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My Mother, Patricia

I Am A Natural Born Writer. I Was Born With Second Sight And Have Many Intuitive Gifts.

Music: I Like All Types Of Music
My Hobbies: Writing, Reading, My Spirituality
Turn On: The Truth, Knowledge, Intelligence
Turn Offs: Ignorance, Liars
Books: The Bible

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God’s Grace

By Miss LaToya Lawrence November 16, 2020

The very first time I ever asked and accepted Jesus Christ into my life as my Lord and Savior I was between the age of ten or twelve. I was always led and drawn to God.

I had along down the line become angry with God for reasons of my own. I was so convinced of his evilness, twistedness and unfairness. I had developed the impression of the Lord being a harsh and unreasonable strict father who was fixated on being obeyed and on un-repented sins eager and ready to condemn and discipline with an angry vengeance at the crack of a whip.

Nevertheless, and to make a long story short, God was able to get my attention some months back. No one else could do it but him himself along with the influence of my mother’s faith and wisdom that I had grown up with.

The moment the Lord gained my full attention I was instantly ready and willing to yield to him.

Prior to feeling resentment toward the Lord, I had a good history with him. One that had brought a faith of my own that could never be denied and because of this faith through many incredible experiences I knew that I could put my trust in him again just like that.

God allowed and invited me to get to know him within a way that I never knew or understood about him before. He cared enough about me to reveal the truth of who he really is so that I would have the fair opportunity to realize his truth and to get into a deeper personal relationship with him. A relationship stronger and more intimate than years ago before.

What I noticed also is that God didn’t at all punish me during the entire time I distanced myself from him. He never left me and he kept on protecting me and looking after me regardless. He extended his grace and mercy on me.

The Lord’s actions reminded me of Paul in 1 Timothy 1:13 when he said, “Even though I used to blaspheme the name of Christ. In my insolence, I persecuted his people. But God had mercy on me because I did it in ignorance and unbelief”. 

When I read that passage it had spoken to me. God knew my heart. Even though I was wrong in my thoughts and actions toward him nothing was done out of cruel intent or spite it was out of my own eventual ignorance and unbelief in his goodness that resulted after years of going through trials and tribulations.

My error was instead of focusing primarily on the unwanted trials and tribulations that we all go through I should have focused on how God had always successfully brought me through and out of them.

If one is truly a child of God; they will always belong to him. God has always shown favor upon my mother and I.

God has truly been extremely good to me and he is continuing to bestow upon me his mercy and grace (The Lord has been so kind and compassionate) and I will spend the rest of my days living my life for Jesus and glorifying God through his holy spirit and cooperating with his word to the best of my ability.

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15 thoughts on “About LaToya

  1. ALOHA from Hawaii, LaToya! I’m a new mom of fraternal twin boys. They were born here in Nov 2017. The younger one (by 18 minutes) was born completely en caul; my midwives had to tear open the sac like a Christmas gift to bring him out after I had birthed him in the birth tub. IT WAS SO COOL!!

    Right now as a toddler, he tends to walk up to people and just stare at them with his big eyes and blank expression. What is he doing? He can’t talk yet so he can’t tell me. (But later, I will definitely ask him about it :)) His brother does not do this.

    My questions to you are – I’d like to know how I can support him/them in bringing their special gifts out into the world. How can I make him/them feel safe to share what he sees/feels and what actions or words can I use with him/them as they grow up? I appreciate what you’re doing here and thank you for reading my comment. Aloha!

    1. Hi Lizel, Congratulations on becoming a proud new mom!

      First, I’m just going to let you know that I am going to make this comment a post (as my blogs are syndicated) to share for the knowledge and enrichment for those of us that spirit wants to receive and to grasp the message.


      Our inquiries, experiences, insights, revelations and confirmations as people and families that are born of second-sight and preternatural ability are often beneficial and vital for our own well-being and deliberations.

      Okay, there are two definite type of anointed  and significant caul births that signify and denote the special spiritual ability that is bestowed and imparted upon an individual which are the gifts of second-sight, genuine luck, and a grave and exact deep link and connection to the spiritual realm ( the other side).

      One is the actual thin caul membrane itself that envelops the entire face of a newborn.

