I love good old shows from my youth and beyond especially chillers and ones that are inspired by the supernatural that are not corny or phony but pleasantly entertaining and this is one of my favorite full episodes of the 1972 series Ghost Story.

Respect To The Caul

There are a lot that claim to have been born with a “veil” but compared to the vast majority only a small percentage really were born with cauls over their faces.

Many claim to be psychic or to have paranormal abilities but actually only very few really do and it is a disgrace and so disrespectful to those of us that genuinely do fall into that category of having second-sight/extra sensory perception.

These individuals violate the true gravity, beauty, and sacredness of what these gifts mean and represent. It is not something common or for those in specific to put their own handle on.

Yes, we that are truly incline have our own special talents in a variety of different ways and at different levels but no one can define for us what our gifts are, how they operate, the connection unto and no one can redefine what was celestially designed within originality and distinction for any group to claim and rearrange into the norm.

I hate when outsiders or wannabees attempt to invade then sully by charging in on a territory that was not meant for them to inhabit within the first place just because they want to be “special” too.

What is a dead giveaway to many fakes and phonies is when they underestimate the power that we authentic bearers of the caul really hold. They don’t know because they don’t actually have true paranormal ability and they don’t understand how it functions so they think or believe that they can fool us.

And when they doubt us and what we actually have the ability to do and to connect with there is where we catch them because if they were themselves genuinely real they wouldn’t have questioned or denied us to begin with they would have “known better!”

I laugh at liars because a liar constantly worries about what others are thinking, has to keep up a story, and then they have to remember their lies, however, when one tells the truth they have nothing to worry about and the validity always carries them through.



The melodious harmony of rhythmic tunes layered within the universe set the atmospheric mode and are quite instrumental.

Song and dance are both festive and celebratory to the pleasures and merriment of spirit.

To collaborate within groove is fantastic.

Music can be used to conjure or invigorate as it is a very beautiful form of culture, talent, creativity, expression and antidote.

In its spiritual tones music has healing properties and is quite therapeutic.

I love all types of music just as long as it has a good sound with various poetic lyric vibe because I am versatile.

Once in a while I go to sleep with music played at low volume as music often compliments relaxation and meditation.



Non Gmo Vegan Tortilla

Yesterday was a beautiful day in New York it was about 78 degrees and I did some food shopping and while I was at the market I picked up a big bag of my favorite organic non gmo vegan white corn tortilla chips that are made with the Ingredients: Organic white corn, expeller pressed oleic safflower and/or sunflower oil, sea salt.

I also like the yellow corn tortilla chips.

Whatever I buy I make sure that it is non gmo and befitting to my dietary preferences as I’ve always been particular about what I eat as a vegetarian and individual that is into a very healthy lifestyle even my moderate intake of certain snacks have to be up to par!

To me they are a much better alternative to the average greasy corn chips on the market and I genuinely like the taste and the crunch without all of that excessive oil these are on the dry side and I like it.


Symptoms Of Voodoo/Black Magic by misslatoya

Athie Dews said 2 days ago

Someone please help me! My children and I have just recently had to move in with a man that wants to force me to be with him. He recently bought me a 2 litter soda, I seen him take the soda in the kitchen. Very quiet and quick. So I asked him did he get me something to drink? He then went on the porch to bring me a cup of that exact same soda filled ice. I asked him where did he get that soda? He told me he poured it on the porch and he had NO VALID reason to do that. I did sip the soda but then I thought about it and I went to pour it out and rinse the cup and pour me new soda. Later that day he gave me a watch. I thought it sweet until I woke up this morning scared. And I felt darkness around me like spiritual darkness. I don’t sleep in the room with him. I took the watch off as I was reading these signs and I’m sending this message but I’ve been blocked from my dreams and that’s where God talks to me and 70 percent of the signs I’ve just read in this article I’m experiencing. Please tell me wat to do. I love GOD and Jesus Christ.

You said 1 day ago

The first sentences are interesting as it reminds me of a dream that I had about a month ago about a lying, unattractive slut bitch that had to move in with a guy because he was withholding her money from her and she was doing whatever she had to do to get her money back and I thought it was good for her as she was no good. He must have a lot of dirt on the weak bitch if she had to move in with him and couldn’t make it any other way.

