decades of ultimately treating myself well has naturally paid off. The fountain of youth shows up all over my face and body.

These days many people do age magnificently depending on their genes or how they may have taken care of themselves.

I stopped celebrating holidays along with my birthday at the age of twelve because to me they were just the usual ordinary days of the week, month, and year. I do not place emphasis on things based primarily on general traditions.

I only place emphasis on the things that truly hold a significant meaning to me within my own life or rights.

Nevertheless, my mother likes to give me tokens of her affection by suggesting to me anything special in particular for my birthday. Sometimes I may approve by accepting a nice gesture from the heart yet most of the time I do not.

I just honestly say “No, that is alright. But thank you”.

Other people have even done this on Christmas even after knowing that I did not celebrate the occasion. A manager of mine on one of my jobs had bought me along with a few other coworkers presents for being an exceptional employee.

“I know you told me that you don’t celebrate Christmas but I got you a gift anyway”, The woman had acknowledged to me at that period.

I get more excitement out of the time and the circumstances that surrounded my birth rather than to just have been born at all.

I am glad that I was born under the zodiacal sign Taurus and I am glad that I was born with a caul.

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