About LaToya

834609_candle_lightI Am A Genuine Clairvoyant Born With The Caul/Veil. And I Am A Natural Born Writer. I Was Born With Second Sight And Have Many Intuitive Gifts.

I Taste, Smell, Hear, See, Feel And Know Things. I Have Strong, Intense Empathic And Telepathic Ability. I Communicate With The Dead.

My Life Itself Is A Constant Supernatural Event As I Experience These Occurrences Altogether On A Daily Basis.

Music: I Like All Types Of Music
My Hobbies: Writing, Reading, My Spirituality
Turn Ons: The Truth, Knowledge, Intelligence
Turn Offs: Ignorance, Liars
Books: True Crime Novels, Particularly St Martin’s True Crime Library Series

To Find Out A Little Bit More:






5 thoughts on “About LaToya

  1. Hello, I am so happy to hear and feel the words of a true! Well done and I felt the same way about that Caulbearers web site. Royalty of the earth humbled by dreams,intuitive vision and of course love. Striving for the mastery of enlightening/guiding others with gifts that are given through the Caul. Learning how to Open and Close has been one of the main challenges in my youth !

  2. Hello LaToya. I am a little nervous in typing much here, but if you wouldn’t mind, I would like to talk to you. I think I am a caulbearer, and I have a lot of questions that I think you can answer. I have been looking for someone to ask these questions to. I’m not afraid to put myself out there like this because I know, as you stated in your post, you will know I am true. And I will know you are, as well. If there is a way, can I please speak with you? I haven’t been able to find an email to contact you anywhere, so I will check to see if there are any responses to my post.

    Thank you,


      • I have a question… recently (April 1 2016) my fiance left me, out of the blue. Moved in with his mother, who lives with his ex wife and her husband, their kids and his and her kids. He kept saying he would come back home, but it was all lies. In one text he said “I want to make sure no one is going to mess with you”. I questioned it and he didn’t say why. Well, May 8th he was supposd to come home for good, he never showed up and I have not heard anything from him at all. He has always made me suspicious about his obsession with his ex-wife. Anyway, since all of this, I have had so many things happen. One of my beloved cats, disappeared, my cats and house are infested with fleas (never happened before), I got diagnosed with a caroted artery aneurysm, my truck broke down ($900+ repair bill) I cannot afford the rent on the lease we just resigned, I have had to file bankruptcy, I rear ended someone on my Birthday (June 14, totally dumb accident), Of course we are being evicted, I haven’t been able to find a cheaper place that we can live because of my credit and the bankruptcy, rejection after rejection, and the ex-fiance promised to help out financially, but of course I cannot get any response out of him whatsoever. But with his comment about “no one messing with me” and all these bad things happening, do you think that his ex wife is doing something to me? I am sure he has given her the means, like a picture or maybe some of my stray hairs off his clothing or who knows. He really didn’t take much with him, I came home from work on April 1 and he was just…gone. No warning, we hadn’t even been fighting. Come to find out, his business partner, and his mother (oh plus the business partner’s girlfriend of like 6 months) had told him he needed to get away from me..I was a negative influence and he was doing good before I moved out here to Tx from CA. When in reality he was doing really Good before he took on the business partner 😦

        Anyway I would greatly appreciate any advice/information that you could pass my way. I am a spiritual person, I was raised Christian with a strong belief in Jesus Christ. I do believe in demons and black magic,voodoo, etc. and I wouldn’t put anything past his ex-wife. She is a conniving, deceitful bitch, and so is he apparently. Thank you so much for any help you are able to offer.
        Seleste Sabatino

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