You know, undesirables have worked negativity on me for years out of jealousy and I was never affected by it their black magic/voodoo/witchcraft never did anything to me mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually, I mean I’ve always known and felt what they had done because I have a gift but they were all too stupid and dumb to realize that they could not hurt me at all. I was too smart, too strong, too spiritual.

They may have delayed certain opportunities within the past with their spells having an affect on others and through blockages but that didn’t even stop me as I still accomplished goals by getting the jobs that I wanted and making good money, living peacefully, and enjoying my life and blessings because I am a good and very unique individual that no one can stop or destroy.

I have so much love around me I always did I never had to go out to find love. I am a very honest person, I’ve never been on drugs or alcohol or had the desire to, I never ran around with men I never desired to I am very attractive and guys always ran after me , however, I didn’t want any of them I am asexual and proud! And I didn’t need God in my life to be this way I was born this way.

And my entire point is that I was always my own individual that never got mixed up in the ways of the average range of society it wasn’t within my nature. Yet I notice that many that have gotten caught up within the perils of society claim to be with God or run to God when they hit rock bottom and I guess because God’s standards are so low that he accepts anything no matter who they are or what they’ve done just as long as they obey him in the fashion that he sees fit.

I’ve never had these problems and I don’t gravitate towards God my Ancestors and Orishas have always had my back and have protected me and they wouldn’t just accept anybody If I wasn’t the genuine person that I was we wouldn’t have that alignment and balance and as my head Orisha unfortunately doesn’t have the power to create (because if so the world would be a better place) he does have the power to destroy, and I like that.

If you love God and Jesus so much why don’t you go run to them for help? Many keep hollering about their problems but if God is their number one source why are they complaining?

God is not my number one source and I am not complaining at all as what is around me never let that black magic/voodoo/witchcraft shit snatch me in it’s trap.

Empathic Expressions

I feel strongly and I always have I feel everything and I always will whether I want to or not because it is a part of my nature, my gift.

I feel things and people in my thoughts and even within different parts of my body could be in my shoulder, chest or stomach or just around my being.

There is a difference between someone and something being in my thoughts (I don’t mean willfully thinking of anything on my own but things that come precognitive) compared to feeling them within my body and thoughts both have meaning yet distinguishing significance.

I feel when people are no good, when they lie, their motives, their problems, when people like me, when they don’t like me, if something will go right or wrong and so on the list never ends It is just a spontaneous response to the energy that I automatically pick up on and it is not limited to a specific vicinity I feel things throughout the world of locations. There are no boundaries when it comes to feeling energy as spiritual surpasses the physical within my personal encounters of experience.

The feelings will at times constantly nag at me to validate the information that I receive and also will initiate me into a specific action if need be.

Where would I be without my empathic ability? Where would I be without any of my abilities? I have no desire to find out as I need to feel in connection with what I paranormally hear, see, touch, smell and taste they all bring in clarity of their own and within interpretation.

I use all the elements of my talents and skill to understand and conclude accounts as they all go hand in hand whether they act on their own or all together they all have a story to unfold and tell to me.

The Beauty Of The Caul

Just because one is born with a caul doesn’t automatically mean that they’re going to be honest or that they’ll do well in life. Born with a caul just signifies extraordinary attributes that average people don’t have and at different variations and levels of capacity or range.

It is up to the individual whether or not they choose to do good or bad with the special talents that they are granted by birth and life condition also determines what route one may take or how things may turn out for them with or without their control it all depends on situation and circumstance just as many other happenings amongst us within living on this earth.

For those where a genuineness and advantageous of nature or destiny reside shines a light.

As one born with a strong spirit the light that reflects upon I and us is a spiritual illumination of strength, knowledge and wisdom that we ascribe and apply.

Those of the darkness entertain deception and shortcoming out of naivety, vulnerability, and weakness and use these negatives as stepping stones for and to promote their ominous prospects.

We that are positive were not built for demonology but for gloriousness and we are expected and tend to compliment that natural factor by living and treating ourselves well.