      The second, is the same type of thin caul membrane that actually clings to the entire body of a newborn which is not the amniotic sac that contains fluid.

      It would just be the same as a facial caul only one that extends gripped around the whole entire body of the baby without any balloon shape and without any fluid filled texture of liquid flowing contents. In other words it wouldn’t appear as anything floating inside.

      A baby born with the caul over their entire body would look and be fitted similar to and like a sheer pair of lady stockings pulled over one’s entire leg.

      A baby born en caul is unlike the other two births yet I’ve heard many claim to experience supernatural phenomena whether they or their children are born in this fashion.

      Honestly, I do not personally know anyone born “en caul”.I myself and others that I have known were born the old fashion way with the caul gripped tightly over our entire face and around the neck area so I can only speak from experience and what comes to me through supernatural means.

      I can tell you what is fact about ” lucky special children” born of the caul and that is depending on what level of capability they have as some powers and ability get stronger as they age. For the most part though is that child will be very advanced intellectually.

      The child will be very wise growing up far beyond their years. They will be able to sense things about people as well as the world.

      Children often do stare as they are enveloped within an innate energy of “spiritual radar” that keeps them alert and “in tune” to atmospheric frequency, constantly picking up and reading vibes from anyone and everywhere spontaneously, and sometimes even deliberately as the “knowing power” is just a part of their honest and true nature.

      There is so much to being born with a caul/veil (so much that I wouldn’t be able to fit into this one post alone) and every individual is unique and may experience things differently as well.

      The best and most vital thing for you to do as a parent is to love your child, accept your child and most important “listen” to your child.They will need your trust, support, and understanding in a world that isn’t at the high level of “intangible conscious” understanding, though the world is always changing, some things still remain the same.

      These gifts are very normal and natural for your child so when he has his supernatural experiences he may think that everyone has them (as I did when I was very little).

      When he expresses and shares his occurrences share and talk with one another because as he’s developing it will be both a teaching and learning condition for the both of you and the family as he hones his special talents.

      It is also exciting, and make sure to not share everything with others because you can’t talk to everyone about just any or everything because everyone is not on the same page and because you just don’t.

      It’s not warranted or necessary it’s not everyone’s business. If he gets a particular calling then so be it!

      You know what I mean, you use your best judgement with those that are around you and who you come into contact with.Teach him to be proud of who he is what he was born with and to continue to use it because that is what it is for that is what he is. Everything else will fall into place.

      I want you to do as my mother did as well as your own skills, natural motherly instincts, knowledge and judgement.The love, care, attention, nurturing, teaching and encouragement that I received at a very early age instilled and contributed within me the vital things that no one and nothing could ever take away from me today.It all starts with a loving parent that takes the time out to invest a relationship of genuine truth and respect.

      My mother treated me as “gold” when I was a child. She reprimanded me when I was wrong to show me right but she always listened to me and believed in me she watched me and noticed things that I didn’t recognize about myself until I got older.

      She always stood up for me against other people and never underestimated me because of my age.We always talked and she would tell me everything (she didn’t hide things from me) even things about her own personal life and about the “grown up things” of life and in general. In return, I wasn’t sheltered as I knew and had seen a lot within my family and within the outside world and I respected her for all that she did and sacrificed for me and I’ve always had her back because I remember the beautiful ways that I was treated as a child, the things my mother did for me, gave to me, and shared with me.

      She loved me because of who I genuinely was even if she didn’t always understand me or my ways but I was always free to be me and always encouraged and supported within my goals and accomplishments.

      I was born a strong person but as a child my mother’s love gave me added strength so I learned “self value”.My mother’s belief in my talents and capabilities gave me confidence and I felt “safe and secure”.

      My mother’s care, attention and regard set the preparation for my own personal blossoming into the distinct individual that I came to be along with the supernatural intervention of spiritual birthrights.

      So just love and respect the special individual that your child is and let them blossom into the individual that they are meant to be as they come into their own with your own experience, knowledge and teachings guiding them along the way into a healthy adult with preternatural gifts.

      Once you instil, nurture and cement all of the vital elements of harmonious productive construction within your child your child will bloom into a solid warrior!

      As far as people go further in life don’t worry about that because in general people are going to be who they are right or wrong.

