Illumination: Self Love, Self Respect, Self Enlightenment

I have so much love and peace within and so much strength, confidence, and respect for myself and the beauty that surrounds me (my ancestors, orishas and my universal dimensions of fortunate advantage. Blessed are those of us that are connected to our nature.

"My Voice" Weblog By Miss LaToya Lawrence

1235759-200I love myself dearly, madly. I always have, I always will. There is nothing that anyone can do to change that. Self love and self-worth is an esteem that comes from within. No one is able to give it, and no one is able to take it away when the regard is truly genuine.

I have never battled with or suffered from a low self-esteem which is a good thing.

However, not everybody is secure enough within themselves and they act out in particular ways as a result of their own feelings of discontentment.

There is a difference between depression, disgruntlement, or dissatisfaction over longing for a better circumstance and craving for something in which that someone does not have.

Life can be difficult and unfair at times especially at attaining the certain desires that one deserves, earns, and/or in retrieving the specific things that may have been stolen from one.


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