Lifestyle is the key to keeping our minds, body and spirits clean, healthy and pure.

Spirit leads us into what is proper and appropriate for us and our well being right down to the people we associate with to the foods that we eat and if staying and remaining away from what is not harmonic unto our surroundings and constitution then so be it!

Sex Spells

How one is and what they do with their life is no one’s business as long as they’re not unrightfully bothering anyone.

Yet some people are conflicted and can’t stand to see anything different from what they are or that is not riding in the same boats as they are. When they see one traveling within a preferable vehicle and to a favorable distance they become discontent and bitter toward the destination.

The route, what they transport in, how they get there, where they go often results in the bed they make and choose to lie in so no need to get mad at another for having their own everlasting vacation spot.

If one doesn’t have the design or is incapable of architecting a plan don’t spite the other who is the all too well organized.

Here and there are ridiculous perverted attempts to give me sexual sensations as if something is seemingly penetrating the inside of my vagina and when the energy weakens someone does another spell to strengthen it.

I’m tired of those that want to change me into what they want me to be by black magic manipulation as it is utterly done in vain. My vagina is my business as undesirables hope that I become horny. Aside from quite of the other qualities that I have that make my enemies cringe with envy and rage is the fact that I am asexual and don’t desire sex.

It bothers them so much as they are all dogged out and filled with an array of nasty venereal diseases from their ruthless promiscuity.

I don’t care what they do so they shouldn’t care what I don’t do.

They want me in their predicament though it is impossible as the idea of intercourse turns me off and trying to give me a feeling down there definitely pisses me off. I’ve never been sexually aroused or have lusted after another human being what can another person’s body part do for me? I have a derriere, chest and legs just like everyone else what is that to get excited about? I have a vagina that doesn’t hunger for a penis so what has one got to do with the other?

Some believe in emotion and making love I don’t to me there is no such thing that is all within a person’s mind what they perceive as intimate relations to mean and define for them selves.

I always thought it was ugly to even watch animals copulate and to me it is such an ugly and disgusting way to come into the world. God didn’t have to create things to be that way but he did and I want no part of it.

Not to mention how everyone is not always clean down there with putrid smelling balls and seminal discharge as well as putrid smelling vaginas and fluids.

To each his or her own sex is not and has never been my thing and I am very proud of that.








Connection To The Caul

My Ancestors, Orishas, and Spirit guides are always there.

One doesn’t necessarily have to be born with a caul to have spiritual or supernatural occurrence yet as individuals with preternatural attributes we’re more susceptible to have these experiences as a normal way of life.

I don’t find paranormal encounters to be strange or as an inconvenience they are just usual and innate. There are circumstances and situations that can appear to be odd but not out of the ordinary for the extraordinary.

The connection to the other side is a strong one for me as I have on many occasions been caught, carried, and cradled by the powerful hands of the universe. There was an incident that took place years ago in the middle of the night when I was touched by a soft motion of a grasp that literally awaked me from my sleep and caused me to turn around to find my bed sheets on fire.

It all had happened so suddenly and just in time as I was able to quickly put the fire out without being seriously injured. There wasn’t even any damage done to anything just a few small minor burns to my leg after I had woke up to get the sheets off of me to pat out the flames. I don’t even have any noticable scars just a few spots that I hold as dear reminders. Oh, how lucky and blessed I was in that exact moment of chance.

As one born of the caul divinity has consistently played a vital role within the materialization of it’s energy around me surrounding my conditions. It all goes to show how we serve a great purpose and how important the purpose serves to us.

Not On The Level

Undesirables do nothing but play head games and they manipulate in order to get one to surrender down to their level due to the fact that they are unable to measure up to another’s level of knowledge and mentality.

They often resort to ways of insinuating that one is stupid or incompetent when another does not agree with or see eye to eye with their point of view or what they may be ignorant in as they often refuse to listen to logic and face reality. They also resort to ways of trying to break down a person emotionally when they don’t fall for mind control yet when a person is too strong for them mentally and emotionally they endeavor to destroy them in numerous of ways even by means of witchcraft/black magic/voodoo when all other attempts have failed.