      There are all kinds and types some that believe, some that accept, some that don’t, it doesn’t matter when one accepts themself the universe opens up and makes exceptions for the exceptional which is phenomenal and those that take notice will be wanting to be accepted by us!

      Spirit will bring the right types of people within your child’s life and keep the negative away. Good and open-minded people will be delighted and inspired by your child when the time comes.

      Look at your child’s life as a blessing to you and your family and expect a lot of unbelievable extraordinary experiences that will shield and protect and advance you all from the ordinary perils of the world as long as you stay true to your right ways of life according to your own personal path and journey.

      Good luck, I wish you all well!

  2. Hi Miss LaToya, I was also born with a caul, have you ever heard of an Indian caul or Indian Head. I was born into a catholic family and mistaken for an indigenous because of it. It’s a family secret an I want to find the truth about it. Thank you.

    1. Hi. No I’ve never heard the term “Indian Caul” or “Indian Head”.

      However, as one of African American and Native American ancestry (Blackfoot and Cherokee Indian) It would be suggested that in the culture the child would have natural Shamanistic abilities.

      I get my spirituality from both sides including the percentage of European bloodline and our cultural backgrounds have a lot to do with what we manifest and what gets passed down to us as well as what we’re bestowed with on our own.

      Yet in my case, my spirituality strongly comes from my Native American side than from anything else. That “Indian power” is distinct and very well centered around nature and our relationship with our ancestors and the respect there unto. It is nothing to fool around with and such a blessing to receive.

      Still, I have combinations of lineage that all make up the parts of the energy that generate and manifest within me as my own unique spiritual human being.

      One thing that came to me immediately from you is that you are smart. The vibe that I’m getting is that a truth was deliberately kept hidden as to one’s true identity.

    2. My caul was like lace-work but the head part (I see my mom showing me her hands on each side of her head and going up, like feathers maybe) she said the Catholic Church told her it was an indigenous religious sign. I had natural healing abilities and a few nde, I was adopted by the church and declared a saint so that no one could adopt me. I am slowly recovering my identity and I am at the point of cutting ties with the Catholic Church, any help in the astral world to help me cut the cords attaching me to this church would be greatly appreciated. Also I was directed to you by spirit and you are right, I look smart cause I have access to knowledge. Very happy to have found you. Thank you for replying.

    3. Hi Gini,

      Recognize your true advantage within bestowment and don’t allow yourself to be sucked into the undermines of manipulative entrapments.

      Constantly accept, acknowledge, and desire the “magic” within yourself and the corresponding spiritual forces that surround your energy field.

      Whatever they tried to repress will be restored.

      Venerate your ancestors, get in tune with your spirit guides and wait for a call from a deity that is celestially assigned to you.

      (Now something just came to me saying “worship the water”. Does that mean anything to you?) I keep seeing a connection to water all around you. Pure, fresh and clean splashing water.

      Only go with what you truly know, believe, and feel within your whole heart, mind, body and spirit.

      Before I get into what else I have to say just want to let you know that something keeps shooting in about someone lying or that someone lied about paternity.

      Anyway, It is very important to know who we are and to know where we originate from.

      Those that love us that have passed on often watch over us and come to us when the time is right to help us out and to let us know that we are not alone. They are especially ardent when they know we are good and there is no one within our immediate space or circle to understand, to measure up, and to see us through within the essences of our aspects.

      Even though there may be people around us here in the present it doesn’t mean that they are here with us in the “sphere” and sometimes they don’t even know it yet. And even though we are independent we have to be even more so because we learned step by step through intuition and perception that we cannot depend on them.

      Our sources beyond are who we have to look unto for the ultimate loyalty and support when it is not discerned by those close by, and they are not luminous strangers, but luminous lights reflecting their love and concern after having went through their transitions no matter how long or short time ago.

      When certain ones of us are recognized for our special gifts and talents during early childhood by those that are “socially conditioned” and that have a predisposition toward mainstream ideologies as well as those that are unable to process true high levels of consciousness through elevated paths of dimension that lead to hidden knowledge they either want to control us or destroy us depending on how resilient we are.

      When we are intelligent, strong, and rooted within special celestial purpose we are a triple threat.

      They may not know exactly what they’re dealing with but they know our energy is not anything of them and not of the ordinary.