As undesirables are limited in range of scope and diversity of versatility they cannot accept the facts of life that are completely foreign to them.

A Mother’s Love

Any woman can have a child but not every woman can be a mother there is a big difference between a mother by nature and a mother by heart.

It all starts in the home that is why it is so important to have a childhood.

The upbringing that I had from my very early stages was vital and I owe that all to my mother spending quality time with me, teaching me right from wrong and keeping me healthy and safe.

I had a real mother one by heart and soul that taught me how to behave how to read and write at two an a half and sent me to school at the age of three, that nursed me back to health whenever I was sick, that protected me, believed in me, shared with me and always encouraged me, one that was always there for me no matter what.

It is not easy to be a mother it takes a lot of patience and sacrifice and there is nothing that compares to the love of a mother.

My mother expressed to me all the joy that I had brought to her as a baby and child and she gave to me all of the necessities that made me a happy daughter, her knowledge and guidance, strength and support and most of all her trust.

My mother just by her genuine supervision and attentiveness prepared and instilled in me the individual that I am today she gave me that head start and I did not disappoint her I applaud her. All of her hard work was not in vain.

My mother took excellent care of me and it is in my heart and soul to always take care of her.


Non Gmo Vegan Treats

I consistently read the ingredients to everything that I buy I’ve done this ever since I was a youngster since I eat healthy and vegetarian and as I get older I have been even more particular as to what I eat it is just a natural propensity and a spiritual harmony within myself.

I mostly do my own fresh cooking with vegetables, grains and starches as I love my rice, breads and pasta but every once in a while just like everyone else I get tired of cooking, especially when I’ve been working all day I just want to eat quick, chill out, then get winks of sleep.

When I come across new and appealing items to heat up in the oven or to snack on I give it a try and a while ago I purchased these in my opinion good tasting veggie onion rings and broccoli fries.

The ingredients are Potatoes, Broccoli, White Beans, Rice Flour, Expeller Pressed Canola Oil, Water, Potato Starch, Corn Starch. Contains less than %2 of: Sea Salt, Tapioca Starch, Locust Bean Gum, Garlic, Xanthan Gum, Tapioca Dextrin for the fries.

Cauliflower, Cooked Navy Beans, Onions, Rice Flour, Expeller Pressed Non-GMO Canola Oil, Yellow Corn Flour, Water, Corn Starch, Rice Starch, Modified Corn Starch, Sugar, Salt, Blackstrap Molasses, Dextrose, Yeast, Xanthan Gum, Sodium Alginate, Low Sodium Sea Salt (Natural Sea Salt, Magnesium, Trace Minerals), Dried Garlic, Spice Extractives (Including Paprika), Citric Acid for the rings and I enjoyed them.

I love onion rings and french fries!

I rarely eat sweets and when I do it also has to be natural or organic and I had found these delicious wheat coated cinnamon apple fig bars that I couldn’t stop eating (so yummy, yummy!).

All of these are vegan certified non gmo products.

Elemental Thieves

No one can interrupt my peace and I can’t help but to laugh and dismiss what I have no patience for the outrageous problems of others that have absolutely nothing to do with me and their comparisons that I don’t at all relate to the ignorance that they hold the lies that they tell and believe along with the excuses that don’t make any sense.

Where do these people come from and what the hell do I care?!

I was one to never tolerate nonsense and never one to fall for bullshit I just don’t have time for it and I never understood people that would continue on in their foolishness as they reflected both a combination of stupidity and sickness. It is just a natural part of their unfortunate genetic makeup as many of them are born already composed with the properties of being disturbed and the circumstance has nothing to do with what walk of life that one comes from.

There are plenty that come from unsavory backgrounds or environments that weren’t negatively or psychologically affected by their atmosphere that go on to lead healthy and harmonious lives and there is absolutely nothing wrong with them.

The planet is full of plenty walking around with illnesses that haven’t been diagnosed.

There are a lot of crazy people in the world and they’d always seem to find me. It felt sometimes like as if I was a trash magnet with undesirables invading my space whether they tried to befriend me or challenge me.

All around their presence was annoying and transparently darkening, a bunch of dread and inconvenience, they were just pure pests not able to discern or accept that I did not want to be bothered or that I didn’t appreciate their existence.

It is thought and said by some that we attract what we hate and some even believe that we attract what we ourselves are but I couldn’t disagree more to each individual his or her own.

These are demons that just try to steal and feed off of our good and positive energy in the most outlandish and sometimes even perverted of ways. They want to snatch and swipe us up for what we have.

Sometimes people don’t see themselves as we view them as there are those that don’t view us in the way that we actually are but when one has the vision to interpret revelation through the assessment that comes from one’s “open eye” (mind’s eye/third eye) we uncover a value of hidden information that serves for us to evolve and to elevate.

And within our cognizance of instance and content, we’re unwavering in the face of the flames, and we go through the fires without ever getting burned.



Spirit/Energy Writing

Many people love to write and those of us that are born with the caul are no exceptions.

When that energy gets me started there is no stopping it I’m like an automatic machine that constantly operates in spontaneous moments of spurts and it feels so good and pleasurable.

Spirit works in mysterious ways as input and information just comes out of me as I type and I cannot control it and I don’t think that I want to from experience and the feelings of the sensations that I get It is definitely for a reason and I know not to negatively question it because it’s a beautiful thing.

A lot of us in our rarity are visionaries with extreme creative streaks that often lead us into the fields of artistic work in which allows us the opportunity and freedom to express and invent. Pioneers of our own crafts we aspire to establish our own independent organizations that compliment our leadership skills and that offer us the authority to both generate and innovate.

Of It’s Own Kind

Aside from the jealousy and negativity that was thrown toward me by certain others I had a wonderful upbringing with a very loving mother that was an excellent parent.

I have a lot of fond memories of my childhood regardless of the envious people that were trying their best to turn my young life upside down because I was being carried by spirit as well as being watched over by my Ancestors and Orishas.

I had it both rough and smooth and I used that combination as a preparation and as an advantage whereas I was exposed early on to the harsh realities of life while at the same time not having been affected by condition or getting caught up into the circumstance. I made it all through with the flying colors of divinity.

As a young child I was considered very smart and outgoing and I got along with other children that were of my caliber and we played together and had fun yet I found the undesirable sort of children to be quite a bit of trouble as I was able to spot their type a mile away it was just the gift of insight and intuition that I had to recognize and pick up on individuals of that nature whether they were young or old.

Even though I interacted with others and was very talkative and sociable I had my quiet times where I just liked to be alone with my dogs (I had all three canines living within my home at one time aside from the others that had came and went along the way), alone playing with my toys, alone listening to music and watching television, and just alone time to be by myself.

It was great on my own time without having to be bothered with anyone especially considering the attitude of mind that some people had and how they behaved.

My mother told me that she knew something was up when at twelve or thirteen years of age I stopped communicating altogether with peers and mostly stayed in the house. I began recognizing people and the world even more and I didn’t like the way things were and the way life was in general, and due to the witchcraft/black magic/voodoo that was interfering with the natural order of my life to keep me within a setting where I did not belong I grew angry.

At twelve years of age is when I knew that I wanted to grow up to be a professional writer and I had been writing since the age of ten my mother had bought me a electrical typewriter and I’d drink hot cups of tea and create stories of interest through automatic writing.

I loved and enjoyed reading books I became a strict vegan then a vegetarian, by eating a little poultry and seafood here and there, I had a lot of one on one time with my mother as I had always been under adults growing up.

I didn’t want or desire any boyfriends and knew at age fifteen that I was proudly Asexual.

I didn’t care about what others were doing or how they lived their lives I was just glad I was not like any of the others that were in my neighborhood yet what I hadn’t realized at the time was that they were paying much attention to me and my lifestyle and couldn’t keep me off of their lips.

While some in particular were aware of my gifts there were those that knew that I was different but didn’t know why or what it was that made me unique and to them not normal and as certain individuals always stay in other people’s business I became a target of danger.