      Some are so caught up and blinded by their own concepts of what they believe their religion to represent for themselves and amongst the world that anything contradictive, different, opposing or that is not congruent is deemed wrong or misguided. And many are not religious at all just hiding behind a cover to masquerade from the deception of their own true selves.

      I’ve noticed that the so called alternative “spiritualities” are the best, most true, and most fulfilling to those of us that have that innate and intimate connection. There is nothing substitute about what is inherently designed within our own specific identities and destinies.

      Some want to define you as who they want you to be instead of allowing you to blossom into the individual that you were born and meant to be (they don’t want you to see yourself for who you really are and want to use you for what you have for their own selfish intent and beneficial gain). They manipulate in order to influence the behavior of others and to direct the course of events.

      They want power and privelege.

    4. Wow, I’m impressed. You are right about everything and I did a recall of all power when I found out it was being misused. It feels good to have someone validate all this weird stuff going on, yes I’m on the right path. I live by a creek and I think I know what the water is for. I’ll follow your advice. You are indeed very well connected and I thank you very much.

    5. Hello, I am doing some serious soul-searching. My grandmother told me that when I was born, my face was covered with a veil. My mother did tell me there was a complication, which was I swallowed some fluid. I gave recently found out that ‘veil’ is ‘caul’ in the bible. In reading some of your bio, you mention orishas. Someone mentioned orishas to me that came from Puerto Rico, the Taino (?), and since lately I have been feeling nothing normal in myself. Can you please provide more detail and information about being born with a caul.

  3. Hello, I am so happy to hear and feel the words of a true! Well done and I felt the same way about that Caulbearers web site. Royalty of the earth humbled by dreams,intuitive vision and of course love. Striving for the mastery of enlightening/guiding others with gifts that are given through the Caul. Learning how to Open and Close has been one of the main challenges in my youth !

  4. Hello LaToya. I am a little nervous in typing much here, but if you wouldn’t mind, I would like to talk to you. I think I am a caulbearer, and I have a lot of questions that I think you can answer. I have been looking for someone to ask these questions to. I’m not afraid to put myself out there like this because I know, as you stated in your post, you will know I am true. And I will know you are, as well. If there is a way, can I please speak with you? I haven’t been able to find an email to contact you anywhere, so I will check to see if there are any responses to my post.

    Thank you,


    1. I have a question… recently (April 1 2016) my fiance left me, out of the blue. Moved in with his mother, who lives with his ex wife and her husband, their kids and his and her kids. He kept saying he would come back home, but it was all lies. In one text he said “I want to make sure no one is going to mess with you”. I questioned it and he didn’t say why. Well, May 8th he was supposd to come home for good, he never showed up and I have not heard anything from him at all. He has always made me suspicious about his obsession with his ex-wife. Anyway, since all of this, I have had so many things happen. One of my beloved cats, disappeared, my cats and house are infested with fleas (never happened before), I got diagnosed with a caroted artery aneurysm, my truck broke down ($900+ repair bill) I cannot afford the rent on the lease we just resigned, I have had to file bankruptcy, I rear ended someone on my Birthday (June 14, totally dumb accident), Of course we are being evicted, I haven’t been able to find a cheaper place that we can live because of my credit and the bankruptcy, rejection after rejection, and the ex-fiance promised to help out financially, but of course I cannot get any response out of him whatsoever. But with his comment about “no one messing with me” and all these bad things happening, do you think that his ex wife is doing something to me? I am sure he has given her the means, like a picture or maybe some of my stray hairs off his clothing or who knows. He really didn’t take much with him, I came home from work on April 1 and he was just…gone. No warning, we hadn’t even been fighting. Come to find out, his business partner, and his mother (oh plus the business partner’s girlfriend of like 6 months) had told him he needed to get away from me..I was a negative influence and he was doing good before I moved out here to Tx from CA. When in reality he was doing really Good before he took on the business partner 😦

      Anyway I would greatly appreciate any advice/information that you could pass my way. I am a spiritual person, I was raised Christian with a strong belief in Jesus Christ. I do believe in demons and black magic,voodoo, etc. and I wouldn’t put anything past his ex-wife. She is a conniving, deceitful bitch, and so is he apparently. Thank you so much for any help you are able to offer.
      Seleste Sabatino

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