Growing up there were other children and grown ups alike that didn’t understand how or why I knew the things that I did and why I escaped the problems and mistakes that they didn’t. Some often assume that people like us must have been told what we know or that we heard it from somewhere or that supernatural talent and intervention does not exist or is impossible within us human beings.

To the wise we know and have learned through our own encounters as well as watching and detecting within others the attributes of the paranormal experience.

We are here for a multiple of reasons known and unbeknownst to ourselves and the mystery can be exciting as we may dread and anticipate while we sometimes like to be scared as we get that same rush of thrill from viewing a good horror flick but it is because we are linked to that realm that is within our nature that we haven’t all gotten completely familiar with yet it is instilled within us subconsciously and we cannot leave here until we have carried out all of our special missions and purposes even if we are pulled in an array of directions-the map still has a road that will surely lead us there!


Curses In General And With A Caulbearer

Witchcraft, Voodoo, Black Magic and whatever other names of origin that is used to describe the type of negative energies that are being utilized through individuals and principalities target people all over the world from all cultures and all walks of life.

It is a very cunning and underhanded method of attempting to manipulate, weaken, control, punish and kill someone out of jealousy, envy, hate, revenge, desire or demonic influence.

Curses all have and are all done for specific intentions and are definite and distinct forms of a crafty robbery as they block, prolong or steal from us time and opportunities.

There are innumerable effects of curses that manifest variously within and upon different individuals depending on their own state of mentality, lifestyle, and overall circumstance. There could be the same spell used on two or three people and all situations can result in totally conflicting outcomes as every instance is not the same.

Aside from others, in particular of the light, special children born of the caul are even more targeted as we have preternatural gifts that lend to us the extraordinary ability to detect, discern and dispel.

We are unique spiritual dimensional creatures that also come in very rare forms of character and personality according to our own natures and paths that are aligned and in vibration with our own realm of universe if grounded and conscious.

No one experience is completely identical, similar and comparable, but not exactly the same as we all have different energies, elevations, interpretations, perceptions, spirituality and destinies that are often compatible and plausible within our own life connections.

As I have mentioned on more than one occasion I’ve been attacked by witchcraft ever since the age of seven and had the advantage of being steps ahead of my enemies/attackers by sensing and knowing what was unnaturally occurring around me and within my life while I was growing up.

There wasn’t much that I could actually do at that young of age besides to comprehend what I’d felt but something was with me all the while serving as a protection and guide as I coped with and experienced the vibrations of evil that was placed upon my mother and I to deviate us from reaching the things in our life purpose.

Unbeknownst at the time to many that took part back then, I’m sure they had no idea that my young spiritual mind’s eye and heightened intuitive sensitivity was seeing, feeling, tasting, hearing and thoroughly realizing every step and activity within my predicament and oh how much I had learned all through out the years from my firsthand experience.

The bad luck spells to try to make things not go right, the revenge spells to try to get even, the love spells to try to make me interested in guys that I had absolutely had no attraction to or desire for.

I remember when I was in my mid to late teens how they tried to make me feel hideous in appearance but whenever I’d look into the mirror I’d always see the pretty girl that I always was and that I still am today. My attackers were jealous of my looks.

See, my mind was too strong for the curses of that evil negativity, with me, it was constantly mind over matter and I fought to the bitter end.

My attackers wanted me to feel bad about myself, they were jealous of my high self esteem. My attackers wanted me to feel stupid, they were jealous of my knowledge and intelligence. My attackers wanted me to be weak; they were jealous of my strength and confidence. My attackers wanted to bring me down, they were jealous of my character. My attackers wanted to kill me; they couldn’t do anything with me!

The only opinion of me that truly mattered was that of my very own and not that of others and that is the way that it will always be with me and that is why no amount of demonic manipulation was ever able to steer my mind. I’ve never looked for or needed the approval of others to validate me. So it is all about us and how we think and/or view the world or life in general and the things around us that may decide if we will be affected or non affected by condition.

Aside from the mental and emotional torments of curses there are many of the physical aspects that we know as well. And one ultimate reason that many of us are targeted is to forcefully snatch us up into alignment and unbalance with the satanic arena, that group of demonic individuals that are headed for eternal damnation that seek to devour our souls (especially those that are of the light), those slaves of the devil that want to unnaturally lure and take as many of us to hell with them as possible.

They all know where their forever going-there’s no turning back for them-and they don’t want to see us go the opposite way they want those of us in particular to lose our opportunity to make it to the right place.


Lucky And Special


I think it is so nice to be appreciative and say thank you and I love you from the heart to the ones and to the circumstances that we hold and that also hold us dear.

Although our experiences may vary or differ those of us born with the caul are generally very lucky children and I know this for a fact as I have had great spurts of luck all through out my life.

I’d get the things that I had wanted and wished for and knew that there was something around me guiding my steps and watching over me because I’d always somehow avoid danger and serious injury and things would work out for me whereas others may not have been as fortunate.

There would also be sensations of awareness that had made me feel self assured, at ease, and safe.

As we’re born with the capacity of precognition the aspects also endow us with a manifestation of spirit that inhabits us quite often as we find ourselves reacting and responding to things spontaneously and automatically without any initiation on our part, a blessing that is natural and inherent.

These are things that we take notice of as children and teenagers and start to wonder about ourselves when we observe others around us that don’t identify or connect in the fashion that we do.

Some of us have been fortunate enough to have had family members and/or associates that also may have been born with cauls or that had knowledge of the nature of our births and that could help shed light on and give support to our situation.

I was always told that it was a good thing to be born with a caul and that we were very special children.

My mother use to tell me all the time that I had a gift and that I was special and I believed but when spirit came to me in my thoughts as a young adult and kept telling me that I was special until I finally accepted it is when I truly understood the depth of what that all meant.

Those of us with the power of the particular have a responsibility to pay attention to the messages that we receive and a responsibility to honor and respect what was bestowed upon us by heeding warnings and learning through revelations because it is all for our well being, best interest, growth and survival.

Some of us choose a right path, some choose a wrong path, and some choose a undecided path to travel down according to their own inclination it is our decision and one that we have to answer for in the end and that is our choice alone and one that we have to be content with.

Not For Sale

A strong mind and strong will is not able to be swayed. And a strong character is not disturbed or deterred by the false projections that are created or entertained by those that feed off of illusion and delusion-LaToya Lawrence

Jealous and envious individuals will often attempt to define us by their misconceptions and/or intentional lies due to their own insecurities and shortcomings that they tend to reflect upon others that are at more of a character and intellectual advantage.

In reality, we ourselves are only defined by the truths of our own authentic identities no matter how difficult it may be for those that refuse to accept yet already genuinely know for themselves.

People know the real deal even if they won’t admit to it and ignorance or spite will not change actuality. When there are those that are oblivious or just in denial it still is not wise to ever yield to any of the deleterious or corrupt designs of the manipulations that are calculated by others in order to control.

That is why inadequate and undesirables look for, try to come up with, or attack with what they may perceive as “dirt” to weaken or degrade another, however, what it all boils down to is level and mentality and in all honesty what may be of significance to some, or many, can be irrelevant to that very one, and I am a living testimony as I have a mind of my own and a lot of stubbornness to go along with it, it is impossible to turn my head away from who I am and what I stand for and know and believe in.

So why sign away any power over to those that are unable to reach or to grasp that higher plane of consciousness? Why sign, seal, and deliver your soul over to the masquerades of deception forced upon us by the demonic to self surrender into self destruction?

Are you ready, willing, and able to bargain and to go into agreement with the opposition? That is a contract that I’d never go to enter into!

Is Being Born With A “Caul/Veil” Located Anywhere Within The Bible?

It is a question that some have inquired as they’ve come upon my blogs and a question I had wondered many years ago as I had never heard any mention directed toward being born with a caul or the significance per se when I had read through the bible back then.

An elder neighbor at the time had said though that being born with a caul was not referenced.

What I do remember as a young teenager and know for sure that I read within the scriptures of Corinthians stated that there were special talents to be given out such as the gifts of knowledge and wisdom, prophecy, faith, miracles, healing, discernment of spirits and the speaking and understanding of tongues. It may not all be in that specific order but I definitely do recall those spoken upon manifestations of the Holy Spirit that were written in the text.

Energy is all around us and everyone has their own style, way of thought, and sets of belief.

Throughout our journeys many of us have explored, deliberated, analyzed and etc… And that is necessary and it is good to wonder and to ask questions and to seek out information. It is vital to just be aware in life in general of as many things as possible while we collect mental notes of enlightenment and experience.



Caulbearer/Bearing The Burdens

Caulbearers United Scam/Caught Red-Handed by misslatoya

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Robert james clark said 2 years ago

Hi where to start….. I am seeking a place to find information about caulbears. My mother has always said very strange things about thinking i was a prophet ( she was a heavy drug user and very unstable mentally) however my grandmother told me where she gets it from who actually has a strong sense of intuition. Anyway she said i was born with a caul an explained it as a “white cap” i am in a place now to where im curious but my sceptisism is high because i dont want to pollute myself like my mother. Is there anywhere i can learn/meet others

necias said 12 hours ago

hello, i’m a caulbearer too. since childhood i encountered a lot of difficulties in life. i mean, difficulties brought by the people around me, i was just a very silent child. i really don’t understand why some people wants to put me down even tho i have done nothing to them. i can clearly feel their motive in their every move and how they talk that sometimes i wish that i was all wrong. 😦 my mother always tells me that i was different in a negative way. she can’t accept the truth and reality that i was saying about lying and telling the truth always. . i have this deep perception that i cant be blinded by lies. i can trace back the the first cause of a problem. but i guess, no one believes me as they have their own hidden motives. . its like, they just fooled themselves.

You said 3 minutes ago

Hello Necias,

I can relate to you as I also as a child had a lot of difficulties when it came to a many of people so I am able to give you genuine insight and advice coming from one gifted person to another.

Listen up, when there is something special about you other people can sense it and when you differ within character and mentality and do not act, react, as well as do or partake in the same things that others or the majority of others are doing they all take notice and many times will put you down for it classifying you as strange or crazy for no justifiable reason but for their own lack of knowledge and understanding, and also for the sheer fact of being mean.

People will try to hurt you to discourage you from being your true self because you are everything that they wish that they were but know that they can and will never be.

When you are able to sense things about individuals that other’s are unable to sense people will resent you for it as they don’t want you to know what they want kept hidden.

My great-grandmother told me when I was ten all the way up to fifteen years of age that I wasn’t normal because I wasn’t out doing what other teenagers were doing, however, she meant it in a very derogatory way and that was because I was good and wasn’t getting into the trouble and having the same problems as a lot of the average youngsters and teens were, I had no desire to indulge in the typical worldly behavior as it wasn’t within my mentality and/or nature. I just wanted to be myself I didn’t know how to be anything other than me, and I did not want to be anything other.

She was just disappointed because she had messed up her life at an early age as many have done and hated the fact of seeing me grow up and develop untarnished as many often do when they have regrets from getting caught up in the perils of society and it’s many traps.

Your own family will try to destroy you out of ignorance, jealousy and pure sickness.

You cannot and should not let anyone steer you away from who you are I don’t care how hard they try stay strong and believe in yourself It will get worse sometimes but that is the way it is when you are “special” if you hang in there spirit will bring you out of your trials with a superior level of advancement that will compliment your purpose and adorn you with a rewarding bestowal of fulfillment.

Confidence is key!

I am going to tell you the same thing that two women that I knew told me when I was younger it was a message that spirit had given to them in regards to others, “They are jealous of you”, “They are scared of you”, “They want to be like you”. And it is true.

People don’t know how to deal with the truth, what is uncommon, what they have never come across before, and sometimes they admire it, try to imitate it or even may try to get rid of it. People don’t like what they can’t manipulate and control, especially when it is of a genuine or good nature.

So be proud and laugh at those who shun, underestimate, or think that they’re getting over as you are way ahead of them and know what is going to happen and know what they are going to do before they even know it themselves!

Negativity will always come after what is positive but when you have foundation you will always conquer regardless of any circumstance. Evil just comes along to stop you from being who you are to devour and make you what they are and what they want you to be.

So be and stay original and unique because wide and spacious is the definite road to hell!